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Veteran Rap: Only Kind of Rap I Can Tolerate

And the only kind of cooking show! Advertisements

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Trump Hires Gandalf to Confront the Vast Powers of Darkness Arrayed Against Him

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Bitter, Unfunny, Creepy, Two-Faced, Freedom-Hating, Gun-Grabbing, Feminazi, Democrat Comedy Whore, Amy Shumer, Really Is Pretty Much Hated by Everyone

The crooked politician relative is hers. The photoshopped paint is mine. And Nicki Swift has the commentary from everyone else.

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Islamization of America Update: Airport Chapels Go Full Muzzy

I haven’t been paying much attention to this, because like most travelers, including muslims, I can and do pray wherever I am at the time. So I have never entered an airport “chapel.”  Neither have most people.  There’s a reason … Continue reading

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Five Toxic, Devisive and Thoroughly Un-Presidential Aspects of Obama’s Proclamation for this Black History Month

Barack Obama’s failures as POTUS are becoming legendary.  But none is so unfortunate and full of irony as his failure to racially unite this nation, despite that being the principal promise he was qualified – and elected – to fulfill. Yet, when … Continue reading

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Ted’s Jedi Moves: “These Are Not the Innocent Children You’re Looking For, Morons”

Some of the brighter lights in the lefty media just can’t help themselves. They keep doing stupid, reprehensible things. One might be tempted to conclude that they’re not so bright, after all. But that simply can’t be. Washington Post cartoonist … Continue reading

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How Will Obama’s Imminent Action on Guns Go Over (With Public Compliance on His Other Actions at All Time Low)?

According to White House Communications Director Jen Psaki, reported by, President Obama will take action on significant gun restrictions in a matter of “weeks not months,” even though such actions have already been rejected by Congress. She mused that … Continue reading

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