Shock and Awe: After Trump’s CNN Smackdown, New Media is ‘Loaded for Bear’ and More Emboldened than Ever

Awesome video and commentary from The Swog Blog:

“Lads, I’ve seen a lot of cringe. I’ve seen male feminists, self-hating whites, and literal shakings. But now I have found the Holy Grail:”

From Dianny at the Patriot Retort:
“They really went into this thinking they were going to be the ones in charge.  It was extremely satisfying watching them realize they weren’t.”

From Steven Crowder:

From Newt Gingrich:
“The reporter was an idiot. Trump pointed out he was an idiot. Most people in the country thought he was an idiot. I thought from Trump’s standpoint it was fine.  I’m hoping Spicer will simple ban Acosta for 60 days, like hockey were you bench somebody. Acosta needs to be benched for a couple of weeks.”

From David Seaman:
“It’s a new world.  It’s just not the New World Order that these old creeps had in mind for us.”

“We’re voting with our wallets and what we choose to watch, and it’s not gonna be CNN.”

“There will be no New World Order. There will be no destruction of the United States. The United States will become stronger than ever before. Fuck you, globalists.”

On Trump: “We’re witnessing the birth of a new American political dynasty, in my opinion.”

From Larry Lambert at Virtual Mirage:
“Well of course CNN broadcasts fake news. Anything to discredit the president. It was CNN that leaked the debate questions to Hillary Clinton. They are an advocacy agent of influence for the Democrat Party and the corrupt progressive elitist establishment.”

From Adrienne:
“It’s about damn time someone stood up to these purveyors of lies.”

From BlondeInTheBellyOfTheBeast:

While others… not so much:


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19 Responses to Shock and Awe: After Trump’s CNN Smackdown, New Media is ‘Loaded for Bear’ and More Emboldened than Ever

  1. 49post says:

    IT’S PAYBACK TIME. It makes my day to see mainstream media chumps squirm like worms, especially the self-righteous mugs at CNN.

    • Absolutely, Guy. If you saw Anderson Cooper’s interview with Kellyanne Conway about this press conference, you saw some world-class smugness. Cooper’s pretty much the definition of “smug” in that interview, even though he’s done more than most to discredit CNN as an impartial news organization. All I could think about was the contrast with his lap-poodle manners when he’d interviewed Hillary Clinton. Not so combative with her, were we, Anderson?

  2. Olberman was correct. Everyone but Fox News should have walked out and left Fox to tell them what the President said…

    It’s nice to see you back on-line and ready to help make America great again!

    • Yeah, Olberman is always first with the really good ideas, right? That’s why he’s so successful.

      Thanks for the kind words, Larry! And thanks for taking up the slack in the ideological warfare when the world keeps the rest of us busy. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it well. MAGA!

  3. Adrienne says:

    I’m starting to think that John McCain should be tried for treason. He’s knee deep in all of this. Onward, indeed!

    I still get a thrill watching libtards scream and moan.

  4. fredd says:

    Yes, watching liberals melt down and curl into fetal positions is very cathartic for me. With any luck, Donald will stick that knife in deeper into the liberal gut and twist it a bit. Well, more than a bit. A lot.

    Screw these liberal cry babies. I have been suffering for quite awhile now under their God awful president. It’s about time things swung back in my direction. .

    • Turnabout really IS fair play, right? There’s nothing evil about shooting a dirty villain in between the eyes after he just shot your dog, molested your daughter, stole your fortune and refused to get out of your bed after you got a restraining order fair and square. Around here, in the West, it’s also ok if you spit on his shirt and feed him to the coyotes afterward, but that’s strictly optional.

  5. neal says:

    Be careful. Hell hath not fury like the scorned. Kill and eat is all they are aware of.
    Lots of triage in these parts. Not so much less than working with the shell shocked.

    Dirty jobs.

    • That is true. These aren’t the kind of people who just go quietly away once defeated. Are we ever going to be free of Keith Olberman??? How many times does that guy need to get fired???

      • fredd says:

        Yes, Keith Olberman is like a pinko celebrity zombie: he has been fired so many times, his career is dead, and yet he doesn’t seem to know this – he comes back on the air to blather his liberal hate despite all of this.

        • trailbee says:

          Keith Olberman took a page out of the GOP Playbook! How many times have we been told we are dead and buried? And returned? Time – it’s all about time, and how fast or slowly it passes and what happens in-between. The Mid-Terms are in two years. Let’s just make certain that those Dems running for another term get their fair share of attention of their participation in the hits on Mattis, Tillerson and the others.

          • Well, that actually worries me! I’m beginning to think nothing is ever over in American politics. If even Keith Olbermann isn’t working a drive-up window at Popeyes by now, then I have very little confidence that we won’t be stuck with Chelsea Clinton as President in 8 years. I guess our only hope is to outperform like crazy in the next few years, but how can we even do that with the damage caused by Obama???

            • trailbee says:

              The whole idea behind Obama was to make everything so complicated, it would take four years and agony to undo what he did. You are correct! Nothing is ever over in American politics, which has a soothing sound, somewhat. If we lose it in four years, we’ll get it back again, in four or eight. But, we will get it back. You just watched it happen. Pretty cool, huh?

          • You have a good point, Bee. But if every time we get it back, the debt has tripled, sooner or later, we’re not going to want it back! 😉

            • trailbee says:

              Well, we elected The Donald. We can elect someone the next time who will take care of the tripled debt. Maybe, just maybe, The Donald will do something about the Tax Code and also the debt. Can we get lucky twice? Where there is life, there is hope. 🙂 This is your blog. Please, I’m old AND my brain hurts. You figure it out. LOL

          • You are so much not any help, Bee! LMAO! So funny!

  6. Brig says:

    We need to keep holding their feet to the fire of truth, and I love seeing Trump doing that! As for the rest of us, we should be aware that the globalists are not all going away, and are looking for a way to turn this in their favor, stand up to them every chance you get! MAGA

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