Satanic Magic Heavy Hitter Hillary Still Having Trouble with Weather Gods in Florida


Background of Florida Rally here.


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12 Responses to Satanic Magic Heavy Hitter Hillary Still Having Trouble with Weather Gods in Florida

  1. LL says:

    She forgot to sacrifice a cat (or whatever those people do) to appease the weather. The weather also responds to taxation according to Barack.

    • Does confiscatory taxation make the waters rise or recede? I keep getting those mixed up. I remember that it was a black cat nailed to the cabin door of Robert Shaw’s dive boat in “The Deep.” That was to help them get the morphine. Then they used a chicken later for weather or something. I could look it up on Wiki.

  2. Adrienne S says:

    Have you noticed that Trump always has good weather? He’s actually going to Minneapolis today – home of the libtard commies. The truth is that other than the Twin Cities, Minnesota is rather conservative. Unfortunetly, I’ll miss the rally since I’m going to see The Accountant (on LL’s recomendation.) I love his airplane hangar rallies. I absolutely love seeing that big Trump plane land and taxi to the hangar while thinking to myself, “And it’s his plane!


    • Minneapolis? I thought he was in Denver again today? Man, he gets around! He sure generates a lot of jobs in aircraft maintenance. That’s a good thing! I wish I could see one of those aircraft hangar rallies.

      Enjoy the movie. MAGA!

  3. Adrienne S says:

    Did you notice that Trump always has good weather? And no more talk of sacrificing kittehs, please.

    • Sorry about the delay in getting these comments out of moderation today. They came in under a slightly different ID than usual, and they got auto-canned. And, we would never actually consider sacrificing any kittehs around here. Can’t say for sure about the Clinton/Kaine people.

  4. Papabear says:

    Grunt, now YOU have succumbed to the spelling demons. It should at least read “hoarse-ass shrillary”, but you DO get my point, right? Amazing that gloBULL warming wasn’t blamed for the Florida weather. Also, shrillary’s dialog was edited in the actual event. Where she said “I want to thank both of you for showing up…” it was changed to “I want to thank the multitudes who showed up”.
    Thanks for letting me clear that up.

    • According to BOTH of the people who showed up, yes, she was very hoarse, shrill and irritable. Plus, it made me irritable just watching the video.

      • Papabear says:

        In the words of the Dutch pilot in Tenerife, just before he crashed into another 747 that killed 581 people, “Oh mine GOTT!”… you actually WATCHED the harridan? There isn’t enough drugs or booze on EARTH that could destroy my thinking sufficiently to do that, sir. You must have been one heluva Marine to subject yourself to such a level of torture and come out unscathed! I’d rather have a “chainsaw vasectomy” than listen to her for a nanosecond!

        • Whoa. It’s true that I watched her for a few seconds, and it was excruciating. But I’d never sign up for a chainsaw vasectomy. Then I couldn’t have kids who take selfies like this:

          He’s actually a real Marine. I’m not able to claim that for myself, unfortunately. I’m just a humble ex-Air Force Engineer and working grunt. But thanks for the concern about damage to my eyes/ears/braim over exposure to the harridan, Bear!

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