No Wonder Milo Can’t Appear with Jessica Valenti for Fear He Might Slug Her


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7 Responses to No Wonder Milo Can’t Appear with Jessica Valenti for Fear He Might Slug Her

  1. I think that we need to send ALL of the students from US major universities to Africa for – two years, for some hands on experience dealing with disease, filth, flies, dung, poverty, laziness, desperation and everything that is Africa.

    They will return with a different perspective.

    • I agree, Larry. Neighbor girl from across the street just got back from West Africa, and I think she got some perspective, but it may be that she was still too sheltered while she was there. Another local seminarian I know came back with a much bigger impact. He was ready to slit his wrists and had virtually zero hope for humanity. Maybe that was a little too much impact.

  2. papabear1950 says:

    Grunt, I always enjoy expanding my education reading you. All this time I thought a “dutch oven” was pulling the covers over our Rutgers Alum’s empty little head and farting. Had no idea it was also used, (as an aluminum foil chapeau), to guard against logic burrowing into her head. I knew a girl like this one who thought the “gag rule” was what some guys requested while enjoying “philately”, (yep… had a vocabulary like a steel trap… RUSTED SHUT!)

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