As the European Establishment is Panicked by Trump, a Renewed Populism Blossoms


Marine Le Pen (France) and Geert Wilders (Netherlands)

On this first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the increasingly angry people of European nations have had enough of their mostly-unelected, globalist, fascist overlords.  And contrary to what we mostly hear in the American press, the election of Donald Trump has greatly encouraged them to continue in the nationalist Brexit vein.

How do we know this?  Because they say so.  A good friend of mine from Paris, who blogs occasionally in English under the name FrenchReader, has pointed out that the French badly needed and wanted Hillary Clinton to be defeated.  Many waged shadow campaigns from afar specifically for Donald Trump, as you can see if you go to this Twitter account.

Several French patriotic and nationalistic groups are very happy that he succeed in this election.  They’re not the only ones.  From the excellent 49thParallel Blog we learn that der Spiegel proclaims establishment politicians in Germany and throughout Europe in a panic, and predicts that “Trump means the end of normality in German politics.” Also:

After all, populists are gaining ground in Europe at the moment as well. In many EU countries, they are already well on their way to becoming the strongest political force. Two EU countries already have populist prime ministers and a series of elections and referenda in the coming months could further strengthen them. Little wonder, then, that Hungary’s national-conservative prime minister, Viktor Orbán, celebrated the outcome of the US election as “good news” and that Frauke Petry, head of Germany’s right-wing populist Alternative for Germany party, is crowing about a “political turning point.”

Huh.  Pretty good for a guy who put off his day job and took up politics as a hobby last year.


Oh, and let’s not forget how the Russians have openly stated that Trump’s election – and Hillary’s defeat – literally averted World War 3.  They already have portraits of Trump and Putin in their bars.  It’s only a matter of time before the two of them are out riding bears together.  Shouldn’t we be seeing a Nobel Peace Prize by now?  Just saying.


UPDATE from 49th Parallel Post: European Politicians Ride the Trumpian Wave.


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24 Responses to As the European Establishment is Panicked by Trump, a Renewed Populism Blossoms

  1. Immigration, trade and an insular government who’s only care is the care and feeding of a monied elite were the issues in Britain and are the issues in America. We’ve seen globalization up close and personal…and it sucks. Oh it works just fine for the few, but the few don’t elect folks. We are right now in the grip of a bureaucracy that hates the middle-class, a media that doesn’t respect us, an education establishment that thinks we need “fixing” and a business/investment class that thinks we’re a commodity to be used and thrown out the second something better comes along. We’re like a stripper, as soon as things start to sag we’re shown the door or the mop bucket, but we’re still expected to give management free BJs.

    The only question remaining is whether the Europeans are smart enough to keep the trend going. Imagine a French Constitution guaranteeing the right of all non-Muslims to keep and bare arms…

    /Users/larrylambert/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.33.24 PM.png

  2. woodsterman says:

    It simply put comes down to, Dump the Elitists!

  3. fredd says:

    Yeah, Odie. They tell us ‘let them eat cake,’ and now we’re eating their lunch.

  4. Great post — and per you, let’s not forget the WW3 aspect. Kyrie, that power crazed harridan was prepared to take us up to the brink so she could sit in the White House. Beggars belief.

    Well, the unicorn’s shot. (thx)

  5. trailbee says:

    This is a good post. Thank you. I got here yesterday and had to close the computer. You know what happens to the brain after a nanno second of idleness – phhft! I love maps and this one is a doozy. Personally, I unvoted each incumbent except two guys who needed to stay. Turns out, I was not the only who did that. Incumbents need intense scrutiny every time we vote, else they think they are the new elite!

  6. And I forgot to say, nice closing infographic.

  7. Brig says:

    I am glad we won, and that at least some things will change. But this is no time to rest, if we want change, if we want a great America, we must work toward that.
    We are watched

  8. frenchreader says:

    Congratulations to president elect Donald Trump ! Be sure that many French people are truly satisfied, if only because Mrs,Clinton was wiped out. It was great to watch Fox, CNN all night and to see the French journalists loosing their smile in the morning on TV, My apologies for the very rude and undiplomatic comments from our ambassador in Washington on tweeter, Yes, HIS world perhaps crumbled down, not ours.

    • L’ambassadeur de France n’était pas le seul à s’effondrer. Une grande partie des politiciens américains et des éditeurs étaient inconsolables. Il n’y a pas besoin de s’excuser!

      Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien et bonnes nouvelles, M-C! Réjouissez-vous dans la bonne situation!

  9. Solaratov says:

    I thought you might enjoy this, so I unabashedly stole it from AceofSpadesHQ…………

    “The #Winning Thread

    Trump said we’d be #winning so much we’d be sick of #Winning.

    Well so far there’s a lot of #Winning — but I’m not sick of it yet. So I guess he lied.

    But I do just sit around sometimes and smile at I-don’t-even-know-what. Oh wait, I do know: It’s the #Winning.

    Sometimes I feel so filled with bliss and contentment I wonder, “Is this how God feels all the time? Because if it is — Lucky Ducky!”

    I don’t know which parts of the #Winning I like the most. The being right all the time? Sure, that’s good. The gains? I think I might have mentioned my GAINZZ on one or two occasions, right?

    Being one of the people laughing in joy as so many around us cry like little babies?

    That’s pretty good too.

    Oh, and there’s this: US Geological Survey thinks it has discovered the largest deposit of oil ever known in America.”

    Anybody over here #tiredofwinning yet? I didn’t think so. 😉 🙂 😉

  10. Solaratov says:

    I found this in a Breitbart thread and thought you guys might like it, too……….

    What do we say?
    What to our Founding Fathers do we say
    knowing we just slept our freedoms away
    would those in Gettysburg roll in disgust
    knowing the price they paid for us
    Or the million plus that in uniform died
    Seeing WE THE PEOPLE just run and hide
    Like Americans landing a beach or in a reservoir frozen
    and those in the jungles when their number was chosen
    To WE volunteers all in Baghdad Street fights
    or fighting in mountains all day into night
    What do we say to those whom have borne the brunt
    The Airmen, sailors, soldiers and grunts
    What do we say while they’re standing far off and alone
    While those that sent them from a House and a Dome
    Ignore the OATH troops stand for even through fear
    And WE THE PEOPLE allow it like we just don’t care
    What do we say to our own daughters and sons
    There willing to fight, as they say; “To the very last one”
    or friends in GOD’s heaven that paid the ultimate price
    While those in the House and Dome care but for party and their dollar price
    Do we SUPPORT AND DEFEND and fire those in the House and the Dome
    or listen to marketing schemes and just sit at home
    sitting idly by while those that do get enraged
    Like an ARMY RANGER we let them put in a cage
    What do we say to those that divide us by party, color and creed
    to feed their never ending hunger for power and greed
    will we stand UNITED for hard fought liberty won
    relieving ourselves of those that have un-become
    AMERICANS draw a line in this nation full of Hallowed ground
    In your Patriots heart I pray you again hear the sound
    Battle Hymn of the REPUBLIC sounding our plight
    “Listen up” House and Dome because “We THE PEOPLE” can fight

    I dropped it at Adrienne’s Corner, too.

    🙂 🙂

  11. Solaratov says:

    Look out carnivores……………….

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