Duterte Didn’t Realize What He Started


Hardnox sent me the photo, but I’m not sure he counted on the result.  Hopefully, it won’t get either of us killed.  Reference to Filipino president Duterte here.


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9 Responses to Duterte Didn’t Realize What He Started

  1. LL says:

    See, and everybody thought that Putin favored Trump.

    Obama’s mother was ugly as a mud fence, but she still managed the good-time girl theme. Hillary was homely and not even Bill would touch her, though he touched everything else — like screwing a pile of rocks because he heard there was a snake inside… Comparing Stanley Dunning and Hillary Clinton makes me think that they’d have made a darling couple.

  2. Putin’s known for giving the Great O good gifts. Well spotted!

  3. solaratov says:

    Dumb bastard obama actually reviewed the honor guard while carrying an umbrella!
    The simple dork has absolutely no sense of propriety.

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