A List of 10 Things That Are Useless in 2016

1. Hillary Clinton

1. Hillary Clinton

2. Disco Music... on VHS Tapes

2. Disco Music… on VHS Tapes

3. John Kasich

3. John Kasich

4. Kodachrome (Sorry Paul Simon)

4. Kodachrome (Sorry Paul Simon)

5. Paul Ryan

5. Paul Ryan

6. Sony BetaMax

6. Sony BetaMax


7. Blogs that Let their Irrational Hatred of Trump make them Willing Servants of Hillary

8. Lame Ducks (No offense to real ducks)

8. Lame Ducks (No offense to real ducks)

9. The Old Media

9. The Old Media

10. What Used to Be the FBI

10. What Used to Be the FBI


About GruntOfMonteCristo

Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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30 Responses to A List of 10 Things That Are Useless in 2016

  1. Wow, how many blogs have you been banned from? You make me feel like such a slacker.

    • You’re BANNED! LOLOL! Actually, I haven’t been banned from all those, but I’ve witnessed others getting the hammer for just being concerned and questioning. Seems rather against the whole point of blogging, seems to me. Sometimes, it WAS me. 😉

  2. Adrienne says:

    Like Bluebird, I don’t get banned very much. Does that mean we’re wishy-washy? Maybe you could ban Bluebird and me for a day so we’d feel more relevant.

    We could add so much to that list. Grunt – viewing my commie brother’s meltdown on Facebook has been one of the finest moments of my life. He’s a perfect clone of Hillary – a liar, thief, arrogant, immoral, and not too smart typical libtard. It came as a total revelation to me seven years ago when I severed ties with him that he wasn’t even 1/10 as smart as he thought he was, and not nearly as smart as me.

    • Never banned anybody and not starting now. Gruntessa feels your pain (but not much of the joy) of the FB wars. Our family & friends are melting down, too. And it’s depressing and insulting more than anything. Like when they accuse us of being ‘uninformed.’ Oh, reeeeeeaaaallllly???

  3. I don’t know of any blogs that I’m banned from. Maybe I’m too much of a hermit. John Kasich certainly made himself irrelevant. I think that Ryan may be able to soldier his way back from his self-imposed situation. Barack – who?

  4. But will happen “Mook”?

  5. fredd says:

    Banned. Shunned. Ostracized. Po-TAY-toe, Po-TAH-toe. I’ll ban you in a New York minute if you so much as spit on the sidewalk. I love banning. It’s what I do. He’s banned. She’s banned. They’re banned. So much banning to do, so little time.

    And then there’s shunning. I love to shun. It’s fun to shun. Now, ostracizing? I dunno, too many syllables.

  6. OK, Grunt, when did I ban you? I don’t remember banning you, nor banning anyone in the last few years. So, when? You aren’t listed in Ban Hammer.

    • Nope. I have probably never even commented at the Pirates’ Cove, though I have often appreciated your excellent global warming stuff over there. You got lumped in with those who enthusiastically DID ban because of your aid and comfort to Stacy during his most embarrassing few weeks at the start of October. See here for an explanation:
      You and Stacy have a right to your opinions about Trump. Your peers have a right to never respect you again for your active contributions to Hillary’s campaign. No hard feelings, Brah.

      And I will gladly erase your face from that graphic if you can convince me that you weren’t an anti-Trump force in the run-up to the election. It’s possible. You have a better case than anyone else on the graphic, certainly. Supporting Stacy is not a crime. DaTechGuy chose to do the same thing, I guess, and I didn’t put a fedora on there, so he got a free pass.

      • So, let me get this straight: I had nothing to do with the post. I was not mentioned in either your post or McCain’s. I didn’t comment on either. I hadn’t even read either post. I’ve never been really for or against Trump. But, I’m not going to attempt to convince you of anything. You simply dumped me into a graphic with no evidence, referring to me as part of the political retard brigade and accusing me of banning people for being right.

        Your tolerance is amazing. It’s exactly this type of hardcore attitude that made it hard to support Trump, when his followers act more like utterly intolerant liberals. Leave me in there. I don’t care. Someone told me about it, and I had to check it out. You accuse me of something I didn’t do, namely banning, then you flip it around and say I wasn’t sufficiently pious in Trump worship.

        And, no, I don’t expect this comment to stand. I expect it to be whacked. But, you will have a chance to read it. This is on you.

        • “Trump worship.” Thank you. Those were the words I was looking for. Those and the words of a hundred posts about “Trump supporters.” You’ve made your point. Fuck off, Teach. If you have any other questions, ask Billy.

          • In other words, you are simply unable to defend your position, so, you resort to the same type of Potty Mouth Syndrome I expect from Democrats.

            Thanks for playing.

            • Seriously, Teach? You and Proof are two of a kind. You’d rather spend 10,000 words parsing the wording of a criticism than address the criticism itself. All the while oblivious to your mistaken assumption about what that graphic SAYS. It does NOT say anything about all those blogs banning ME. Most of them have not.

              Let me be clear. You are on that graphic because of your months of pointless and groundless (and destructive to the conservative cause) criticisms of “Trump supporters” and “Trump worshipers” during the months leading up to this critical election, instead of doing anything substantial to help that cause.

              You are especially on that graphic because you stood behind Stacy, in comments you don’t seem to remember, when he directly helped Hillary’s election chances by announcing that the election was over in October, and began banning old friends whom he regarded too stupid to argue with over this ‘fact’. He was proven wrong, but he never reconciled anything, and neither did you.

              I was brief in my response because you self-condemned, with your own words, idiot. You’re the Democrat here, and directly aided and abetted them. That is obvious to everybody not in your little clique of Trump haters. Get used to it. Some of us think you’re a disgrace, and all your protestations and insults about me “acting like a Democrat” aren’t going to change that now.

              But don’t take it too seriously. It’s just a stupid graphic on a stupid blog that no one reads. You’ll survive my harsh opinion just like I survived yours. And both of us have the right to those opinions, right? Surely, we don’t disagree on that?

            • Let’s see: the graphic said I’m on there for banning people. You can’t defend that, so you change your complaints. In other words, you’re full of it, and can’t admit you were wrong. You’re really worse than a Democrat. I’ve never banned you, never been involved in banning you. Man up and admit you were wrong.

              As for going after Trump. You bet. I’m not beholden to any politician. You’re acting with the same virtually religious dogma that Democrats show towards their people, where no dissension is allowed.

              Have fun, and thanks for playing.

            • Are you really going to make me (slightly) change the wording to satisfy you? Let me be even more clear. You suck, Teach. YOU were wrong in staying neutral in a fight where you should have gladly chosen sides. Yet you seek solace in wordplay. FUCK OFF.

            • “Are you really going to make me (slightly) change the wording to satisfy you?”

              You wrote it, and stated “Blogs that ban people for being right”. You are utterly unable to provide a shred of proof that my blog has banned anyone for being right. Nor was I involved in the least in you apparently getting banned anywhere else. You wrote that line about banning, not me, and the more I point this out the more you sound like a Democrat who’s not only intolerant of other views beyond their narrow viewpoint, but cannot admit they were wrong.

              And you were very wrong, my friend. Most people would admit it. So, you keep throwing your “fuck offs” at me like a Democrat, and I’ll keep pointing out that you cannot even defend your own graphic.

            • You’re right, Teach. I was wrong to lump you in with your friends whom I watched ban people indiscriminately for simply trying to argue the truth about this election. You were merely wrong about the election, but at least you have the balls to admit that. Aside from Stacy, none of the others have done so.

              So, I have changed the graphic to eliminate the “banning” aspect altogether. You can rest easy now. You are simply a generic retard, rather than a banning retard. You’re welcome. Sorry about any distress. Now, please stop accusing me of lying about you banning ME. I never said you banned ME. And I haven’t seen YOU ban ANYONE directly in 2 years. I was referring to your assistance and support of Stacy banning something like a quarter of his loyal readers, which was a pretty horrific thing, incidentally. Now, go in peace. …And THEN fuck off.

            • Much better. Still kinda wrong, especially in terms of helping McCain get you, and I guess others, banned, since I haven’t even commented there in quite some time, but, yes, I do link his site. I also link lots of sites I disagree with, and don’t let my feelings get the better of me.

              I’m done. I’ll wish you better than you wish me. Because that’s the type of person I am.

            • Perhaps I should be more civil to you, especially. You’ve been far more rational than many of the others, and you’ve kept Hillary out front as the enemy, which is commendable. But I grew tired a long time ago at fighting an uphill battle against statements like you frequently made, like this one in an October post: “At the end of the day, the fallout is all on you folks who supported Trump.”

              Well, it’s the end of the day, Teach. We picked a winner, and I’m certain, with every fiber of my being, that had we taken your advice and picked someone “who polled well against Hillary,” like Jeb, that we would have lost. I’m angry that you’re still out there writing like you never did anything wrong. You discouraged the people who were fighting the good fight, and the winning one. How else do I express that anger at you that you richly deserve? You’re the one who fought against us in the most critical fight of our lifetimes. Why should I be civil, then?

            • barnslayer says:

              People who get banned are all lowlife troublemakers.

            • Well, that’s certainly true in our cases, right Barn? 🙂

  7. Solaratov says:

    Well, that’s what you damned deplorable troublemakers get for being Trump worshipers.
    Damned irredeemable little snots. And peckerwoods, too.
    You’re both banned! For life!! 🙂

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