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Paul Joseph Watson: “It’s Not a Muslim Ban You Virtue Signaling Morons.”


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If You Thought Trump’s Meetings with Obama Were Awkward, Wait Until He Gets to Reminisce with Justin Trudeau About Justin’s Notorious Party Mom

Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant is pretty sure that the “Madame X” Donald Trump describes in his second book is a thinly veiled Margaret Trudeau, notorious party-hound wife of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  Trump’s account, which takes place in the … Continue reading

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So Nice to See WhiteHouse.Gov Back in Adult Hands

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Let Me See If I Got This Straight, Josh

We can’t trust the Czar of Russia to speak his mind without being told what to say, but we can still totally believe this ironclad document, along with everything else Barack’s told us.  I think I’m getting the picture…

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It’s the Most Wonderful Video from TruthSeeker for Christmas!

This awesome, stupendous Christmas video from Dana Kamide at Truth Seeker comes to us from long time blogger of brilliance, Vladimir Solaratov. Thanks, Sol! Let the Trump bells ring! Looks like it was pulled.  Probably for violating copyright or for … Continue reading

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Hunter Shoots Rainbow Unicorn; Social Media Goes Insane

Idea for graphic: Lone Star Parson.  Also, cross-posted at his blog.

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As the European Establishment is Panicked by Trump, a Renewed Populism Blossoms

On this first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the increasingly angry people of European nations have had enough of their mostly-unelected, globalist, fascist overlords.  And contrary to what we mostly hear in the American press, the election of Donald … Continue reading

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