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The Clinton-Obama Benghazi Night Call is Being Withheld by State

Anybody care to bet a hundred grand or so that this call doesn’t exactly show these two registering appropriate concern for the life of their ambassador in Benghazi and other critical US personnel? Anyone? Fox News – New documents released … Continue reading

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NY Times Proves Again That They’re Filthy, Filthy Sluts

Hypocrisy? Or maybe just cowardice coupled with an absurdly low level of self-awareness? Nope. It’s hypocrisy. Nobody’s that stupid. New York Times Runs ‘Condom Pope’ Image After Refusing to Publish Muhammed Cartoons SooperMexican – If you look up”hypocrisy” in the … Continue reading

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Obama Relays Secret Message to Iran Ahead of Deadline; Powers Caves Completely on Nuke Inspections

Israeli National News – US President Barack Obama recently sent a private message to the Iranian leadership via Iraq’s prime minister, as pressure mounts for the sides to reach a deal over Tehran’s nuclear program by June 30. With just … Continue reading

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Elon Musk’s 44th Birthday Not Going So Well

The man who made his fortune by founding PayPal and once said that he knew as much about rocket science as any engineer who worked for him, is facing fairly flat Champagne tonight at the celebration of his 44th birthday. … Continue reading

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Funny How THIS Flag Can Be Mandated to Fly Over All 50 State Houses

And the US Supreme Court didn’t ask you whether you were deeply offended by it. Strange how that works. Everybody seems so blissed out, but somehow, this doesn’t feel like unity. Screenshot from Daily Caller. No link because the auto-plays … Continue reading

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Praise for Sinning Done Right, Part Deux

Back in 2012, I wrote an essay called Praise for Sinning Done Right, that frankly, got me in a lot of trouble. It wasn’t about praising sin or explaining how to sin. It was merely praise for two people who … Continue reading

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Mexy Has a Point

As the Soopermexican points out, “Isn’t it weird how they feel OK about romanticizing and sexifying a Chechen immigrant who used terror to target Americans, but would never do the same for a white terrorist who attacked black Americans?” Yeah, … Continue reading

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