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Googled ‘Stone Idol Statues of Michelle Obama’; Was Not Disappointed

Actually, I started out with these amusing chessmen I saw over at the good Stoat Weasel’s place.  The shocked faces on the king and knights made me think that they’d seen a ghost.  Or maybe something worse, like Michelle Obama naked.
That’s when I started snooping around for something appropriate.  Despite what you might think, I was not disappointed at all.  This is apparently a real carving by some weird, misguided American citizen.  At least it’s patriotic.  I think.  Maybe they should put it up in a public square like those naked statues of Trump that have been popping up lately?  Heh.  Just kidding.  Don’t want to cause any panics.
With the bird in the hair, it also bears a bit of a resemblance to Radagast the Brown from the Hobbit movies.  There’s more…
Oh my.
At least in this last one, Michelle is being portrayed being useful to Barack.  After all, nobody believes he’s ever quit smoking, and she needs to be good for something besides going on luxury vacations with her mother at public expense.
Actually, this could be one of the best looking photos of Michelle I’ve ever seen.
Now, why would THIS come up on Google in a Michelle Obama search?  Interesting…

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Advanced Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training

Terry shows us the best methods for defending against walking-braindead liberals still left behind after they cause total civilizational collapse.  Remember, they may be dumb and clueless about their role in bringing about the end of the World, but don’t think for a minute that they’d have the decency to leave us alone after that happens.  So, make like a boy scout and be prepared!

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Wake Up America; This Is Not a Joke

Hillary Clinton’s shocking level of depravity and evil is one of the most well-documented facts on the planet.

This is not propaganda. This is a real case that has been reported periodically (but poorly) since the early 1990s. Check it out for yourself here and in other places.  Then vote against this evil in November.  Please.


Kathy Shelton, 1975


Kathy Shelton, today

Hat tip: Woodsterman for the video.

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What If the Backlash from the Horrors of Postmodernism Produces a New Golden Era?

It’s said that nothing is certain.  And most of the time, that’s meant as a gloomy prognostication.  But sometimes, that turns out to be a good thing.  Sometimes, inexplicably, entropy doesn’t increase.  Sometimes, things get better and more organized, despite our best efforts to botch things up.  Sometimes, dictators are toppled, the Berlin Wall falls and polar bears overpopulate against the predictions of the great and the wise among us.  Thank God for that.

If history is an indication, the human condition is never a constant gray for very long, though it’s been rather constant and grayish for quite a long time here in the Postmodern era.  We know that things get very black at times, such as in times of widespread war.  Other times, the culture shines very brightly, indeed.

I don’t mean to go deeply into this question – only to pose it thoughtfully, for your consideration.  For I have a sense, intuitively, that the horrid grayness that reigned last century in the form of totalitarian regimes in the East and the relentless tyranny of globalism and political correctness in the West, may be coming to an end.  I think that people are finally reaching a flashpoint, and they’re ready to rebel.  I believe Brexit was the first solid sign of this in Europe, and I believe that the election of the Good Pirate, Donald Trump, as President of the United States, will be the clincher here in the States.

Rebellion does not automatically result in good times, of course.  More often the opposite. And there may likely be war before there’re good times.  But I feel that both may be our lot in the near future.  We’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve the good times after all.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  But God, in his mercy, only periodically gives us exactly what we deserve, which is war, famine, pestilence and death.  Other times, he gives us what he wants us to have, which is glorious happiness.  I feel it coming.  I can taste it.

And sometimes, little signs appear.  Signs that people are finally tired of socialists and  shitty music and lying media and political con-men and forced Sharia law and feminist bullshit and safe spaces and gun-free zones.  The Trump phenomenon is a good sign.  A very good sign.  That’s only just beginning, I think.  I’m especially encouraged by signs that the culture might be longing for a new golden era.  After all, real progress means going in the right direction.  Even if that means looking back a little.

Big fedora hat tip to the Lonely Libertarian, Angel, who put me onto the Postmodern Jukebox folks.  These guys really are addictive.

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She’s Tough, All Right


And after a few Diazepam injections, she’s even a little lifelike…


Hat tip to Dianny for the cartoon.

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Bitter, Unfunny, Creepy, Two-Faced, Freedom-Hating, Gun-Grabbing, Feminazi, Democrat Comedy Whore, Amy Shumer, Really Is Pretty Much Hated by Everyone

The crooked politician relative is hers. The photoshopped paint is mine.

And Nicki Swift has the commentary from everyone else.

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