Obama Blows Another Hostage Rescue While Playing Golf


BREITBART and AMI Newswire – A group of Navy SEALS were forced to return from a hostage rescue mission in Afghanistan after President Barack Obama failed to approve their operation while he was on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

According to sources speaking to Ami Newswire, the special operations force traveled swiftly to recover two hostages, but were ordered to stand down because Obama did not have time to approve the mission.  Apparently, POTUS “wanted 24 hours to consider the rescue.”

Obama approved the mission a day later, but when the special forces team returned, the hostages had been moved just four hours earlier, according to the report.

The two civilian hostages are English teachers: United States citizen Kevin King and Australian citizen Timothy Weeks.

Details of the aborted mission were first reported by Fox News followed up by the Washington Post. Ami Newswire also interviewed sources with additional details about the mission.

Administration officials have offered additional details citing various layers of bureaucracy, but the mission still failed.

The missions took place Aug. 10 and 11, in Afghanistan, according to Ami Newswire, both days that Obama spent a large part of the day golfing in Martha’s Vineyard. Read the whole thing at Breitbart or AMI Newswire.


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24 Responses to Obama Blows Another Hostage Rescue While Playing Golf

  1. Adrienne says:

    Despicable POS.

  2. solaratov says:

    If you’ll check the record, this is not the first time that this has happened.We’ve lost other hostages because the simpering asshole wanted to “think about it some more”. And we almost lost ben Laden because of his dithering.
    It’s almost as though there is some sort of pattern emerging there. One might – if one were, I suppose, just a little paranoid – imagine that the delays were of a purpose and the movement of hostages caused by a warning. But I guess that’s just silly. Nobody who loves America and her people would dream of doing such a thing…would they? Why, that would take a traitor. One high up in the administration…and we all know that those people have been strenuously vetted by our glorious leader (who, btw, personally put three bullets into ben Laden’s face after HALO parachuting into his compound and fighting his way into Osama’s porn parlor.

    Ah, well. I guess we’ll never know.

    • Oh no, we totally know. His delays are purposely getting our soldiers killed, our hostages slaughtered and aiding the terrorists who hate us. This is not accidental. There’s no conspiracy. Nothing weird here. He’s a filthy asshole traitor. I appreciate your sarcasm keeping things light, but I don’t feel like sarcasm today. I feel like choking the life out of the enemy. Foreign and domestic.

      • solaratov says:

        There’s very little actual sarcasm there, partner. He’s going to try to kill as many of us as he can right up to the very last minute.

        It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the little bastard ordered a complete withdrawal right through the Hindu Kush Pass. (Read about the 35k Brits who tried it way back when.)

  3. papabear1950 says:

    Grunt, you said lamont “Blows ‘Another Hostage Rescue'”? Is that Reggie Love’s step brother? Anyway, I digress… the reason lamont likes golf is because he’s a PUTZ!
    Any time lamont is given the slightest modicum of respect for “leading” anything, it makes me cringe. This poseur couldn’t lead a silent prayer! I wish he would concentrate on the only way he could be useful and surrender himself the the chef at a cannibal “all-you-can-eat” restaurant!

  4. Popular Front says:

    Hello Grunt. Just a short note to express the friendship and solidarity between our two countries on this day of days. We have not forgotten. My regards.

    • Popular Front says:

      p.s. It is 9/11 Down Here but not quite yet where you are, going by your time stamp.

    • Thank you very much, mate. We have not forgotten, either. It’s impossible for me to forget because it’s my mother’s birthday! Sadly. Your comment means a lot! Thank you.

      If I could ask you for another favor in solidarity, I’d ask you not to pile on by thumbing up Diogenes when she randomly decides to ban commenters like she did Jim Campbell yesterday. She did the same to me a few months ago, and so I don’t mind divulging that she’s not quite the sweet peach of the bushel she pretends to be. In fact, I recently found out that she’s (most likely) not a young woman at all, but some retired (unemployed) old dude named Mark, living in a trailer on 12 Mile Bayou north of Shreveport. I’m not kidding. His sister’s name is Jan, and he uses that name in the comments. He only does the chick schtick to get more attention from men like us and bring up the blog stats, but I find it pretty disgraceful. And, of course, the whole story about being born in Belgium and owning a music studio is just a lie. He can’t compose a proper sentence in English, not because he’s thinking in French, but because he’s just a common retard. And a bitchy one at that. So, continue at your own risk, Mate. Seriously.

      • Popular Front says:

        Thanks for the tipoff Brother, I’ll tread carefully. To be honest, there’s been a little bug whispering to me that DMF is not completely ‘kosher’ but it’s hard to tell you exactly why.

        • Popular Front says:

          Hey El Grunto, I just had a flash of ‘clarity’ about DMF. I should have noticed before – all those Fishnet Fridays and so on – that’s what it is. I like cheesecake as much as any man but it occurs to me that he/she seems to have an inexhaustible supply to put up. Now if I could be bothered in building a website, which I’m not, I wouldn’t be posting pics of beefcake blokes just to please any ladies dropping by.

  5. Gene says:

    That is good information. Thanks much.

  6. Hey Pop. Good point about that. That’s not the only thing. Way back before she even started the Fishnet Fridays, like back in 2010, her “Good Monday Mornings” were so perfectly oriented from a guy’s point of view, everyone assumed she was a dude. Even bloggers who worked with her, like Aaron Burr, (from Burrahobbit fame) told me years later after they’d had a falling out on his blogs (when she wrote for him) that he was always convinced Diogenes was a dude, and *she never corrected him*.

    It was later, on iOTW in roughly 2011-12 that she “came out” as a girl, but the photo she offered as proof turned out to be a French social media modeling pic of a young French girl that had been in circulation for years. Also, she claimed that “Except for Porky Pig in drag, I’d always used female avatars.” Actually, no. For a very long time, she used an avatar of Burt Lancaster in black & white with a black bar over the eyes. This caused a lot of confusion at the time, and in almost Clintonian denial, she acted like it had never happened.

    Another weirdness was that all her background stories seemed to be taken from various personalities around the Shreveport music scene, INCLUDING the pic of Burt Lancaster with the blacked out eyes. That was reminiscent of an icon used by the awesome Captain Digital, Brad Kozak, from the Eddie Kozak music family in Shreveport. He writes for an excellent gun magazine and plays multiple instruments in various settings and venues in both Shreveport and Dallas, and he’s a very active local personality in both places.

    But that’s not all. Her story of working with Samuel T Jackson seems to be stolen from Brad’s sister, Janet, who does work for the studios in Shreveport, specifically with Jackson. Her notion of flying her own private plane from her home and “sound stage” up north down to her “recording studio” in New Orleans, “twice a week,” seems to mimic another local conservative, Mark Goff’s life before he got sick and lost his business.

    But what got me really curious were the things that were just verifiably untrue, like the existence of a NOLA recording studio that was the reincarnation of the Sea-Saint studios which have been defunct since the Katrina years. It doesn’t exist, certainly not with the name she claims for it. The Louisiana SecState says so. And the fact that NOBODY knows her in Shreveport, not even Pat Austin of the “And So It Goes in Shreveport” blog that DMF draws from regularly. Pat told me once she’d never even heard of DMF until I told her a couple years ago. They live only a few miles apart.

    The real proof is something I can’t divulge without revealing identity, and I’m not going to do that for obvious reasons. Also, there can’t be 100% certainty. She’s mum about it and has a habit of “going dark” when anybody asks something she doesn’t like or that pisses her off, and I’ve been persona-non-grata since around new-years and good riddance.

    I didn’t mean to try to be pushy about this. You get to do what you want, of course. Enjoy the fun over there. I was just asking, if you will, to show a little kindness and solidarity for those of us already given the kiss off, or who will be given the kiss-off in the near future! Cheers! 🙂

    • Popular Front says:

      That’s fine friend, I appreciate the intel. The one drawback with the internet is that people are often not what they seem. As I said before DFM seemed OK at first and was/is quite amusing but there was still a little distant bell ringing that I couldn’t put my finger on. That Jim Campbell exchange turned nasty between them very quickly but not having heard of Jim I was unaware of his beef, if he had one. I’ll just sit back and throw my usual anti-leftist grenades into blogs as normal. Cheers.

      • Your grenades have always been clever and welcome wherever they’re lobbed, either here or DMF or N&F. And just so you know, I totally believe that story of yours about being caught outside the bar shaggin’ the drummer’s girlfriend that one time. Really! 😀

        • Popular Front says:

          Cheers mate. I’ve often thought of writing my memoirs, as I’ve had a lucky and varied life but nobody would believe it was for real I think. Their loss, my happy memories, even the bullets bombs and blood.

          • Well, Pop. If you ever feel like telling a few stories, I will gladly publish and illustrate them online, and I think Hardnox would probably do the same. If they get TOO bawdy, we can just put them in the Garage of Monte Cristo, where the more manly stuff goes that some of the ladies prefer to avoid.

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