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I Feel Pretty Unprepared

But somehow, my 2 and a half rifles will still be called an ‘arsenal’ if I ever get in trouble for anything.

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Chelsea Clinton Cranks Out a Few More Children’s Books

Because we can’t wait to find more quasi-legal ways to funnel cash to the Clinton Foundation. Somebody at Ace of Spades came up with this brilliance last week. This week, I thought I’d give it a try.

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Cooking Robots Gone Wild!

London-based Moley Robotics has announced that they’ve produced a kitchen robot with a repertoire of 2000 dishes for $14,800. That’s impressive. But, we here at the Grunt Blog prefer to wait until a French or Japanese or Israeli company enters … Continue reading

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Beirut Bombshell: Greatest Threat Facing Mankind Is NOT Global Warming

Nope. Apparently, it’s Israel. Wow, look at all these green countries. Sunni or Shia, it doesn’t seem to matter. The biggest threat they face and the reason that they are all struggling with crushing economic, cultural, technological and environmental failure … Continue reading

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This Asshole Gave Me a Chuckle Today

Gruntessa and I took advantage of a break in the weather today and went for a little drive in the country. When we got back into town, I snapped this photo of some hippy clown’s Hyundai in a parking lot … Continue reading

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For Those Who Gave All

And those still missing, who are known only to God. We honor you, Gentlemen and Ladies. Forever.

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Indy 99: All Eyes Open for Airborne Cars

Being a Hoosier, born and bred, and having worked in the press box overlooking the finish line at the Indy Speedway, it goes without saying that I’ll be watching the 99th running of the race today. If you are so … Continue reading

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Not the Only Mystery

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Quote o’ the Day: Kevin D. Williamson

“And nobody in Waco gave any press conferences about the need to understand the legitimate rage of the poor white peckerwood dumbass class.” Kevin D. Williamson, National Review Hat tip: Chrissythehyphenated

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Gwyneth Paltrow is Wrong about Everything, Especially that Indonesian Douche

Avinash Ramsadeen [Fox News] – Timothy Caulfield, an expert on health law and science policy, is admittedly a pop culture fan, but his new book “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?” rails against celebrity culture and its effect on our … Continue reading

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