This IS the Evil Wrought by Gun Control

If she had a nice .380 in the kitchen cabinet like a normal woman, her poor husband would not be working his way through trauma therapy right now. He might be dead, but that’s preferable to being stabbed with a squirrel. Everybody knows that.

From the comments, no word on whether it was merely a typical demon squirrel,
Or a full-on squirrel-wraith of Mordor. Courtesy of Proof.

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Dr. Rand Paul Prepares His Staff for a Surprise Patient

And from the comments, some pushback from PETA…

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This Dude at IKEA Is My New Hero

This is EXACTLY like me and my poor wife when we’re shopping. And she totally deserves it for taking me. But she can’t divorce me! Pope says so. :D

I think this is also what Diogenes meant when she said that men can be “mildly entertaining” at times, in a comment on Curmudgeon’s blog.

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Lois Lerner’s Dog Sent Emails Conducting IRS Business

You know, those emails that referred to Republicans as ‘Crazies?’ Didn’t another government official use that same word to describe Republicans recently? Oh yeah, the President of the United States. By the way, this is NOT satire.

Toby Miles - IRS Official, Republican hater, relaxing on vacation on Long Island.

Toby Miles – IRS Official, Republican hater, relaxing on vacation on Long Island.

Independent Sentinel – The Obama administration’s political agenda, and the personal politics of IRS employees, including Lerner, impacted how the IRS did its job. The IRS targeted Obama’s political opponents and they did it surreptitiously. Lois Lerner had another email account she used to conduct business and she kept it secret from the public and possibly the IRS.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson conducted official business under her dog’s name, Richard Windsor and Hillary likely has another server, in fact, she admitted that information on the professionally wiped server was migrated over. Hillary said it’s done all the time.

The latest comes from the very arrogant, snide Lois Lerner who apparently had another email account in the name of her dog, Toby. A colleague said one of her dogs is named Toby.

Naming an account after a dog is a very cynical play, it’s like sneering at the public.

If you’ll remember, she is the IRS agent who described Tea Party people a**holes and crazies. She said Republicans are evil and dishonest as if she were one to talk.

Back at ya’ Lois.

Lerner's other dog, Maise, was not completely on board with the program.

Lerner’s other dog, Maise, was not completely on board with the program.

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Maybe They Need Another Vacation?

The Obamas are finally back from Martha’s Vineyard, and everyone looks rested and happy… Well, at least the Marine One honor guard is going to a happier place. With the economy and the stock market tanking today and the world falling apart, I can’t say I don’t envy him a little.
Original, unaltered photo stolen from Comrade Whoopie over at BlurBrain. No faces were altered in this classic image of family vacation bliss.

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Barack’s World, Safer Than Ever, Proof #347: NorK Forces Are Shelling South Korean Troops Today Near the Chinese Border

SEOUL, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) — Forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) shelled South Korean troops in the western border with the DPRK, Yonhap News Agency reported Thursday citing the military.

President Obama had no comment. There are no press allowed on the golf courses of Martha’s Vineyard. Hat tip: Yitzchak from the Israeli Little Duckies Blog.

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Ben Carson Performs First Involuntary Brain Transplant

Still anonymous Bad Lip Reading dude seems to have received a mouse brain. At his own home. While tied up and sedated. Local sheriff says no charges filed. Action was ‘justified.’
Gruntington Post (Satire) – Shortly after releasing the Bad Lip Reading video for the recent GOP debate, the anonymous man behind the popular videos, who has nonetheless been interviewed by a few publications, was found by neighbors resting comfortably at home in Nashville after apparently being the world’s first successful – and involuntary – brain transplant recipient.

Davidson County Sheriff Ron Blurthy told the Gruntington Post that neighbors observed Dr. Ben Carson, who is also a GOP candidate for President of the United States, knock on Mr. BLR’s door early this morning. When he answered, Dr. Carson shoved an ether-soaked rag in Mr. BLR’s face and proceeded to prep him for surgery right there on the front porch. “Aside from periodic re-application of the ether rag, he performed the whole operation without anesthesia,” said long-time neighbor Amanda Richardson. “And I can’t say I blame him. Have you seen the video? It makes all the debaters look pretty silly, but what he did with Dr. Carson was just mean. He was lucky to get a mouse brain, frankly. I think he probably deserved something more of the invertebrate variety. But Dr. Carson is just like that. He always gives more than people expect.”

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