Another Great Blog Self-Immolates and Becomes Just a Willing Servant of Hillary, Inc., Over KittyGate

Earlier this weekend, Robert Stacy McCain, of the once great conservative blog The Other McCain woke up and decided it would be a good idea to shitcan his blog forever and make it just another anti-Trump blog working in the humble service of the Hillary Clinton campaign.  He’d kinda started out that way earlier this year, but he redeemed himself by endorsing Trump at some point during the summer.

Apparently, that never took root at all with his co-writers and not very well with Stacy, because he regressed a few days ago by declaring that the “pussygate” scandal would be unrecoverable for Trump, and that his defeat was assured.s1j

This was a brilliant move coming 30 days from the election, with 2 whole debates yet to go.  As luck would have it, Trump performed so well during the first of those debates tonight that virtually everyone in the pundit class declared him victorious and back in the running, with “Pussygate” firmly in the rear view mirror.


So, will Stacy the Wise double back yet again, now that fortune has smiled on Trump?  Not likely.  He chose, instead, to double down on his prediction of imminent Trump defeat earlier today, retreating into an “I will be vindicated” bunker mentality.  Further, he chose to stay out of the explosive meltdown in his comment section, letting his minions aggressively ban regulars and new voices alike if they dared disagree with Stacy’s assessment of Trump’s chances.  This happened even to friendly voices whose blogs appeared on Stacy’s blogroll, like Stogie, proprietor of the SaberPoint blog.


Such bravery from Stacy!  He stayed completely aloof from the fray, leaving his comments for a follow-up post in which he largely insulted his readers and lectured them on the folly of arguing with idiots.  So cool!  He enjoys spending most of his time beating down unfortunate mentally retarded 3rd Wave Feminazis, but he doesn’t wish to dirty his hands by defending his errors against his own friends who naturally want to talk him down from the precipice.


It’s a very common tale, unfortunately.  No, I don’t think Stacy and his minions are hopeless.  Perhaps they’ll come around to the reality that, as conservatives, we are all obligated to encourage our friends and readers to vote for Trump and not mercilessly lead them into unproductive, hopeless despair.

That part’s not really arguable at this point, no matter what gargantuan IQ some think they have.  It’s still a quasi-free country, so they can do whatever they want with their blogs.  But if you decide you can’t help yourself, and you really feel the need to aid and abet the enemy, you should handle the criticism a little better than Stacy.  Because you’re going to get some criticism.  And you may deserve it, Hotshot.  Even from your friends.  Especially from your friends.

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17 Responses to Another Great Blog Self-Immolates and Becomes Just a Willing Servant of Hillary, Inc., Over KittyGate

  1. Adrienne says:

    It’s a very common tale, unfortunately. No, I don’t think Stacy and his minions are hopeless. Perhaps they’ll come around to the reality that, as conservatives, we are all obligated to encourage our friends and readers to vote for Trump and not mercilessly lead them into unproductive, hopeless despair.

    I just wasted 5 or so minutes of my time reading some of the comments over Stacy’s place.

    I’ve always thought Stacy was one of the most brilliant writers in the blogosphere, but when he started on his feminazi stuff, I sort of lost interest. Day after day of the evils of feminism got old very fast.

    That being said, I’ve had some very nice phone conversations with him and his BFF Peter over at DaTechGuy, but I don’t feel like I have a doggie in this silliness. Banning long time commenters just because they disagree with you is never productive. My take is that Stacy is just thrilled he had 6K hits and 300+ comments, most of which, I might point out, are from the same 3 or 4 people. Don’t these people have jobs?

    Which brings me to what you said (above.) Yesterday I watched an interview with Stefan Molyneux and Mike Cernovich. I really like Stefan, although I have a like/hate virtual relationship with Mike C. (sort of weird guy, but a brilliant self promoter.) However, Mike said something toward the end of this discussion that really stood out for me. While Stacy said we have no influence (including himself), Mike said just the opposite. He said we do make a difference, but we must go even further with action. We should be taking people we know to register to vote, bringing 3 or more people with us when we vote, and continue to promulgate a positive message.

    Getting to the point (wait, what – I have a point?) all we can do is just keep chugging along doing the best we can. If Stacy goes off the rails, well – so be it.

    • I agree with your assessment of Stacy’s great writing and Peter and the Fedorable crowd. I love those guys. The last thing I want is to condemn anybody. I admire these people, even the obnoxious thugs who Stacy just let run riot over his blog over the last few days. They might be forgiven for being hired thugs, perhaps, because they were ‘protecting’ their master. Not that he needed that kind of ‘protecting’. Thank God for Evil Blogger Lady who actually stooped to defend Stacy’s ideas. Bless her for that.

      Great video, BTW. Stefan is brilliant, but he does have his weird tangents. Still, really good.

      Stacy will be fine. He may just let this all go down the memory hole, and that’s ok. I only wish that some of the chattering classes who write strong opinions about important things would make the tiniest effort to respond to friendly criticism. It’s a benefit, for Criminy sake! You don’t want an echo chamber! YOU (Adrienne) don’t have an echo chamber! You respond to friendly criticism rationally and generously. That’s why we love you and trust you.

      Unfortunately, Stacy’s one comment on the firestorm post was actually quite infantile. He whined to Jeff that all of the criticism MUST be from new people brought in by referrals just to beat up on him. They couldn’t POSSIBLY have any legitimate concerns about his extraordinary statement about Trump. This despite many of the disagreements being from people he knows well, like Curmudgeon and Stogie. Like LL said, that speaks to character. But maybe it’s not that bad.

      Thank you, A!

      • Adrienne says:

        I don’t even remember reading Stacy’s statement to Jeff. I’ll take your word for it. This is small potatoes compared to some of the criticism that’s been leveled against him in the past. My guess is that he’ll stick to his current opinion until the ship sinks.

  2. LL says:

    “I don’t think Stacy and his minions are hopeless.”

    No, people can change their views, but what they are doing at the moment speaks more deeply to character. And that is revealed over time in situations just like this one.

  3. GrimmCreeper says:

    I couldn’t give a flying phuck about Pussygate. The mere thought of that revolting, lying pig spending four years (assuming she doesn’t keel over, piss all over herself and go room temperature before then) as this country’s president should be enough to vote for anyone but her. If the GOP implodes after this election it deserves it. And it could take all its world of theory, newly aligned Democrat supporters with it.

  4. I don’t have a dog in the fight because I don’t follow the blog — maybe I should — but what I don’t get is the trad/conservative urge, almost an instinct, to self-immolate. You get it a lot in the Church, writ large, and very obviously in politics. I can understand it if you have money in the game, like the traitor, Ryan. But a hobby blogger? Beats me.

    Well I won’t bang on, because there’s serious work to do, like figuring out which spirit entity inhabits the so-called “Robby” Mook. And I echo LL.

    Nice infographics!

    • Thank you, Sir! And, yes, by all means, continue with your work figuring out how these public figures are possessed and by which demons. It doesn’t change the cure (incineration), but it’s good to understand the enemy.

      I like what you said about the trad/cons strange urge to self-destruct. I totally agree with the observation. I just wish I understood it.

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