The Electoral College is a Protection Against Voter Fraud, and It Worked Perfectly This Time


Didn’t think Trump could get elected?  You could almost be forgiven for thinking so, given that at least three critical states – California, Nevada and Virginia – had institutionalized voter fraud on a scale never before realized, put into place by rogue governors and corrupt election officials.

The driver license above goes with a story by LibertFirstNews about how half of all new licenses in California have been going to illegal immigrants.  You can thank the criminal governor of the state, Jerry Brown for that.  In combination with other recent rule changes that have made it virtually impossible to ensure that only citizens vote, these moves guarantee that the most populous states are hotbeds of voter fraud, and they always favor Democrats.  That’s the way the demographics of large population centers work.

There was only one reason, and one reason only, that Donald Trump could win the Presidency while slightly losing the overall popular vote.  The Electoral College is a baked-in safeguard against fraud that favors the independent power of all 50 states to have a say in who wins the election, even if it means that less populous states get more say than their populations would ordinarily justify.

It must be so.  It’s the only way to prevent a particular party from rigging the elections.  A determined group can’t rig all 50 states.  At best, it can only be done in a few key states.  Thanks to the Electoral College system, the “outlier” states, the ones with the “suspiciously” high counts for one candidate, are effectively discarded.  Even California’s vote can be made meaningless if enough other states resist the same trend.  That’s a good thing, and it made a difference last night.


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6 Responses to The Electoral College is a Protection Against Voter Fraud, and It Worked Perfectly This Time

  1. Adrienne S says:

    All the “little people states” ganged up and smote the east and west coast libtards. Long live the electoral college.

    And a great big shout out to Julian Assange and James O’Keefe.

    Next up? Defund all those sanctuary cities (including Spokane which is already starting to look like a third world country) and bring the libtards to their collective knees – not to pray but to be tied up to a whipping post.

  2. The Electoral College may be able to help us make America great again.

    The massive and institutional fraud accounted itself well, but measures can be put in place to keep that from happening. It’s up to the Congress and the President to make that happen.

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