About the Grunt

KingStL9The Grunt of Monte Cristo is just an average conservative, American guy who loves God and values Truth and Common Sense.  That means, of course, that he has despised liberals virtually from the womb, recognizing them as the regressive children that they are.  He’s also strictly anti-globalist, anti-feminist, anti-socialist and anti-jihadist, because all of those “isms” are anti-freedom and (let’s face it) unworkable, dangerous and stupid.

A Christian monarchist at heart (an admirer of the qualities displayed by, for example, King Saint Louis IX, above right), the Grunt nevertheless believes in the Great American Experiment, which began as a constitutional republic and has been gradually degraded into a socialist democracy dangerously close to godless mob rule.  Having not lost faith in the republic, he believes our last great hope is in the American Conservative Movement, and in the Tea Party.  He was not originally a firm supporter of Trump as our political savior, but his wise friends won him over early, and he has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Trumpening since the summer of 2016.

If the Grunt is not a complete idiot, it’s only because the Good Lord has badgered him into recognizing Him, Who IS, as the Author of all Truth and Wisdom, and the Creator of all things, as St. John describes him: The Word.  The Logos.  The Source of Reason.  Just as He made us in Love, without condition, without reservation, withholding nothing in his Love, He lives and breathes in us now, in Spirit and in Truth, desiring that we love Him back, exactly in the same way, unreservedly.  For as He is capable of directing our lives in the most minute details, in every task, every suffering, every triumph, every pleasure, every joy and every pain, in life and in death, then so it should be.  So let it be.

mystery1The Grunt is, first, a fearless and devout Catholic Christian; second, a loving husband and father; third, a proud American Patriot, and last, a humble rocket scientist by trade, but alas, not a very good one. (Or he’d be rich!)

The Grunt takes his name from the protagonist of Alexander Dumas’ book, The Count of Monte Cristo, who took his name from a rock in the Mediterranean Sea between Corsica and Italy, which of course, was named after the Savior of Mankind.  The book was originally published as a sort of serial or “comic book,” and some consider Dumas’ character the forerunner of the modern comic book superhero because he works in the shadows for justice using an enormous fortune and a secret identity.  Unlike modern superheroes, however, the Count is an overtly Christian figure, living at the end of the 18th century in a Catholic Mediterranean Europe that is being threatened by the French Enlightenment in general and Napoleon in particular.  Two centuries later, the spiritual warfare is still very real.

The Grunt is still working on the “enormous fortune” part.  *sigh* But he has at least succeeded in being knighted, with a real saber, during a Holy Mass, as a 3rd degree Knight of Columbus, a Vatican-commissioned holy order not unlike the Knights of Malta or the Templars or Hospitallers, and served in that capacity in charity, if not exactly in comic superhero fashion.

SatCC1As for blogging, that only started seriously in 2010 when Barack Obama canceled the manned space program (Constellation) that Grunt had only just begun working on, thus providing a few months without job or income, making a particularly nice, low-security Christmas. Barack is generous like that. But Grunt’s not bitter. He started paying more attention to conservative news media and bloggers he’d only read casually before, like HillBuzz and iOwnTheWorld and Diogenes and Ann Barnhardt and Western Rifle Shooters. At that time, HillBuzz was in the process of melting down, so Grunt got sucked into the drama that followed, getting to know some of the refugees at HoneyTrail and then the Conservative Treehouse. Eventually, he contributed content, including Photoshop graphics, to a number of sites, including 4GFC (For God, Family and Country), PoliNation, IOTWReport, Diogenes’ Middle Finger, Political Clown Parade, Earl of Taint, Zilla of the Resistance and now, mostly Hardnox and Friends.

Today, Grunt maintains this personal site for his own writing and photoshopping work, but he spends most of his time happily causing trouble on other friends’ sites, particularly the unlucky but wonderful sites with hot button links on the right hand margin.