Sean Spicer Calls Second Press Conference to Discipline Media for Grossly Undercounting Number of Democrats Ogling Melania at Inauguration


Washington, DC – President Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, wasted no time today letting the White House Press Pool know how it was going to be for the next four years.  Even after widespread complaints among the reporters from most networks for Spicer’s critical tone during yesterday’s press conference, the White House was at it again.

Trump Inauguration

The First and Second Ladies of the USA

Spicer rebuked CNN, in particular, for circulating doctored photographs that downplayed the impact that the First Lady’s entrance had among democrats seated in the VIP section to the right of the podium.

Spicer tersely began: “First of all, it was unprofessional to photoshop out the profusely bleeding cut on former President Clinton’s forehead after his wife hit him in the face with her cell phone.  That was simply unnecessary.  The whole nation knows about the ongoing struggle that they face whenever beautiful women are present and they are in public together.”

He continued.  “But the most irresponsible part was removing many of the leering faces from the photos they released.  It just gives a false and misleading message about the impact the First Lady is having on the Washington community, and the nation.  It also falsely suppresses the large numbers of high-ranking Democrats who should probably be listed sex offenders.  People think Joe Biden is the only one, and this is simply not the case.  Thank you.  Please address all questions via email to former SecState Clinton’s personal account.”

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7 Responses to Sean Spicer Calls Second Press Conference to Discipline Media for Grossly Undercounting Number of Democrats Ogling Melania at Inauguration

  1. LL says:

    The Secret Service stood ready to block Slick Willy as he wanted to mount The First Lady of the United States right there on the viewing stand. Hillary stepped in and concussed him, sparing him the humiliation of being shot by the US Secret Service.

  2. That was a stunningly power infographic, Grunt. And it exposed the GENIUS of Yoko without us having to hear her amazing talent. Thanks!

    • Genius?? I didn’t put any extra genius into the Yoko image… In fact, I had to use the industrial strength “Wrinkle Vac” to make her presentable enough for a family-friendly(sort-of) blog. And I certainly wouldn’t provide any AUDIO! There are children present. Was GENIUS an autocorrect typo like the “powerful” typo? LOL.

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