Gotta Respect Tom Brady Taking a Stand for Trump, But I’ll Still Be Snickering About This Image in my Head Today

Was this a complete conversion? If it’s this easy, why don’t they ALWAYS go for the 2 points? In my ignorant view, that conversion girl would not be pregnant.  Watch for yourself.  But if you look at the YouTube comments, the clear, overwhelming majority of comments say it was a terrible call that would not have held up under review.  Still, the refs made the call, and that’s that.  Outstanding game!

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18 Responses to Gotta Respect Tom Brady Taking a Stand for Trump, But I’ll Still Be Snickering About This Image in my Head Today

  1. fredd says:

    There’s gotta be an answer in the NFL to deal with Bellichick and Tom Brady. These guys are in the Big Game year in and year out. I am sick of the Patriots. Sick to death of them.

    What’s up with this? When former Oregon Duck coaching whiz Chip Kelly stormed the NFL by bringing in his furious up-tempo, no huddle offense, opposing NFL coaches figured this out in a matter of weeks. Kelly only went 10-6 his first year at Philadelphia, and things went downhill for Chip after that.

    Why can’t these guys figure out Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? These NFL coaches are the very best minds in the game, and they can’t come up with a way to keep these guys out of the Super Bowl??!!

    What’s up with that?

    Go Falcons. Please, for God’s sake.

    • Amen, Freddo! But as to your big question? I just wish I knew.

      • fredd says:

        And NE just won yet another Super Bowl. Geez.

        • Just drink some more bourbon. That’s what I’m doing. Bourbon is still legal in Illinois, isn’t it? Maybe…?

        • Overwhelming comments on YouTube are saying the falcons blew it by not demanding a review of this call, because it would not have held up. It would have ended there. I think their coach was too green to get in there and demand it. That’s a shame. I think the Falcons deserved to keep this one.

          • I think that the calls were solid. The game could have swung differently based on a number of plays. Atlanta helped the Pats by pulling penalties that allowed some critical first downs. Anyway, I thought that it was a legendary game and Brady is unquestionably the greatest quarterback of all time. 5 Super Bowl wins is no small thing. Pulling his team back from the disastrous first half was nothing short of miraculous.

            • I cannot deny that. Truth is, I think age and skill won out against youth and skill this time. That’s a good thing. After all, if the Falcons couldn’t make their magic last, they don’t deserve the victory. But I stand by my call of that conversion. Touching the edge of the goal line as you are being driven back by the defenders is a humiliation, and not a penetration and not a goal. Apparently the refs were in a giving mood. From the drone view, you can’t tell. But from the ground view, I only see the ball kissing the line. If the refs really saw the ball OVER the line, then fine. And to me, that means the CENTER of the line. I just don’t see it. But you have to ask, why wasn’t that critical call reviewed? Only answer? Because it was Tom Brady. That’s an NFL fact of life that will never change, and so be it. But the Falcons remain robbed.

  2. The Patriots have a lot of continuity and momentum. Both of those things count heavy in creating a winning season.

  3. Guy says:

    Belichick and Brady are known cheaters and nobody besides rabid Patriots fans wants cheaters to win. Anyway, in the end, cheaters get theirs — case in point: Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Matt Ryan and the Falcons can win this thing!

    • And I think they could have won it if it weren’t for a spurt of Falcons injuries coinciding with some nasty violations by the Patriots, including the only double-facemask-from-behind I’ve ever seen, and the worst choke-hold I’ve ever seen. Looked like it should have been fatal. Also, it would have been more satisfying if I understood the FIRST thing about that bizarre 2-point conversion where the ball never BROKE the plane of the goal, but they got awarded the 2 points anyway. WTF was that? They never showed it again?!!?! I don’t know if the Pats are really the cheaters they say, but this was very unsatisfying and unconvincing. At least, to me.

      I mean, awesome and skillful comeback rally. But I’d feel better about it if I didn’t think the back of the Falcons was broken the thug way.

      • Replay the game (without bourbon) and yes, I saw the double face mask uncalled penalty and others by the Falcons – but put an objective view of the whole game. It was as fair as you’re likely to get.

        • Overall, it’s hard to object. You’re right. But in a game where seconds and millimeters count, I expected more convincing to be suitably impressed. You might admit there’s room for argument. No SB, in 51 years, has gone into OT, though many have hinged on a tough call.

  4. I’m not an Atlanta fan, so my lens may be foggy. I traditionally hate all teams from New England based on general principles…however I felt that the Patriots would win the game simply because they would be methodical (which they were) vs the Falcon’s phenomenal explosive nature, which we saw in the first half. The Falcons fell prey to the same “victory disease” that many teams have over the years, but even I felt that they had it in the bag at the half.

    The tipping point for me with the Patriots is that the entire upper management staff and Brady were Trump supporters…at a time when the SF 49ers and others were anti-Trump and it was politically incorrect to like the President. That has nothing to do with game play, but it certainly impacts my view of character as far as that goes.

    There is room for argument on calls, and there were challenges that went to video. That option these days allows the twitchy calls to be viewed with the cold lens of an unblinking camera. Yes, they are limited in number but both sides used them.

    Will Putin keep Kraft’s SB ring if President Trump asks for it back?

    • Heh! You’re very persuasive, Barkeep. I actually have the same feelings/judgment toward both teams. Perhaps I’m just being too emotional about what I thought was a bad call.

      One other good thing about the Pat’s victory is that Barack lost his bet. That, alone, makes me happy.

      • Mike_C says:

        >Barack lost his bet
        I did not know that. Bonus! The afternoon before the game I was waiting for my flight at the airport. Someone started a complaint about the Patriots, which is fine, except the complaint was that “They’ve gone to the Superbowl too many times. They need to give a chance to teams that have never been to the Superbowl!” Because fairness or something. I cheerfully piped up, “Yeah, like the Detroit Tigers!” This was not particularly well received for some reason. Heh.
        *International readers and non sports fans (less than me, I mean, which is barely possible): The Detroit Tigers are a baseball team. The Lions are Detroit’s football franchise.

  5. trailbee says:

    It was only this morning that I found out that the first half was a Libs’ dream. I usually listen in another room to most games, but am there at the finish. Got other things to do than sit and feel my blood pressure bloom. Our waiter at the local eatery was almost in tears about the final outcome. This was actually a politically motivated crowd? How frigging sad!!! We were losing our “winner-loserr” sports contests to the “No violence, please, I participated” crowd, and there is whining because one team repeatedly goes to the Superbowl. It’s about money and how much teams pay for good quarter-backs, etc. The whiners will be happy to know that Tom Brady, like all other QBs before him, has a limited “shelf life” and then the Patriots will, again, be breaking in the entire team with a new QB. And some other team, which is cooling its heels currently, will take the Superbowl as many times as the Patriots. That’s life. Patience. Pence was there, my personal pick for President last year. Life is good. So is this blog. Thank you! 🙂

    • You’re so sweet, Bee! Thank you! And I totally agree with you. It’s a shame everything, including the stupid Bud Light ads, have to be social justice activated. But it was good to see Pence there and see Trump’s team prevail against the Liberals’ wishes. Blessings, Bee!

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