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Merry Christmas Revolutionaries!

We even wish some happiness to those jerky Obamas traveling to Hawaii and forcing hundreds of Secret Service agents to endure the holidays away from their families for the eighth time…  Hope and Change, Folks! We have much to celebrate, but … Continue reading

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Godspeed John Glenn

The last surviving member of the original “Mercury Seven” astronauts, passed away today, December 8, 2016.  John H. Glenn, Jr. was a decorated Lt. Col. in the US Marine corps, flew F-9s and an F-86 in combat during the Korean … Continue reading

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Maybe Mar-a-Lago is Better Than Margaritaville

This was Christian comedian and musician Tim Hawkins’ sly commentary on the 2016 elections about a month ago. He’s pretty careful to stay away from overt party politics, but his past jokes about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton suggest that … Continue reading

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It’s the Most Wonderful Video from TruthSeeker for Christmas!

This awesome, stupendous Christmas video from Dana Kamide at Truth Seeker comes to us from long time blogger of brilliance, Vladimir Solaratov. Thanks, Sol! Let the Trump bells ring! Looks like it was pulled.  Probably for violating copyright or for … Continue reading

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Ugandan Archbishop Has No Idea He Just Made Things Worse for Ugandan Men by Urging Wives to Stop Beating their Husbands

In what Breitbart called “an odd twist,” Ugandan Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has acted on news that Ugandan domestic violence is equally likely to be perpetrated by wives as husbands by issuing a statement to the women of Uganda.  He … Continue reading

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