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St. Leo Converts Yacht to Human Power, Rowed by 300 Female Models, to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Empower Women

His promise to “delay fatherhood” in attempt to save the planet wasn’t cutting it with activists.  But now that he’s got an Oscar, he’s got to “get serious.” Advertisements

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GOP Insiders Determined to Make Their Suicide a Messy One

With the most popular Republican Presidential candidate (and possibly the top two) in open existential warfare with the GOP leadership, it’s clear that the party, as we know it, will not survive into 2017.  A leadership change is being forced by … Continue reading

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Plenty Valenti and the Mystery of “Bernie Bro” Sexism

These actual accusations can be found in this bewildering Vox piece that the real Jessica Valenti re-tweeted and totally agreed with, expressing no shame whatsoever.  First three Plenty Valenti episodes here, here and here.  Cross-Posted at Political Clown Parade.

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Sometimes, No Lie Detector is Necessary

But it’s fun to watch someone like Hillary Clinton squirm about being asked to make a vow of truthfulness.  Curmudgeon does a pretty good job of mocking the “Ice Cube in Heels” for her recent Scott Pelley interview over at the … Continue reading

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Go Home Twitter; You’re Drunk

Has Twitter Finally Screwed the Pooch? Full-blown Social Justice War has been brewing at Twitter-Incorporated for some time. It heated up considerably a few weeks ago when they hired controversial feminist Anita Sarkeesian to head up their freshly-minted, Orwellian-named “Trust … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Call the Theory Ugly

This morning, over at the Last Refuge, aka The Conservative Treehouse, the Proprietor-Lord Sundance was justly celebrating the demise of the Jeb! Campaign.  And so he should.  The backroom, stogie-chomping, establishment gurus (GOPe) who pushed a clearly unwilling and unenthusiastic … Continue reading

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Our Rocket Scientist-In-Chief

No, really. This issue of Popular Science actually came in the mail today. They really interviewed Barack on the future of science and technology. And he told them. Because he had a real technical job once. Working in a Baskin … Continue reading

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