There Is Much to Be Done; Just Not Much of It Here

“There’s a shit-load of demons here.  Fuck this.” – Vladimir Solaratov, US Army Special Forces.


Yeah. Solaratov was talking about another time and place, but maybe that’s a good idea for this particular time and place.  Fuck this blogging shit.  For the road ahead, St. Michael comes in awfully handy with the demons.  Keep him in mind in days to come.  He’s only just getting warmed up.  Pray hard.  Pray fast.  Peace be with Y’all.  I’m pretty much out of here.

Explanation and Gratitude: My good friend, FrenchReader, a wise and politically astute woman from Paris who has been commenting on many American blogs since the beginning of the Obama Era, just sent me a kind email last night.  Thank you, FR!  She’s followed our conservative blogging communities long enough to know what’s going on, but it occurs to me that I should not leave some things unsaid, for the benefit of others who may misinterpret me dumping this blog.

I wish to express sincere gratitude to those who have read and commented on this blog over the years, and also those who have been part of the conversation elsewhere.  This blog was never meant as a serious endeavor, but only as a home base for my other troublemaking.  Others did it better, after all.  It began with lurking at HillBuzz and the HoneyTrail and as a regular presence at the Conservative Treehouse.  Eventually, I helped found ForGodFamilyAndCountry and contributed in small ways to iOTW & IOTWReport, DMF, PCP, Nox&Friends, Adrienne’s Corner and Zilla’s blog, if only by commenting and providing a little artwork.  Some of those have been successes and some utter failures, but those who have commented here on this blog have always been cherished.  Thank you, Friends.  Especially thanks to Mike GFC.  Requiescat in Pace, Friend.

As a start, Trailbee and Hal and Odie and LL and LSP and Jules and Stretch and Hardnox and Terry and Morgan/Euripides and Bluebird and Barn and Shalini and Zoph and Freedom and Solaratov and Marie-Christine and RP and Chrissy and Pete and Mindful and Frankly and Motley and Ting and Alison and Adrienne and Plain Jane and Jane Dough and MadJack and BluesJunky and Earl and PapaBear and Kim/Cass and Lynn/Ravenglass and Brig and LindaG and the PoliNation crowd and Zilla and Fredd and Guy and Lisa and Kathleen and MOTUS and AstroSerf and Irish and Jeffery and SpringerAZ and those from 4gfc have been great joys.

As FrenchReader has pointed out, in her wisdom, the Trump/Brexit fight has taken a heavy toll on our friendships.  She claims that she has lost two of her best gal friends over it.  That’s been a familiar story for us all, I think.

I am quitting because I am also weary of the losses we have sustained during the Trump and Brexit fights, not because some have fallen by the wayside, but because so many have continued deceitfully, as if nothing happened.  I will not continue to work or comment alongside those who have banned their friends for being right about Trump (or Brexit), or ambushed them and got them fired from writing jobs or purposely ruined friendships or doxed people with families and children out of evil spite.  There has been much deceit and no reckoning.  And no apologies of any kind.  This has not happened here on the Grunt Blog, but in other places.  Places I will not name.  Farewell, friends.  This was never meant to be a refuge or a last stand.  Stands must be made in real life.  Blessings and Godspeed to all of you in all of your stands in life.


About GruntOfMonteCristo

Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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55 Responses to There Is Much to Be Done; Just Not Much of It Here

  1. fredd says:

    Grunt: you are sounding like Debbie Downer here. You need some diversion. If you have Netflix, check out their series “Black Mirror.”

    Much like a modern day Twilight Zone, this is where all the good writers went after Hollywood producers of reality TV gave them all their pink slips. Specifically, watch the episode “Nose Dive.” Some of the best entertainment available anywhere.

    • Adrienne says:

      He’s not being a Debbie Downer, Fredd. He’s simply being a realist and suggesting that demons are real and St. Michael is one of our best defenses.

      • That’s right. Thank you, Adrienne. But Freddo observes that I am also echoing Sol’s sentiment. Fuck this shit. With gusto. Don’t get me wrong. The conservative blogging community has some real shining lights. You’re one of the best. So is Freddo, and I think y’all have this shit covered. You’ll be just fine.

        But since the vast majority of the demons remain unvanquished, I’ll be trying to contribute elsewhere in the real world where they are not allowed to thrive so anonymously and are not so well-protected and invited in the door so willingly. Y’all enjoy the blogosphere if you can, but for me, this has been one huge suckfest since the moment blogging first drew me in back in 2010. I’ve never been abused so often or betrayed so enthusiastically or tested so relentlessly. And that’s just the conservatives! FWIW, I’m not talking about your blog so much as the wider community. BFH, for example, has put more demons into the blogosphere than I can even contemplate. Sundance, as well. It’s a shitshow out there. The deceit is palpable.

        So, thanks for the good times. They didn’t make up for the shitty times, which sucked more than I can say here, but they were appreciated nonetheless. Blessings.

        • barnslayer says:

          I haven’t spent much time here since… well since the demise of our old site. Sorry things are weighing heavy on you. You do a lot here. This place is much more intense than what I see at other sites. Over there most just get updated on current events and blow off steam. Maybe you just need a break? Enjoy the blessings HE has given us including the Election Day victory.
          You’ve got my email and phone if you want to talk.

          • Amen to that, Barn. And thank you, Brother! Good advice! Already taken, really. The last 2 days were spent doing some beach time with the finest Marine Pfc in the Corps on liberty, and his mother, who is possibly the best woman on the planet with competition only, I’m sure, from your good wife S. (Mrs. Barn). Noah found out yesterday that one of his favorite great-great uncles was not just a Marine, but was one of the original Raiders in the Pacific in WW2 and at Chosin Reservoir in Korea, and the subject of a book. It’s got him jazzed more than ever.

            We’ll talk soon enough, but everything’s fine. More than fine. Happy. Thanks for being a solid friend, Barn – one of the very best. Have a great spring, Brother, and let me know when things improve and you want to talk about that M1A!

    • Yeah, but at least I’m not looking like Debbie!

      Ok, maybe a little bit if you shaved her head.

      Excellent suggestion, Freddo. I will check that out. I’m actually very upbeat about the future of our nation and the world. In fact, there are things coming up that are so important, I can’t wait to shift focus and get ‘er done. I’m specifically looking forward to dropping by the Chain of Command wall this afternoon at the base where I’m working. It’s Saturday, so Ima have time to look over the wall to make sure that shithead Barry isn’t still on there somewhere. I suspect I’ll have a big goofy grin on my face the rest of the weekend.

  2. trailbee says:

    All those prayers did the job, but we must continue. Barry is too close, with idle hands/mouth. The best was Shinzō Abe returning and then spending the week-end in FLA with the Prez! The buzz will never die down for the next four/eight years, but the groundwork has been laid for a Pacific Rim revival with Japan/US at the head. I wrote a thank you snail note, VERY short, to Abe for visiting and bringing his lady wife right after Elections! Just keep the prayers coming and smile. It’ll drive the left nuts. 🙂

    • Thank you, Dear Bee. I intend to do both those things. And I heartily approve of your note to PM Abe and his wife! Well done!

      You and Hal and many of the others, like Odie and LL and LSP and Stretch and Hardnox and Terry and Morgan and Bluebird and Barn and Shalini and Zoph and Freedom and Jules and Brig and Linda and the PoliNation crowd and Zilla and Fredd and Lisa and Kathleen and those from 4gfc have been such joys. Gruntessa and I will never forget you. But I won’t be blogging any more. There are too many other hard responsibilities right now and too many I’ve neglected. And the Trump fight has put me on the wrong side of so many in our community that the fighting has made it unenjoyable for some time. And I’ve been accused of quite enough wicked things to keep me stunned for a good long time.

      Enjoy your paradise, Bee! Especially now that you have some blessed moisture coming down from Heaven! Möge Gott dich segnen!

  3. Brig says:

    Take good care my dear friend. I have so enjoyed your sense of the understated remark, Thank You for being you.

    • Brig says:

      and if you ever need to borrow the HotShot…

    • You’re very sweet, Brig! Thank you for being awesome. Seriously, you’re one of the funniest and most readable writers in the whole community. I’m glad you share your adventures and wit, and I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist checking in from time to time to hear about you electrocuting poor, obnoxious hardware store clerks with your HotShot. 🙂

  4. Zilla says:

    Sorry I missed this. You do whatcha gotta do, your real friends will support you no matter what & welcome you again wherever you choose to appear whenever and so on. Just try to be happy, that is all I want for you.
    Happy trails to you, until we meet again…

    • What? I thought you were praying for me to get that 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO? Dang it, Mare, a REAL friend would keep her wishes straight! LOL!

      Thank you, my Friend. I wish for health and happiness for you and the family, especially now that you only live twice, right? 😉 I hope to hear that story some time, BTW! Love to the family and critters!

  5. Knight4GFC says:

    The “Last Stand”… You are living it! may The Holy Spirit Guide you! Truth!… to the death!

  6. freedom1781 says:

    I haz a sad. 😞 I understand, though. You’ve been beat up on a lot on the interwebs and life is way too short to spend time dealing with all that negativity. I am saddened by how nasty this past election was among those who claim to be on the same side. I try to avoid talking politics with anyone these days, I’m just so sick of it.

    Keep in touch. My email address and cellphone number are the same. God bless you and Gruntessa and the entire Grunt family. Happy trails! 😃

    • Well, you know about getting beat up on more than I do. You have the most hostile workplace I can imagine! Mine is only about half as bad, but both my bosses are still fairly anti-Trump, so that keeps me empathizing with you.

      Thank you so much for checking in, Dear Freedom! We hope your hub and daughter are doing well. We were just in Yorktown with the Marine on Saturday. He wanted to see the Victory Monument and the battlefields. We’ll have to keep meeting at the Waterfront every now and then for seafood and beer, and we’ll be around even more now that we’re trying to buy a small house down the peninsula. God bless!

  7. Jules Smith says:

    You’ll be missed, Grunt. Nobody can photoshop like you! It’s a shame that the pettiness begins to weigh down and cause playground mentality. Take care and all the best. Don’t be a stranger.

    • Thanks, Jules. I’m thoroughly glad you were able to show LSP and bro the sights and the pubs on the latest trip. Welcome back! I haven’t read your post, but just saw your brief comment “Well, I’VE BEEN BUSY!” Laughed out loud! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

      Also, thanks for being a shining light in the blogging world. You and LL and LSP do it right, of course, and bring good humor and real news and snarky art to a hungry audience. I’m gonna be too busy for a while to blog or comment, but I’ll keep in touch and read your work over in WhimsyLand and will still be around with the Gruntess. If you’re ever in Denver again, stay off the Police motorcycles, but have some ales with us! Keep calm and keep being awesome, Lady!

  8. Grunt, big thanks for the plaudit and I hope you come back.

    As an aside, whenever I’ve prayed the Archangelic prayer fervently, consistently and for a serious space of time, it’s as though all the powers of hell decide to have a go… no kidding. I guess that means it’s hitting the mark.

    • I believe you, Padre! I have a very close friend who’s a LtCol in charge of running a busy military flight line on a nearby base. At stressful times, he ducks into the chapel nearby and prays before the Blessed Sacrament, and for a time, the Devil was choosing that time to assault him with horrible force. That caused a bit of a crisis for a while, and we had many conversations about it. I guess, while we live and while the Devil roams the Earth, there’s no place truly safe for us.

      You’re very welcome, and thank YOU for the regular spiritual download and good humor! You’re the best!

  9. Shalini says:

    🙁 Well, there goes another part of my childhood!! Hehe, okay maiden hood? Nevermind! To be honest, yes I haven’t really been reading blogs as much in recent times. Partly because motherhood changes your life upside down but mostly because boy, was last election cycle vitriolic or what? I saw conservatives turn on each other like rabid dogs and I couldn’t identify whom I am with anymore. Anyway, I miss you guys. Funny thing about angels. I have the angel you gifted me for my wedding on my living room and so it’s fair to say I think of you and gruntessa everyday. Even though we all (people from gfc ) aren’t in touch as often we’d like I believe we are still connected in prayers. That’s what really matters, isn’t it? Of course, you better keep in touch via email too!! Hope sol is good! Give him my love.

    • Thank you, Shal! Sol is here living with us now, and he’ll be so glad to hear from you. And it warms our hearts that you still have that crystal angel! We miss you! Blessings to you and Jim and your precious children!

    • Solaratov says:

      Dear Shalini, it is so nice to hear from you. I hope that you and your family are all well.
      You are in my prayers; and I want you to know that I really appreciate all of the prayers that you have sent up for me.
      Take good care of yourself and your family. I may put a little something on here from time to time, so stop by once in a while.

  10. trailbee says:

    This is becoming a rather interesting blog. You don’t have to do anything for a little while ?? Because we all continue to show up to see who came and left their two/three/….. cents and your responses. Please, just do not delete the post. Prayers for Sol and Mad Jack will continue. 🙂 trailbee

    • LOL! 🙂 You’re so funny, Bee. And kind, too. Thanks for continuing to pray for MadJack and Sol. Solaratov is actually back on the computer after doing some hospital time, and he’ll probably stop by to say hi shortly. After getting rid of a bit of pneumonia, he’s actually in good shape right now.

    • Solaratov says:

      Thanks a lot for your prayers, trailbee. I am sure that they have had a good effect on me. It humbles me to realize that there are people who care enough about me to speak to God on my behalf. I just went through a bit of a rough patch with pneumonia on top of the cancer – but things ended well. And the fight continues!

  11. woodsterman says:

    I saw this a while back and didn’t know what to say then, so I thought I would give it a chance to build in my mind … such as my mind is. “Mind is” means I forgot. For give this 70 year old. Please don’t stay a stranger my friend, and come and visit once in awhile. I’ve always enjoyed our banter.

    • Hey, Odie! Thanks for the kind comment, my Friend. Of course, there’s nothing to forgive! You aren’t obligated to share an opinion on squabbles between other people who pass through your blogging world.

      I love your blog, Odie, and I still read it and get many chuckles and even gut-laughs from it. If I don’t comment any more, it’s not because I don’t want to. I don’t want any more bitter fighting with some of the folks(mostly Proof) who are daily commenters at your place and at Adrienne’s. It tears me up to stay away, because I love both your places, but I think y’all deserve some peace on your blogs, as well.

      Keep on rocking it, Odie. You’re a genuinely funny dude, and you got tons of heart. Thanks for all the work behind the laughs!

  12. trailbee says:

    It’s a special day. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  13. trailbee says:

    I saw the news about Mad Jack at Adrienne’s this morning. That last must have been a doozy of a fight. I am sorry. B

    • Thank you, B. He was a fighter and he’ll be very much missed. When I talked to him a few months ago, as we were passing through Kansas City, he was facing the next two months more bravely than anyone I’ve ever known. I hope we can all face certain death as bravely, when the time comes.

      Gruntessa and I toasted him last night, but I couldn’t bear to tell Solaratov about MadJack passing. He was suffering from his own cancer so much that I was afraid it would discourage him. He’s been throwing up this morning, so still no talking about it. He’ll be more up to it later. So far, he’s always gotten better after these down times.

      • trailbee says:

        Are the downtimes right after infusions? I feel so guilty that I only had one day of medium discomfort. I happened to get a really sort of weird Oncologist and he prescribed Aloxi and I was never sick again. But, then, I only lost one small part of me, and had gone through radiation twice before, I felt like a pro. Sol is still on my Prayer list. I wish I could do more.
        [The weirdness didn’t stem from the prescription, but from him. He comes to a place, sticks around for a while, then moves on. By now I think he’s done his work all along the West Coast. Every person I meet, this is a league :), and they swear by him if they had any contact with him. I wish my mother had met him fifty years ago. 🙂 ]
        In any event, you are lucky you are in a field that allows traveling for work and you get a chance to meet your blogging friends. Lucky you, lucky them. Be well, stay well. B

        • You shouldn’t feel guilty, Bee! I’m glad you got a good oncologist and survived so well. We are all blessed to have you still around!

          Thank you for keeping Sol on your prayer list. He has gotten worse, I’m afraid, and we are preparing to take him into the hospital to get him an IV before he gets too dehydrated, since he’s been unable to eat or drink for over a day now. I don’t think it’s related to the chemo infusions, but it’s hard to say. This latest med is fairly experimental.

          You’re right that it’s been a blessing to meet so many bloggers! Freedom1781’s family near Yorktown, VA, have been great friends over the years, and now we’re practically neighbors since we live out there much of the year now. Their young daughter just sent a drawing in a card that Freedom1781 put together, and it cheered up Sol immensely.

          Thanks for the comment, Bee! Bless you, and stay well!

  14. trailbee says:

    Good morning! Tomorrow is the Fourth and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone will say something wise and patriotic. We shall see.
    However, I’ve been thinking about you and Sol, hoping that there are improvements.
    On the silly side: Remember when I mentioned I thought that I had a solution so Sudoku? Well, here I go again – but this time I think there might be a mustard seed size of truth of what I found. If you are interested, email me. I tried to explain it here and it is a little chaotic, so I erased what I wrote and am going with: if you are interested, email me. 🙂
    Any blog you really like? I have seriously curtailed my blogging recently.
    Have a great Fourth. trailbee

    • Goodness, Bee, I’d be very interested in your theory on sudoku! I’m passionate about that game, and I even built one for Diogenes to combine with her fishnet Friday posts once. The logical deductive power required for sudoku is extreme, and I’m not up to it for the really hard ones, but I love it.

      Sorry I haven’t responded for a few days, but I’ve been swamped. Solaratov passed away on the 1st, and I’ve been making arrangements. I’ll say more later! Thanks for the kind comment, Bee. Hope you had a happy 4th!

  15. trailbee says:

    Hi, I am really sorry to hear of Sol’s passing; it is a little difficult to accept until I also accept that the goal is God’s Glory.
    I shall get my thinking cap on and figure a way to tell you what I found – just don’t hold your breath, please. It won’t solve the puzzle, but I think it will give you another way of looking at it. My deductive powers are waning, which is one reason I’m so interested – I really do have to think!
    Thanks for answering. I shall email when I have it down so you can see it. Bee

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