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Just One More Year…


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The Old Man’s Sax

*[Christmastime Drunk Blogging Warning Level = 5]  God, I miss the Old Man.  More than ever this week.  But I know it’s not random.  I miss him especially because I’m finally getting to take possession of his beautiful French Selmer … Continue reading

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Please, God, Let This Really Be the Last One

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5 Simple Ways to Fix Vox-Dot-Com Headlines to Make Them Truthful and Relevant

It occurred to me while perusing the Vox-Dot-Com Twitter feed, after I had stopped laughing hysterically, that they may not be creating their farcical lie-infested headlines on purpose.  It could be, however unlikely, that they simply just don’t know any … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“It’s fortunate for the left that they are so much more vicious and amoral than us, because apparently viciousness trumps not being retarded.” – Blogger Zhytamyr (with regard to this)

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Christmas Update on Blogger Freedom1781’s Husband’s Injuries

Back in November, I wrote here and at PoliNation about one of our blogger friends whose husband needed prayers after a tragic and life-threatening fall.  He had been helping a neighbor on a high roof under wet conditions and slid off … Continue reading

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Never Did Get the Christmas Card I Really Wanted This Year

That would be this one right here.

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