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Just One More Year…

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The Old Man’s Sax

*[Christmastime Drunk Blogging Warning Level = 5]  God, I miss the Old Man.  More than ever this week.  But I know it’s not random.  I miss him especially because I’m finally getting to take possession of his beautiful French Selmer … Continue reading

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Please, God, Let This Really Be the Last One

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5 Simple Ways to Fix Vox-Dot-Com Headlines to Make Them Truthful and Relevant

It occurred to me while perusing the Vox-Dot-Com Twitter feed, after I had stopped laughing hysterically, that they may not be creating their farcical lie-infested headlines on purpose.  It could be, however unlikely, that they simply just don’t know any … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“It’s fortunate for the left that they are so much more vicious and amoral than us, because apparently viciousness trumps not being retarded.” – Blogger Zhytamyr (with regard to this)

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Christmas Update on Blogger Freedom1781’s Husband’s Injuries

Back in November, I wrote here and at PoliNation about one of our blogger friends whose husband needed prayers after a tragic and life-threatening fall.  He had been helping a neighbor on a high roof under wet conditions and slid off … Continue reading

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Never Did Get the Christmas Card I Really Wanted This Year

That would be this one right here.

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Twas the Night After Christmas, and It’s All Hit the Fan

Some of us are just waking up from sleeping off our Christmas Eve hangovers and we’re noticing that our government has not been idle while we’ve been celebrating, and as usual, they’ve been up to no good. Latest revelation from the … Continue reading

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Behold a Child Is Born

There’s been no time for posting recently, and for that I apologize.  Mostly this has been due to work, but one joyful reason for my silence has been the birth of a brand new baby boy into our family – … Continue reading

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Ted’s Jedi Moves: “These Are Not the Innocent Children You’re Looking For, Morons”

Some of the brighter lights in the lefty media just can’t help themselves. They keep doing stupid, reprehensible things. One might be tempted to conclude that they’re not so bright, after all. But that simply can’t be. Washington Post cartoonist … Continue reading

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