LL’s First Photos Are In from Walkabout, and They’re Shocking


p2Our blogging community’s resident Navy SEAL, curmudgeon, warfare expert, She-Devil driver, author and extreme mountain 4×4 explorer known mysteriously as ‘LL’ has been on walkabout over the past week.  Nobody knows for sure where he’s gone except for his insurance agent and, of course, the NSA.

Everything was going well, and we’d barely noticed that he was gone, until Fredd and Brig mentioned something about seeing him on a beach in a Speedo.  Now we have this photo sent from a celebrity paparazzo who didn’t think she could print it without getting fired.  Thanks a lot, Fredd and Brig.


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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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23 Responses to LL’s First Photos Are In from Walkabout, and They’re Shocking

  1. LL says:

    I’m looking for that paparazzi now.

    • I don’t blame you. She looks good in that red bikini. Thanks for being a good sport about this, LL! Next time, I’ll photoshop you onto Schwarzenegger’s body, which would be more realistic.

      • Solaratov says:

        The back-when body…or the current body?

      • Brig says:

        It is true that we only tease with abandon those we care about the most.
        I’m quite sure LL is a strong enough guy to take all this teasing in the spirit of Comradery!

        • I hope so, Brig, because that’s how it’s intended! But I DO feel a little bad that this post has been up all week. I didn’t mean to give it so much attention or prominence, since it was just a quick, spur-of-the-moment jab, but I’ve been stuck at work on one crisis after another and I haven’t had time to put up anything new. Sorry LL!

  2. Brig says:

    It appears that only a highly trained Navy SEAL would know that’s what happens when “playing a lively number on your didjeridu” …

  3. fredd says:

    Ugh, those gams need a little work. And where’s the didgeridoo?

  4. woodsterman says:

    Damn LL, it looks like if in you took a deep breath you’d suck that butt floss right up yer ass.

  5. JCscuba says:

    HA Consistently great stuff, this is really funny, taking it back to my spot with a link to yours,Keep up the great work. J.C.

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  7. Life, they tell us, is a beach. LL, I should find that paparazzi.

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