Godspeed John Glenn

ja2The last surviving member of the original “Mercury Seven” astronauts, passed away today, December 8, 2016.  John H. Glenn, Jr. was a decorated Lt. Col. in the US Marine corps, flew F-9s and an F-86 in combat during the Korean War, where he earned the nickname “Magnet Ass” for getting his planes thoroughly shot up.  The photo at right shows Lt. Col. Glenn with his wife Annie during that time period in the early 1950s.

By the late 1950s, Glenn distinguished himself as a test pilot at the infamous NAS “Pax” River facility in Maryland, eventually earning a fifth Distinguished Flying Cross for his accomplishments in jet aircraft.  It was there that he was recruited as the most prominent and celebrated member of the original Mercury astronauts.  At that time, in 1959, the astronaut corps worked and trained out of the NASA Langley facility on the grounds of Langley Field in Hampton, VA, which was already home to many of the nation’s military test pilots.  The following two photos are of Glenn and a few of the Mercury pilots at Langley Field, involved with some of the engineering work and training early in the program.  In the first photo, Glenn is on the left.



A year after the above photo was taken, Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth aboard Friendship 7 on February 20, 1962.  He circled the Earth three times during a flight lasting almost 5 hours.  Glenn was the third American in space and the fifth human being in space.


John and Annie Glenn with President Kennedy next to the Friendship 7 Capsule


Glenn resigned from NASA in early 1964 to enter politics from his native state of Ohio, and he announced his intention of running for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat.  About a month later, he withdrew his candidacy after suffering a concussion in the bathtub.  Being a devout Presbyterian who had survived one of the most dangerous military and space flight careers without a scratch, probably due to divine intervention, the head injury possibly alerted Glenn that God clearly didn’t want any more democrats in the Senate.  Nevertheless, he recovered and persisted, and he ended up serving in the Senate until 1999.

John Glenn achieved many things in his life, but one of the more singular honors was a return to flight aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on the STS-95 mission in 1998 at the age of 77.  He had lobbied NASA for two years to allow him to go back to space as a mission analyst for “geriatric studies.”  He was ultimately granted permission by President Bill Clinton as a favor, basically making it a shameless boondoggle to waste taxpayer money, proving that he really was a natural Democrat, even if a fairly harmless and honorable one.

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Maybe Mar-a-Lago is Better Than Margaritaville

This was Christian comedian and musician Tim Hawkins’ sly commentary on the 2016 elections about a month ago. He’s pretty careful to stay away from overt party politics, but his past jokes about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton suggest that he’s not too upset about the current man on deck for the White House. Besides, the way things are going, we may still get a cheeseburger in every pot, palm trees on the White House lawn and “approval at 100% percent, because the Donald is the President…”

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It’s the Most Wonderful Video from TruthSeeker for Christmas!

This awesome, stupendous Christmas video from Dana Kamide at Truth Seeker comes to us from long time blogger of brilliance, Vladimir Solaratov. Thanks, Sol! Let the Trump bells ring!

Looks like it was pulled.  Probably for violating copyright or for ‘targeting’, right YouTube? What a bunch of sore losers.



This is truly the celebratory tone among the armed forces this Christmas.  According to our Marine son, who slept in a foxhole on bivouac last night, using ancient equipment, drinking out of a canteen that had mold from last century in it, running on 1 hour of sleep, he claimed that his fellow Marines are euphoric that they now have a CinC who wants to stand with them.  The appointment of General Mattis has left them punch drunk with happiness.  Our son had been pushing for Mad Dog Mattis to run for President last year.  But now, he’s getting very used to the idea of having Donald Trump in that office and America being Great again.

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Ugandan Archbishop Has No Idea He Just Made Things Worse for Ugandan Men by Urging Wives to Stop Beating their Husbands


In what Breitbart called “an odd twist,” Ugandan Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has acted on news that Ugandan domestic violence is equally likely to be perpetrated by wives as husbands by issuing a statement to the women of Uganda.  He admonished wives to stop beating their husbands, saying they “should love and respect them” rather than hitting them.

Things may have turned out better for Ugandan men had the Archbishop stopped there, but he continued, making the worst possible misstep.  We’re not making this up.

Do you want to take over power from men in your families? I think you want to challenge God who tells us that men are the heads of the family.  Stop torturing the innocent servants of God.  There is no need for you to behave like some people we are seeing nowadays in the country who are merciless.

As this statement was televised, men around the city of Kampala were leaving work, and were able to see it spoken on lobby monitors.  They were seen to immediately turn around and return to their offices, perhaps to sleep there for the night.  Those who had stopped by lounges and bars also caught the announcement on the bar screens, and stared open-mouthed as the bishop criticized their wives, some dropping their beers and cocktails on the floor.  The sound of breaking tumblers and pilsner glasses was deafening, and almost drowned out the sound of cursing.


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Hillary Spotted in Trump Tower


She’s not moving as fast as she used to.  Whoa!  Good thing she didn’t trip over the kitty scratching post they thoughtfully put in the lobby by the elevators.  Apparently, Trump Towers is animal friendly.  Who knew?!  Say, that scratching post dummy looks familiar…


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Forget Fidel


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This Lying Clown Was Almost Our Veep

This is the kind of relentless, obtuse, diversionary untruth that we will continue to deal with until the Democrat Party is replaced with an honorable alternative.

Meanwhile, plenty of fake news to go around…


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