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Quaerendo Invenietis, Vladimir Solaratov

I had to do just one more post in honor of fellow blogger and soldier Vladimir Solaratov, who passed away earlier this month after living his last few months at the Grunt Ranch in Colorado among friends.  He was sent … Continue reading

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Forget Fidel

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Some Wars Refuse to Pass into Memory

On the eve of Guy Fawkes day, last night, we happened to be watching National Treasure 2, which covers a number of historical events following the bitter War Between the States.  In an early scene set in the back rooms … Continue reading

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Assange: “Trump Won’t Be Permitted to Win”

RT reports that it is “extraordinary” that Hillary Clinton is actually viewed as a “normal” or “acceptable” candidate for President of the United States in light of new proof that she is funded by precisely the same Gulf states (Saudi … Continue reading

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Maybe Smedley Butler Was On to Something; Just Like Trump

I’ve never been an anti-war activist.  Just the opposite, in fact, since my earliest memories were of deep disgust at the venomous anti-war movement during the Vietnam years of the 1960s and early 1970s.  Even a child can understand, after … Continue reading

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Land of the Sheep and the Home of the Knave: Where Our Fearsome Military Aren’t Allowed to Post on Social Media Because Our Genius Leadership Is Afraid of the “JV Team”

Gruntessa and I just got back from a super secret graduation ceremony on the left coast where we got to watch newly minted killing machines being cranked out at places like MCRD and Coronado, where the control tower at Halsey … Continue reading

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Preventing Wars by Not Being Like Hillary

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