Cecile Richards Hits the Road After a Successful Austin Women’s March



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14 Responses to Cecile Richards Hits the Road After a Successful Austin Women’s March

  1. She ought to do a pick-a-part from whole babies. I’m sure that progressive idea would catch on.

    • You mean, like a “pick-n-pull” salvage yard? I used to hit those pretty regularly out in California in the Bay Area. You’d find a fresh wrecked Porsche 924 that had just been brought in that day, and everything useful or valuable had already been stripped off it, down to the lug nuts. Fortunately, the glove box trim you were looking for, if it was still there, was only $.24 when you got to the window.

      Maybe the Baby Parts ‘R Us would be the same way. You just need a pinkie finger off the left hand? Medium Cambodian beige? That’ll be $.59.

  2. fredd says:

    Cecil Richards is nothing more than an evil ghoul who profits personally and immensely from carving up dead babies and selling their parts on the open baby parts market.

    Ancillary note: keeping a 924 Porsche on the road can be tricky: they are modern enough to keep the missus from bitching about the rough ride that earlier Porsche models had, such as the iconic 911 and the boxy but quick 914, but old enough to maintain their old school status. The parts are still available from factory sources, but cost an arm and a leg. Junk yards see a new victim every now and then, but you are right – they are stripped to the bone before they even hit the dirt on the lot.

    • Tell me about it! I had to mostly restore my ’79 due to previous owner retardedness and the parts cost alone almost kept me from paying for my daughter’s wedding. That was one of those fun years where the speedometer was only allowed to go to 80mph, but the car was built to go about 125mph on the autobann at all times. So, in rural Indiana, I never knew how fast I was going when I’d hit those raised railroad crossings.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Cecile’s salary is now about 1 million a year. Who knew selling baby parts could be so profitable.

  4. trailbee says:

    Yes, on all the above. But now give it a minute and wonder where the new source for black or white or Asian baby parts will come from for the researchers? All the anti-aging research needs source materiel and when Trump cuts off aid for foreign abortions, and Congress makes REAL noises about defunding parts of PP (and you know PP will weasel their way around that), then those medium-priced parts will become expensively priced parts – say, very dear, and the pun is included.

  5. Brig says:

    They must consider baby parts a fair trade item… shipp’n them in a Chinese Yeti…

    • Dr. Evil: “Igor, where exactly did you get this brain???”

      Igor: “Ordered it on Amazon.”

      Dr. Evil: “And what PART of China did it ship from? Tibet? It’s all wrong. And there’s still FUR on it.”

    • Oh, you’re talking about the Yeti cooler on the back of the bike! I thought you were talking about importing bogus body parts from non-humans in China, like Yetis and Pandas and that sort of thing. Man am I losing it…

      • trailbee says:

        I love those Yeti coolers, btw. A little pricey, like all their stuff, but gorgeous. The cooler.

        • Brig says:

          there are actually better coolers, almost identical to Yetis, made in America, and cost a lot less.
          Though I must confess I have a couple of the Yeti tumblers, because I weakened when I found them at a little store in the back of beyond, for a quarter what they were charging elsewhere…

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