Maybe Smedley Butler Was On to Something; Just Like Trump


Major General Smedley Butler, and his Bulldogs

I’ve never been an anti-war activist.  Just the opposite, in fact, since my earliest memories were of deep disgust at the venomous anti-war movement during the Vietnam years of the 1960s and early 1970s.  Even a child can understand, after all, that pacifism is a flawed idea, though perhaps well-meant.  And even a child can see that most of the modern anti-war movement is Communist, and malicious, in origin.

Especially since World War II, it has been fairly easy to view the American warrior class as virtuous and American war efforts as necessary and well-intentioned.  The first part this statement is still true, but the second part may be reaching an abrupt end in its believability.

It is now becoming quite clear that the bravest and most decorated Marine in US history, Major General Smedley Butler, was probably correct in identifying a deep level of corruption at the highest levels of our government, even during the first few years of the last century, during the first world war conflict.  This corruption was perpetrated by an unelected elite group of the very wealthiest industrialists who directed US policy at home and abroad, regardless of which party was in power, in order to enrich themselves and stay in power.


He even exposed a plot to quietly overthrow the US Government by business leaders and claimed that he, himself, was approached to act as puppet leader of the new oligarchy.

Was he crazy?  Many criticized him as such at the time.  But today, Donald Trump is making promises to break the backs of the largest corporate monopolies and to short-circuit the endless gravy train of war profiteering.  In response, every power that exists in this nation, of any political persuasion, have united to stop him.

Thanks to whistleblowers and groups like WikiLeaks, we know the extent of the collusion between giant media conglomerates, political parties, corporate power and foreign interests united to bring him down.

Trump, like Butler, appears to really be on to something.


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8 Responses to Maybe Smedley Butler Was On to Something; Just Like Trump

  1. Adrienne says:

    The shit really started to hit the fan with Wilson and it’s been downhill from there. I grew up with conservative parents who instilled in me a deep disgust for FDR. Eisenhower tried to warn us about the military industrial complex. Only some of us were listening.

    The powers that be also tried to smear McCarthy. Turned out he was right, too.

    If Hillary is elected it will only be because of fraud.


  2. LL says:

    Smedley Darlington Butler was a hero in every sense of the word and Washington DC feared him because he was not corrupt and would not bend to corruption.

    I hope that Trump will be half the man that Butler (or George Patton) was.

  3. fredd says:

    Gen. Butler’s claim would perfectly explain why both Democrats and GOP establishment hate Trump’s guts and are doing everything they can to scuttle his oval office ambitions.

    • Perfectly. Also explains why we never get the candidate we want, and neither do the Democrats. Ike was popular, but he ALSO warned us about the military-industrial complex. They “let” us have Reagan, but they forced him to run with the ultimate insider Jeb, Sr., and loaded his cabinet with backstabbers.

      • fredd says:

        I am old enough to remember the GOP establishment laughing off Reagan’s candidacy, publicly claiming he wasn’t viable, he couldn’t win. Both Dems and GOP Estab’s called him unbalanced, unworthy of the nuclear football, and he wasn’t even all that good an actor. (that last one was true, IMO).

        Then the two landslides happened. You would have thought that this would have silenced these guys, who couldn’t have been more wrong. And now they are wrong yet again.

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