Beta-Male of the Year Awarded Early for 2017

And it’s only January.  And he’s from Seattle.  Who would have guessed?  But really, folks, this one is a sure thing.  It doesn’t get more humiliating than this.  Watch this Seattle-ite Hillary Hag get thrown off an airplane in Baltimore after the inauguration, and then see if you don’t feel some empathy for the husband.  No?  Just a little?

Even after this walk of shame?  The poor guy looks like he is trying to induce a heart attack so as to avoid any more humiliation… and possible jail time.

I know that’s already internationally viral, and it’s already being shown everywhere, but I can’t help posting it. Just so damn satisfying. Here’s some of the background from C.W. Swanson’s wonderful Daily Timewaster blog:


CW’s Points:

1) The flight was to Seattle, a famously progressive city. If she is from there, she likely lives in a bubble, a seriously small, insular bubble, and has no idea her world views aren’t shared by nearly everyone. She and her friends likely talk this nasty about people they disagree with politically, and chuckle, reinforcing their prejudice, and leaving them unable to deal with opposing views maturely.

2) Her age is likely a factor in her ignorance of this, but in the modern world, if you decide to make a scene in public, expect someone, or as in this case, multiple people, to film you and your antics on their phone and immediately publish. The more insane you act, the more people will find you funny, and you can wake up 24 hours later, as this gal has, a world wide sensation. This morning there are multiple YouTube videos up of her looking cray-cray, with tens of thousands of views as of about 8am.

3) Her identity is so far unknown, but you can bet that by the end of today, it will be known, and all her social media will be scrutinized and commented on for days. Her employer, if she holds a public position, or one where she deals with the public, may have a problem with her. If she has enemies, any other dirt will come out. Her co workers will give her nicknames she won’t like. Her fame will be fleeting – the proverbial 15 minutes – but it’s going to be a misery while it lasts.

4) She seriously shamed her husband by acting this way. The comments about his meek acceptance of her misbehavior are just brutal. He cannot in any way be happy about this.

5) So, madam, was your childish public tantrum worth it? Ask her in a week or two, after she is publicly identified, her social media is masticated all over the net, and her enemies get the chance to out every nasty little fact about her, and her employer calls her in for the “Come to Jesus” meeting, or fires her outright. You know her company’s email is going to over flow with demands that she be fired once the internet learns who they are.

6) Finally, enjoy the consequences, learn from them, and next time you feel like acting like a frustrated six year old, do it in the privacy of your own home.

Read more at C.W. Swanson’s site.


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10 Responses to Beta-Male of the Year Awarded Early for 2017

  1. Astroserf says:

    I love that you reposted those vids.
    O/T: How about doing a side-by-side with the picture of Odumbo in the SUV when they landed in CA the other night and the picture of Satan that had to be cut from the movie
    I’m sure you can come up with a pithy comment for it:

  2. LL says:

    The old crone must not have wanted to make America great again…

    Funny stuff. The Airline personnel and law enforcement wasn’t progressive enough to let her sit there and abuse her fellow passenger — I just felt America getting greater.

  3. Mike Wilson says:

    I doubt she’ll suffer any repercussions back in Seattle. Seriously, how many Coffee Foam Art History majors lose their jobs over these kinds of tirades?

  4. fredd says:

    The Left is well represented here. This old hag is doing her small impersonation of the national protest going on around the world. If the left doesn’t get to call the shots, then they will howl like banshees and fling feces at their tormentors (those in charge). Much like little 4-year olds in K-Mart, who are just begging for a spanking.

    I think this will get worse. The peaceful transfer of power our Founding Fathers envisioned is not working out, at least not for the Left. Just wait until they start in on a widespread revolution, and run into their counterparts on the right who are armed to the teeth.

    I think this is coming in the not too far distant future. Sadly.

    • It depends on whether Soros and Co run out of money first. These Starbucks-drinking protesters can’t afford to work for free for very long. It’s not like Les Miserables, exactly. But there ARE a lot of them. Let’s see how things go after the first round of spankings.

  5. I agree with LL, and you, Grunt. There’s a quickening in the Force.

    • It’s almost like a million libtard voices cried out in unison, finally realizing what it’s like to be aborted, and then were silenced, leaving only a single deep voice with a slight Queens accent: “Who’s your daddy, Punks? I, am your daddy.”

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