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Islamization of America Update: Airport Chapels Go Full Muzzy

I haven’t been paying much attention to this, because like most travelers, including muslims, I can and do pray wherever I am at the time. So I have never entered an airport “chapel.”  Neither have most people.  There’s a reason … Continue reading

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Summer of Gloom

We’re in a very precarious place here in the good ol’ USA.  The outlook is currently mixed, at best.  I think that ultimately we have reason for great optimism, especially if we can depend on miracles, and I am one of … Continue reading

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Myth Confirmed: Everybody Loves Boobs

Wait, what? Even I don’t fully understand this, and I’m an expert on boobs. And, you know, rocket science and stuff. But mostly boobs. Surprise result was that women actually tipped top-heavy baristas at an even higher rate than men … Continue reading

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Our Rocket Scientist-In-Chief

No, really. This issue of Popular Science actually came in the mail today. They really interviewed Barack on the future of science and technology. And he told them. Because he had a real technical job once. Working in a Baskin … Continue reading

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Bad Rabbit

The Earl documents our pain in a way that no one else can. Mooch’s expression here is priceless. This could be a continuing meme-o-the-day. “You traded HOW MANY al Qaeda leaders from Gitmo for a deserter???” We’d never run out … Continue reading

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Even Cristina de Kirchner in Argentina is More Accountable Than This

Valerie Jarrett “doesn’t know” if Hillary ever emailed anyone in the White House. Well, they’re not stupid, and they certainly have a sense of humor, and they’re entertaining, but why are we ALWAYS denied justice when it comes to Democrat criminals … Continue reading

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What Good Is a VP With a Death Wish???

When Joe shows up with a big red hematoma on the side of his face, we’ll know exactly what happened. And it won’t be any big surprise to read about his body being recovered by the Park Service if he … Continue reading

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