Advanced Blamestorming

You have to give her credit.  She’s creative and resourceful.


She even blamed her own coughing fits on Trump.  Apparently, just thinking about him gives her hairballs.  But she’s not the only one.  Credit:


Pretty soon, it will even be showing up in children’s books.  At least this one is partly true.



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30 Responses to Advanced Blamestorming

  1. It’s all Trump’s fault. Except when it’s Putin’s, obviously.

    • Well, true, but the Democrats are now saying they’re actually the same person, so you’re covered there. 😉

    • papabear1950 says:

      Everything is somebody ELSE’S fault… hmmmmm… sounds so familiar… who could it be… who could it beeeeee… well, you work on that while I consider Ms More-of-the-same, shrillary Rotten Rotten perpetuating the “same failed policies of the past”… wow… deja voodoo! I wonder if it will still be G W Bush’s fault, the DUMBEST moron to ever crawl the Earth, when after 8 years of the “africlown-americlown” genius spanking the simian in the Oral Office hasn’t been able to “overcome” the paramecium-brained buffoon’s foundation of fault, that shrillary will be beset with another near decade of her own liberal policies, I mean not be able to compensate for a man bumbling through office when people getting their drivers license today were BORN!

      • “spanking the simian.” You keep coming up with new ones, Bear! When are you going to share some of that extra-high-octane coffee you drink? I could use that!

        • Papabear says:

          I don’t know if it’s the Yuban Dark Roast coffee with sugar and Belgian Chocolate Toffee creamer, or the fact that my IQ is 157 points above lamont’s, (his is actually “1”). Whatever I’ve got, you are welcome to it. Thanks for the accolades.

          • Accolades, schmaccolades. You deserve better. You’re a 13 on the laugh Richter Scale. And your IQ is probably higher than that. Lamont’s is indeterminate, but I’m REAL sure it’s no more than the negative 50s, if even that high.

  2. fredd says:

    I saw Nickelback in concert live. They were a warm up band for Vince Gil and Amy Grant. Can’t say I recall what they sounded like. I was too busy howling ‘We want Amy! We want Amy!!’

  3. Adrienne says:

    George W is breathing a sigh of relief now that there is someone else to blame. Trump couldn’t care less.

  4. Adrienne says:

    [typo correction deleted]

  5. Zilla says:

    It’s also Trump’s fault that the Clintons are all so danged ugly.
    I like the last graphic the best, brilliant, Grunt!

    • Bwah hah hahah! I hope she lasts a little longer than that. They need to let the audience get good and irritated by her voice so they really WANT to see her punted into the orchestra pit. We need to get our money’s worth!

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