Almost There…

As we approach the most critical US Presidential election of our lifetimes, which is now only about a month out, I’d like to reflect on the new crop of military men and women who are also just a few weeks away from graduating, receiving commissions or being deployed in service to their country.  Here is a very recent photo of Echo Company of the 2nd Marine Battalion which is only weeks away from becoming full-fledged grunts and are working on shooting skills at camp Pendleton as I write this.


The face of the young man at lower left is one of my sons, yet all of these young men are precisely the ones who will be called upon to do the dangerous work of clearing hostiles from houses in Aleppo in Syria if the next President decides to deploy troops there.  If called upon, they will serve honorably.  Please keep them in mind as you vote in 5 weeks, so that they may not die on our behalf for no just reason.

Look closely at these faces.  Several of them, including the one at the lower left, grew up in the shadow of the same Colorado mountains as Mark “Oz” Geist and John “Tig” Tiegen of the Battle of Benghazi fame.  These are the faces of the future Benghazis.  Let’s make sure that their 3am phone calls do not go unanswered.


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23 Responses to Almost There…

  1. LL says:

    They are all of our sons. And we need to remember that when we send them in harm’s way. America has wasted a lot of wonderful young sons for bullshit reasons because prissy politicians, far from danger ordered actions for reasons that had nothing to do military expediency.

    Hillary and lying about Benghazi is emblematic of the sorts of things that we’ve come to expect from American executive leadership and it needs to stop.

  2. fredd says:

    The military’s role in our society is not to reason why, theirs is but to do and die. (filched from Lord Tennyson’s epic poem). Half a league onward charged the Light Brigade. Etc.

    Unfortunately, politicians also know that this is what the military mind set is. Honorable soldiers will not question orders from HQ. Knowing this, scumbag politicians will send men into harm’s way and off to their deaths for no good reason other than the upcoming election, and sleep like babies at night. No sweat off of their brows, none whatsoever.

    A pox on these soulless politicians, who waste American lives like tissue paper.

  3. Hardnox says:

    I hear ya Grunt. Like LL stated, they are all our sons. My buddy’s son is at Camp Lejeune now finishing combat training. Our latest crops of Marines will most certainly see the elephant next year. The ISholes need to be wiped off the face of the earth before their numbers swell even more and I image that President Trump will send our boys into harm’s way after “bombing the shit out of them” first. I don’t see Trump as person that would waste our soldiers like Hildabeast certainly would.

    Attacks on our homeland will most certainly increase in the coming days as FBI Director Comey and DHS Director Johnson have warned. They smell something coming. I fear it is bad otherwise the advertising campaign wouldn’t be on right now given the election.

    Hand salute to your son and the other Marine recruits who understand the stakes. We all must vote like lives depend on our actions. Our vote has never been more important.

    • Thank you, Sir! Absolutely. I suppose our military may be in less danger than ever, ironically, since our current POTUS has seen fit to bring the fight to our very homes, with his policies and weaponized immigration. Curse him and the camel he rode in on.

  4. Zilla says:

    May the good Lord bless and protect the Gruntson and all of our troops.

  5. Gene says:

    Thanks for sharing Grunt. If I wasn’t humble before, I am now. The kind of politicians above need a dose of humility, respect and gratitude.

    Thankfully all vengeance, justice belong to God. I could not deal out either one without bias, hatred in my heart. The elitist attitude of most politicians that lays waste to the lives and hard earned money of the citizens who fund, with their money and/or their life, the existence of the government causes us anger. I long for God to judge all people. What better consequence for all of us than to be weighed and tested by the ONE true God?

    Thank you for raising up one who signed up to go to war. And for signing up yourself.

    I can’t think of a better call to vote for Trump than what you have said Grunt.

    • Bless you, Gene, for those fine words, your love of justice, and your generosity of heart! I definitely share your thirst for justice. The more evil and corrupt our world becomes, the more I need to see it set right. That’s why my avatar is St. Michael with his foot on Satan’s head, and my nom de guerre (Count of MC) represents a vengeance story. Those bastards will get what’s coming to them, and I want to see it.

    • Terry says:

      Slaratov, Not that I doubt the possibility of that happening, but I’ll look for another source to verify. The ‘Christian Times Newspaper ‘ is not known for it’s reliability. Sometimes they go totally ‘Onion’ in their reporting.

  6. Terry says:

    Thank your son for all of us. I know you are as proud as you are worried.
    May God protect him and all of our sons and daughters in uniform.
    SALUTE !

  7. Solaratov says:

    Grunt…I know your son….and I know that he’ll come out as one of the top ‘crutes. And I know that he’ll always do his duty. But… I pray every day that he – and those other young men – are not wasted by our powers that be.

    • Thank you, Sol. That means a lot coming from you. Noah admires you a lot, and I’d always keep him up to date on your latest adventures or gun talk or stories, and he was always interested. He got a kick out of the mental image of Gruntessa drinking whiskey and smoking cigars with us at your bunker last spring. Appreciate the prayers, Brother.

      • Solaratov says:

        You did tell him, of course, how elegant she looked as she partook….and that she was as ethereal as ever.

        • Um, no, but I wish I had!. I don’t have your gift for BS with the ladies. Also, she was born in Kentucky, so her response might be: “Why am I a breakfast cereal, Handsome? And, what’s with the lisp? Which cereal would I be?” And then I’d have so say something like: “You’re Nuttin’ but Honey, Baby.” 😉

  8. Brig says:

    With a grandson just out after serving 8 as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines,including multiple deployments down range in harms way, I understand your pride and pain. My daughter also served 8 in the Navy, most of it deployed in very nasty places. Prayers up for all our sons & daughters who serve.
    We desperately need strong leaders to guide our currently misguided country.

  9. JCscuba says:

    Here you go my friend, added a few bells and whistles and a you tube that many may have forgotten. Let’s all buy nail guns and nail her coffin shut.

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