Castro Goes to Hell Just in Time to Showcase American Liberals’ Criminal Hypocrisy


I can’t really do much better with this “shadenfreudepalooza” than Dianny has done, over at Patriot Retort, or other talents, like Paul Joseph Watson, or LL over at Virtual Mirage or Chrissythehyphenated and many others.


Note the crowds of Cuban expatriots celebrating.  Gee, I don’t see these pictures on CNN.  Why is that?


Dictators the world over lament (along with the NY Times).


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15 Responses to Castro Goes to Hell Just in Time to Showcase American Liberals’ Criminal Hypocrisy

  1. Yes, Obama and the left lost a champion in Fidel Castro.

    BUT heaven doesn’t want him and Hell is afraid that he’ll take over. Where does that leave him?

    • Maybe. But Hell already has Che, and he was the real force behind the victory in Cuba, anyway. Fidel just tagged along and screwed all the women and took all the credit after Che left, as far as I can tell.

  2. papabear1950 says:

    Poor Pillsbury Dough Dictator, (sorry, how insensitive of me… the pie-faced despot won’t be able to be offended if he doesn’t understand. I’ll try again), Pool Pirrsbuly Dough Dictatol. He must be ristening to Thlee Dog Night’s “One Is Roneriest Numbel” ovel and ovel again! Maybe Ramont Insane Obama wirr open a “bath-house” in Pyongyingyang soon and the two of them can commiselate ovel sssssssstlawbelly daquilies, then put on stylofoam hermets and lide Pee Wee Helman Bicycres to Geolge Michaer concelts.

  3. trailbee says:

    All I can think of is the hypocrisy on the part of our beloved leader and Hillary as they accused Russia of interfering in our election. Let’s take a little journey back to when the United States of America helped, yes, HELPED dear Fidel invade and take over Cuba! Talk about interference! And the most recent one, which no one has the good manners to bring up, was when Obama sent Axelrod to Israel to derail Bibi’s election a couple of years ago, because Obama was peed off at him for coming to speak to the Congress. This country, with the help of the CIA has interfered/engineered so many political takeovers, and shoved their work under the rug, it is embarrassing.

  4. Solaratov says:

    I knew people who ran guns and other supplies to Fidel during the “revolution”….and they all said that it was a mistake. Everybody who dealt with him knew he was a communist (along with Che); but the PTB wouldn’t hear of it. So, what did we get? A communist country 90 miles offshore. And everybody responsible for putting him into power whined and sniveled the same tune >>”how could we know he’d turn out to be a commie?” Well…send people down to see the operation and have long talks with Castro. That’s all they had to do…but they didn’t.
    As a consequence, we had to put up with an embarrassment right off our shores; and look like fools. All we had to do was *not* send him what he needed and Batista would have done the rest. But, noooo we had to support some sort of “revolution” because our government wanted to replace the mafia and get the money they were getting.So what happened? FC shut down the casinos and the skivvy shows and show the world how communism could/would work.
    Well. He sure as shit showed us. And we never got a penny from the closed casinos or even a thank you from the commies that WE installed. What a royal fustercluck!!
    Maybe we can get out of the business of replacing one bad government for another and just let nature take its course. If the people really want a “revolution”, they’ll find a way to do it. Otherwise….screw’em.

  5. Solaratov says:

    THIS IS GREAT!! Watch the whole thing……

  6. barnslayer says:

    Castro died a very private man. His family honored his wishes to have a closed casket funeral…

  7. woodsterman says:

    Colin Paepernick can’t stop crying.

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