If You Thought Trump’s Meetings with Obama Were Awkward, Wait Until He Gets to Reminisce with Justin Trudeau About Justin’s Notorious Party Mom

Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant is pretty sure that the “Madame X” Donald Trump describes in his second book is a thinly veiled Margaret Trudeau, notorious party-hound wife of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  Trump’s account, which takes place in the mid 1970s in Manhattan, involves some explicit remembrances of (apparently), Madame Trudeau on a couch with a friend of Trump’s.  The evidence is pretty compelling, actually.

This revelation comes at an embarrassing time for the young Justin, soon after it was widely speculated around the time of Fidel Castro’s death that Castro may have been Justin’s father. You see, the resemblance is rather shocking, and Justin is inconveniently tall to be related to father Pierre. Further, Justin’s mother, Margaret, spent a great deal of time in the 1970s generating scandal after scandal for being an absentee wife and hard-core partier.

Even though the young Margaret was enchanted by the Cuban Revolution and engaged in world travel with her parents just before she was married to the 30-years-older Pierre, it’s really unlikely that Justin could have been sired by Castro. He was born very soon after the Trudeaus married in 1971, and the opportunity probably just didn’t exist.

Surely though, Trump will be discreet with Justin about his parentage, and it’s very unlikely he will let on that he’s seen Justin’s mother naked on a couch in Manhattan shagging a stranger before getting half-way through her first martini and then dancing the night away at Studio 54. Besides, Justin knows Barack Obama well, and it’s not like all kinds of people in Hawaii didn’t see Barack’s notoriously slutty mom naked. So, it’s roughly: Canada-1, USA-1, really.

As a quick aside about Fidel Castro, you may note in the twitter image above that Fidel flirted shamelessly with Margaret, though it was after Justin and Michel were born. In the quote above, you see that fidel claimed to have failing vision that he hoped to improve by forcing himself to stare at the sun for a few moments every day. Read that part over again and see if you can figure out how someone that patently stupid could get himself established as dictator for life and father dozens, perhaps hundreds, of children.

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13 Responses to If You Thought Trump’s Meetings with Obama Were Awkward, Wait Until He Gets to Reminisce with Justin Trudeau About Justin’s Notorious Party Mom

  1. LL says:

    Margaret Trudeau got around….

    I’m not blaggarding her for it. She saved a lot of men, Fidel included, from the dreaded (and occasionally fatal) sperm clot.

    Thanks Maggie, wherever you are.

  2. fredd says:

    Grunt: here you are, posting stories of stale, dried up strumpets from days gone by, when your reading public is hungry for juicy, salacious stories of modern day floozies: Madonna, Cher, Babs Streisand, we want FRESH dirt, Grunt. (I take certain liberties with the definition of ‘modern day’ in reference to the above aging rogue’s gallery).

    I’ll be standing by. Your Faithful Reader,

    Freddo The Pious

    • Babs Streisand is ‘fresh’????? Funny you should mention her, though. Did you know that Pierre Trudeau dated Streisand, and they were planning, for a while, to get married? Talk about questionable judgment!

      I’ll work on bringing things more up to date, Freddo. Thanks for the input, oh wise and pious one! 🙂

  3. Adrienne says:

    I well remember reading about Margaret and her wild life back in the day. I guess she’s all serious and stuff now. Wow – she’s younger than me.

  4. Jules Smith says:

    He’s wrong. It was definitely Victoria.

    • Heh! Even though Victoria Brezhneva was quite the hottie in her youth(maybe?), she succumbed to the old rule about married couples gradually starting to look like one another, and Leonid would never look like much in a dress!

  5. Solaratov says:

    Howdy, Grunt. Finally made it down to the computer room…where most of the computers don’t actually do computer stuff. I get to use the employee computer for some reason…and I appreciate it. Give me a call this weekend if you can.

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