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NeverTrump Republicans Were Paid by Soros; It’s a Fact

And they worked hard for it.  Not that George got much for his money from those weasels.  The real question is, what ELSE did he do for them? Right, Ryan, Rubio, Jeb, McCain, Kasich, Graham and others? Matthew Boyle [Breitbart] – … Continue reading

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Satanic Magic Heavy Hitter Hillary Still Having Trouble with Weather Gods in Florida

Background of Florida Rally here.

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Us, If Hillary’s Elected

Minus the swords.  Because, you know, they’ll be illegal.  One guess who the dragon (not pictured) represents in the real world.

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Only a Couple More Months…

Not entirely sure Kenya will take him back, though.

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Advanced Blamestorming

You have to give her credit.  She’s creative and resourceful. She even blamed her own coughing fits on Trump.  Apparently, just thinking about him gives her hairballs.  But she’s not the only one.  Credit: Pretty soon, it will even … Continue reading

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Obama Blows Another Hostage Rescue While Playing Golf

BREITBART and AMI Newswire – A group of Navy SEALS were forced to return from a hostage rescue mission in Afghanistan after President Barack Obama failed to approve their operation while he was on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. According to sources … Continue reading

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Scientists Agree: Barack Obama Has the Temperament to Be a Parasitic Flatworm

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s no Nobel Peace Prize, but Barack Obama has a new honor to brag about. Scientists have named a parasite after him – and there’s no worming out of it. Meet Baracktrema obamai, a tiny parasitic flatworm … Continue reading

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Kiwis Score!

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Wake Up America; This Is Not a Joke

Hillary Clinton’s shocking level of depravity and evil is one of the most well-documented facts on the planet. This is not propaganda. This is a real case that has been reported periodically (but poorly) since the early 1990s. Check it … Continue reading

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Assange Admits that Murdered DNC Staffer, Seth Rich, Was His Source

Are we closer to seeing the Democrat Party revealed as the terror organization it is?  If Assange’s reward results in a lead, and the murder is solved, could we see broad arrests within the party structure?  In Washington, DC, with … Continue reading

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