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Gotta Respect Tom Brady Taking a Stand for Trump, But I’ll Still Be Snickering About This Image in my Head Today

Was this a complete conversion? If it’s this easy, why don’t they ALWAYS go for the 2 points? In my ignorant view, that conversion girl would not be pregnant.  Watch for yourself.  But if you look at the YouTube comments, … Continue reading

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No Wonder Milo Can’t Appear with Jessica Valenti for Fear He Might Slug Her

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Cecile Richards Hits the Road After a Successful Austin Women’s March

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So Nice to See WhiteHouse.Gov Back in Adult Hands

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Arriving in Palm Springs Friday Night, Barack Finds Out What It Really Means to have Russians Interfere with Your Life

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Forget Fidel

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Satanic Magic Heavy Hitter Hillary Still Having Trouble with Weather Gods in Florida

Background of Florida Rally here.

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