Good Riddance, Charlie Bolden, You Hack


The feeling’s not mutual, Charlie.  You and your genius boss destroyed our presence in space and set back the US space effort by decades.  When you were appointed, we had a vehicle that was almost ready to go back to the Moon and then Mars in just a few years.  We also had a functioning Space Shuttle and the civilian army that maintained it.  Now, we have a few small launch systems of questionable reliability and a  few large ones with no mission.  Congratulations on capping your military and space career by being the worst kind of political hack.  Enjoy your legacy that will be forever linked to Barack’s.

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5 Responses to Good Riddance, Charlie Bolden, You Hack

  1. He carried out Barack’s orders to the letter.

    He needs to be executed for treason.

    • That he did. Without question. But he may not be guilty enough for the guillotine. He was just a cowardly servant of a corrupt leader. He never sent anyone to the gas chambers, after all. He just served his master by wrecking the country when he should have had balls enough to step down. He’ll never convince me that he didn’t know what he was doing. I think he was embarrassed. Just not enough to do the right thing.

      • regt2000 says:

        I’m truly not a total racist (I think Tibetans rock!), but was Charlie another mulatto Obama appointee?

        • Technically, yes. But he also had far more experience than the typical token Democrat Lesbian, black-hispanic federal appointee with an arabic surname. General Bolden is a decent guy, a Marine and an astronaut. But he was appointed to be a lapdog, and that’s all he was interested in being, apparently. Too bad.

          • regt2000 says:

            Thanks. That’s good to know. I can certainly understand a Marine following orders, but it’s too bad he didn’t have the integrity to resign rather than be a party to perpetrating such an enormous fraud upon his fellow Americans.

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