It’s the Most Wonderful Video from TruthSeeker for Christmas!

This awesome, stupendous Christmas video from Dana Kamide at Truth Seeker comes to us from long time blogger of brilliance, Vladimir Solaratov. Thanks, Sol! Let the Trump bells ring!

Looks like it was pulled.  Probably for violating copyright or for ‘targeting’, right YouTube? What a bunch of sore losers.



This is truly the celebratory tone among the armed forces this Christmas.  According to our Marine son, who slept in a foxhole on bivouac last night, using ancient equipment, drinking out of a canteen that had mold from last century in it, running on 1 hour of sleep, he claimed that his fellow Marines are euphoric that they now have a CinC who wants to stand with them.  The appointment of General Mattis has left them punch drunk with happiness.  Our son had been pushing for Mad Dog Mattis to run for President last year.  But now, he’s getting very used to the idea of having Donald Trump in that office and America being Great again.


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34 Responses to It’s the Most Wonderful Video from TruthSeeker for Christmas!

  1. Guy says:

    FANTASTIC! Thank you and a Wonderful Christmas to All involved in the making of it.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good stuff. Kudos to your grunt son. Every Marine that I know is euphoric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump as CinC with Mattis as SoD.

    Sandnazi Pantywaists are already trembling in fear and soiling their diapers. Ditto with other bad actors. Mattis doesn’t believe in waterboarding…. he prefers shooting them. Bwhahahhahaha


    • Thanks and total agreement here, Nox! Thanks for the sentiments. Oooooohrah!!!

    • papabear1950 says:

      Hardnox, I am euphoric about “Mad Dog” too. I look forward to the media having seizures when he broadcasts that the military will begin soaking their bullets in pig piss, and putting bacon bits in all their missiles! The Assyrians were vicious warriors, and countries would surrender rather than go to battle with them because of their reputation for cruelty. Even if we’re NOT cruel, the enemy better damned well believe we ARE, or there will be higher casualties. I suggest the above AND that if we miss anybody, we tell them their 72 virgins ALL look like Helen Thomas, or Ernest Borgnine in drag, but I repeat myself!

  3. This will be a great era to be a marine. The leadership will be solid and honorable – what a change from the Obamanation. It’s a Christmas present to everyone in uniform.

    • Amen to that, Larry. I think it will be great era for all the services. There will be many great Christmas presents if DJT can follow through with his promises, like fixing the VA and focusing on our worst enemy. I just hope we don’t get sidetracked by other conflicts (like Russia, China and Chicago).

    • John Ford put that together? Gotta say, I’m surprised. He was a pretty good guy and had respect for Wayne’s patriotism, but I think he was kind of a Hollywood Socialist. Nice tribute to Chesty, though!

  4. Outstanding infovid. Thanks, Grunt, might have to repost…

  5. Jules Smith says:

    Ha! Very funny. I like Sasquatch Hillary at the end!

    • That’s an “Abominable Snow Monster.” Like a Yeti. Not to be confused with Michelle Obama, who is, genetically, at least 3/4 Sasquatch. Geez, Jules, I’d a thought you’d have all this ‘Murican culture figured out my now??? 😉 This is what Marmite does to you!!! 🙂

      • Jules Smith says:

        Ha! Same difference. Snow monsters are far too cute to wear Hillary heads. See, Marmite inspires smart thinking!

      • papabear1950 says:

        Grunt, I remember when it was -20 in Colorado last winter, and I was clearing three 5 foot snow drifts from my front door and my garages. Someone called and asked if it was cold, and I replied, “it’s colder than shrillary clinton’s bra”! (nudge nudge, wink wink) She’s a “Snow Monster” all right. She was going to have her “eggs” frozen in case Howdy Doodette wanted a sibling, but the fertility doctor told her that those eggs were already 98.6 degrees… KELVIN! (minus 282.77 F) She’s a COLLLLLLLD one, she is!

  6. Euripides says:

    Now that’s a holiday toon that rings in the season with some clarity and truth.

  7. Terry says:

    Best Video Of The Year winner !!
    Do you realize if Mattis made a run for prez next time his campaign slogan would be :
    MAD DOG 2020 !!

  8. Solaratov says:

    Here you go, Grunt. Send this one on to the young Marine Grunt…….

  9. Solaratov says:

    DAMN FEW……………..

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