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State Department Finally Gives (Almost) Four Year Old Benghazi Phone Transcripts to Judicial Watch, and They’re Filled With LIES

Judicial Watch(Washington, DC)– The Obama State Department last week admitted it withheld a key Benghazi email of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from Judicial Watch since at least September 2014. If the State Department disclosed the email when first … Continue reading

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Huma Almost Wept Because She Feared Hillary’s Wrath

Washington Free Beacon – Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin is so devoted to her boss that she almost sobbed upon learning Clinton had to carry her own bag, a Newsweek profile revealed Thursday. “Abedin took her duties so seriously, … Continue reading

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Sorry Ted: I’d Rather Not Fight, But It’s Time That I Switched

The Cruz campaign sticker on my right hand margin came down today. I still love yah, Ted. I think your approach was really what we needed, and your freshly-minted pretend-VP, Carly, made a wonderful speech about taking the country back … Continue reading

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Why Kasich Has Already Won the GOP, and We Just Don’t Realize It Yet

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Molyneux on Colorado Delegate Clusterfrack

Not all conservatives like Molyneux’s work.  But, I think, if you like Bill Whittle, you should consider giving Molyneux a fair hearing.  Stefan and Bill are good friends and often do videos together.  They also both come from a theater and … Continue reading

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If There’s a Way to Parody this Salon Piece on Paul Krugman, I Can’t Imagine It

Above is a screen shot of this article here.  See if you can wrap your head around this epic level of retardedness while sober.

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Ahhhhhhh… Baseball At Last

Warm Sunday afternoon in April.  Coors Field.  Watching the Rockies beat the Padres with my wife and two sons and two brothers and a sister with all their wives and kids, etc.  Drinking a cold beer with my feet up.  Trying … Continue reading

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Trump’s Colorado Complaints May Be Overblown, But Cruz Should Still Be Worried by a Party Machine that Has No Love for Him

The Colorado Republican Party appears to be imploding, with plenty of accusations and weirdness to keep conspiracies theories alive and destroying whatever unity we may have had. The following Twitter controversy adds a bizarre twist to the aftermath of a … Continue reading

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Some Random Star Trek (and Star Wars) Classics Ruined by Grunt for No Good Reason and Without Consulting His Lawyers

Ok, it was for fun.  Just for fun.  So sue me.  

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Colorado GOP ‘Awards’ All 34 Delegates to Cruz, But the Truth May Be More Complex

Gruntington Post [Colorado Springs] – About 8000 party faithful gathered yesterday and today at the Broadmoor World Arena to finish electing delegates to send to the GOP convention in July. Ted Cruz was the only candidate in attendance, and he … Continue reading

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