Hunter Shoots Rainbow Unicorn; Social Media Goes Insane


Idea for graphic: Lone Star Parson.  Also, cross-posted at his blog.


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8 Responses to Hunter Shoots Rainbow Unicorn; Social Media Goes Insane

  1. The best bit about that infographic is its awesomeness.

    Nice one, Grunt.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. papabear1950 says:

    I don’t know why social media would get so exercised about a rainbow unicorn getting whacked… all those “rainbow” groups are a gaggle of screaming faggots anyway, and won’t last past one generation anyway!

    • Well, sometimes they adopt kids, like Sally Kohn did. But her daughter turned out straight, so that didn’t work out so well!

      • papabear1950 says:

        FYI, Grunt, statistically and truthfully speaking, a multitude of “homosexual” peoples were sexually abused in their youth, and that is the recipe for perpetrating on others, because it’s normal for them. They want to “feel” normal, so demand “marriage rights” and “adoption rights” so the mechanics of their life will articulate a semblance of normality, but THAT’S the outward appearance trying to drive the behavior, which never works. When a child (who doesn’t have hormones “flooding the zone”) gets pulled up the growth-scale of sexual maturity by being abused, their whole sexual paradigm is ruined for normal maturing. It takes an awfully strong person to resist the natural propensity to succumb and grow appropriately. Hats off to the adopted daughter to buck the enormous pressure that the homosexual community would have brought to bear and to Sally for not stigmatizing the kid with parental peer pressure.

        • Well, I agree with everything except for the hats off to Sally, because she didn’t resist. She was mad as hell, and wrote about it. I doubt the adopted daughter escaped some judgment on that. But she still seems to have succumbed to nature, nevertheless.

  3. woodsterman says:

    Murdering bastard!

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