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Paul Joseph Watson: “It’s Not a Muslim Ban You Virtue Signaling Morons.”


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Hollywood Meltdown Gets Real: Joss Whedon Goes Full Psycho

Really, Joss? Sociopath much? I guess love’s done trumping hate with you broad-minded liberals, huh? This came up on Twitter last night, and this morning, Breitbart covered it along with the social media blowback. But, in my view, Whedon’s worse … Continue reading

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This Lying Clown Was Almost Our Veep

This is the kind of relentless, obtuse, diversionary untruth that we will continue to deal with until the Democrat Party is replaced with an honorable alternative. Meanwhile, plenty of fake news to go around…

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Read the Hate Closely, And You’ll See Begrudging Respect for Phyllis Schlafly, Even Among Feminists

The awesome woman who dared to resist feminism back when it was really uncool to do so died Monday.  Predictably, even young leftists who had never heard of Phyllis Schlafly happily joined the chorus in celebrating and mocking her death.  I … Continue reading

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If There’s a Way to Parody this Salon Piece on Paul Krugman, I Can’t Imagine It

Above is a screen shot of this article here.  See if you can wrap your head around this epic level of retardedness while sober.

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Vox’s Pathetic Propaganda on Gun Violence Gets the Crowder Treatment

Proving once again that if there’s data out there that can be tortured and misused using cute graphics to prove the opposite of what it really shows, Vox is up to the challenge.

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Plenty Valenti and the Mystery of “Bernie Bro” Sexism

These actual accusations can be found in this bewildering Vox piece that the real Jessica Valenti re-tweeted and totally agreed with, expressing no shame whatsoever.  First three Plenty Valenti episodes here, here and here.  Cross-Posted at Political Clown Parade.

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