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Hollywood Meltdown Gets Real: Joss Whedon Goes Full Psycho

Really, Joss? Sociopath much? I guess love’s done trumping hate with you broad-minded liberals, huh? This came up on Twitter last night, and this morning, Breitbart covered it along with the social media blowback. But, in my view, Whedon’s worse … Continue reading

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Cultural Appropriation Alert: How Come Alicia Keys Gets to Wear a Turban?

Having been made newly aware of the horrible crimes being committed by people stealing cultural treasures from other ethnic groups by reading shitty valuable authors like Yasmin Abdel-Magied, I was duly shocked to watch The Voice tonight and see Alicia … Continue reading

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Thinking Bad: Bryan Cranston on Obama’s “Qualities”

Breitbart News – Actor Bryan Cranston will vote for Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential race because he agrees with the presumptive Democrat nominee’s “platform” — and thinks her chief rival, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, lacks the presidential qualities … Continue reading

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Natalie Maines: Psycho Chick

Some people are so demented, so removed from reality, that they function as pretty good truth detectors.  If they hate something, you can be pretty sure there’s something good and true about that thing.  Natalie Maines of the alleged musical … Continue reading

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I’m Starting to Worry about Maria Shriver

She’s looking more and more like Steven Tyler.   Or maybe the other way ’round.

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Amy Shumer Prefers to be Praised in the Company of Only Skinny Gun Control Advocates

Gruntington Post – When comedienne, feminist and gun control advocate Amy Shumer was praised for being “inspiring” in Glamour Magazine’s Plus-Size issue, alongside actress Melissa McCarthy and singer Adele, she was less than pleased.  She posted the following remark on Instagram … Continue reading

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St. Leo Converts Yacht to Human Power, Rowed by 300 Female Models, to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Empower Women

His promise to “delay fatherhood” in attempt to save the planet wasn’t cutting it with activists.  But now that he’s got an Oscar, he’s got to “get serious.”

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