Transparency Is Hard



Click here to read more about that, or here to read about the controversy about Podesta’s “Wet works” email.


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9 Responses to Transparency Is Hard

  1. LL says:

    If Ecuador was bigger, they’d retaliate. As it is, they have to peel it and eat it, set up a satellite dish and link to the web that way.

    • LL says:

      Wasn’t Barack going to be the most transparent president in history?

      • Why are you so negative? If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor! *snork!* It’s actually our fault Barack can’t be so transparent. We keep disappointing him, so he has to keep lying and covering up.

        At least, I think that’s how Josh Earnest explained it. It’s all very murky.

        • Solaratov says:

          Yep. It’d a real shame that we keep disappointing Barack…and then he has to find out about it from the newspapers.

          I haz such a sad.

      • papabear1950 says:

        LL, what lamont MEANT by “transparent” is either that his immediate ancestors were going through sex-change operations (trans parent) or the skinny little faggot is “see-through” if you hold a flashlight behind him. There is NO fornicating way he meant you were going to know what he was doing! Narcissists don’t WANT anybody knowing their agenda, because someone might try to put the kaibash on it!
        Grunt, in honor of our plans to grab a “brewski” together, I polished off a 12-pack of Fat Tire this week.

        • A 12-pack? That’s a good start. Hey, I just flew over your new place in AZ yesterday on the way to San Diego. Are you there yet? Or are you still in the Palmer Divide area? In any case, I’m enjoying a nice SoCal pilsner in your honor right now. Good luck with the move!

          • Papabear says:

            Yeah, been here two weeks now. Mommabear and I are finding out how much “non-progress” will fit into a 40 yard dumpster, but when we finish, it will deserve the “Pinetop Country Club” Zip code. Have fun in San Diggy. Haven’t been there since the mid-nineties.

  2. Euripides says:

    Transparency is a one-sided mirror in the Obama administration.

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