Let Me See If I Got This Straight, Josh


We can’t trust the Czar of Russia to speak his mind without being told what to say, but we can still totally believe this ironclad document, along with everything else Barack’s told us.  I think I’m getting the picture…



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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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10 Responses to Let Me See If I Got This Straight, Josh

  1. fredd says:

    Looks good to me. What about Barry’s grades? Do we ever get to see those? He’s supposed to be real smart, straight A’s, right?

  2. trailbee says:

    I wonder who will come out with the first book on our ex-prez.

    • I don’t know, but I can’t wait! We should have a betting pool to see what secrets come out that we expected. I bet between you and Hal and Odie and the rest, we could predict a few things:

      1) Barack’s real father revealed to be Michael Jackson.
      2) Celebrity golfers fess up that Barack’s golf scores were embarrassing. “Well over 150.”
      3) Michelle a tranny? That’s not all! More on Page 3.
      4) Obama sentenced to 3400 years in Gitmo for crimes against America or pay back $200 Trillion.

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