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Five Toxic, Devisive and Thoroughly Un-Presidential Aspects of Obama’s Proclamation for this Black History Month

Barack Obama’s failures as POTUS are becoming legendary.  But none is so unfortunate and full of irony as his failure to racially unite this nation, despite that being the principal promise he was qualified – and elected – to fulfill. Yet, when … Continue reading

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Voxsplaining Is Hard

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This Is Why You’ll Get a Fist in the Face If You Tell Me to Manage My White Privilege, Asshole

J.R. Dunn [American Thinker] – Like most PC concepts, “white privilege” has never been adequately defined. Quite deliberately so — the idea is to have a concept so elastic and amorphous that it can be stretched to cover any given … Continue reading

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Tragically, Perhaps Fittingly, Harper Lee Personally Hammers the Final Nail in the Coffin of Post-Racial America

After the last (fictional) icon of racial harmony is stricken from our national memory, there’s not much left but the radical race-war narrative, and the actual race war that seems to be the goal of the Left. The event was … Continue reading

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Quote o’ the Day: Kevin D. Williamson

“And nobody in Waco gave any press conferences about the need to understand the legitimate rage of the poor white peckerwood dumbass class.” Kevin D. Williamson, National Review Hat tip: Chrissythehyphenated

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Point-CounterPoint: African-American Privilege

Grunt: We have with us today, two experts on the African American experience in America. We’d like to get to the bottom of the latest discussion point: Are African Americans hogging the limelight when it comes to being the most … Continue reading

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This Place Looks Refreshing

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