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Veteran Rap: Only Kind of Rap I Can Tolerate

And the only kind of cooking show! Advertisements

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This Lying Clown Was Almost Our Veep

This is the kind of relentless, obtuse, diversionary untruth that we will continue to deal with until the Democrat Party is replaced with an honorable alternative. Meanwhile, plenty of fake news to go around…

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The POTUS Is Revolting

I would use stronger language, but I agree with Wayne Allyn Root’s assessment of our pathetic President. Mr. President, You Disgust Me – by Wayne Allyn Root via Breitbart I’ve known for eight long years what a poor excuse for … Continue reading

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Amy Shumer Prefers to be Praised in the Company of Only Skinny Gun Control Advocates

Gruntington Post – When comedienne, feminist and gun control advocate Amy Shumer was praised for being “inspiring” in Glamour Magazine’s Plus-Size issue, alongside actress Melissa McCarthy and singer Adele, she was less than pleased.  She posted the following remark on Instagram … Continue reading

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Vox’s Pathetic Propaganda on Gun Violence Gets the Crowder Treatment

Proving once again that if there’s data out there that can be tortured and misused using cute graphics to prove the opposite of what it really shows, Vox is up to the challenge.

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How Will Obama’s Imminent Action on Guns Go Over (With Public Compliance on His Other Actions at All Time Low)?

According to White House Communications Director Jen Psaki, reported by, President Obama will take action on significant gun restrictions in a matter of “weeks not months,” even though such actions have already been rejected by Congress. She mused that … Continue reading

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Media Buzz Phrase of the Day for Roseburg is ‘Divided Community’

That’s how they’re spinning the fact that President Obama is profoundly unwelcome in Roseburg, Oregon as he attempts to push gun control there over the still-not-completely-cold bodies of the “Roseburg Nine.” Heh. That’s how the LA Times describes the fact … Continue reading

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