Bi-Polar Barry Again Shows Us the One Group He’s Willing to Act Decisively Against: Americans


He waited only long enough to find out that the Colorado Springs shooter wasn’t black or Muslim before calling for immediate action on gun control.  Meanwhile, he rejects 75% of ISIS targets, refuses to hit ISIS oil production and is willing to unilaterally force immigration upon us from the riskiest place on the planet, despite overwhelming public resistance.  Because once again, Barry’s ideas are so good for us, they have to be implemented by force.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us all be grateful that our very lives don’t depend on this joker! Oh, right.  Heh.  Uh, well then, let us be grateful for good company and living dangerously!  Salud!
122767_600Thanksgiving Warning

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PCP Blogger Curmudgeon Apparently Involved in Brief Road Rage Incident and Shooting in Florida Beach Town; No Injuries

New Smyrna Beach,FL [SATIRE] – Local law enforcement authorities attempted to contact representatives of the Political Clown Parade Blog Monday afternoon in order to vouch for a woman they had in custody claiming to be the founder and owner of that political commentary web site.  No contact was made until Wednesday because the woman, identified by the alias “Curmudgeon,” had left 2 bloggers in charge of operations with access to the liquor storage cabinets, and it took several days for them to be able to answer questions coherently.
Curmudgeon was being held pending investigation of a road rage incident that happened near the center of the New Smyrna Beach community Monday morning. Police determined that she was heading to the beach with her dog “Sophie” when she was passed by a Ford SUV driven by a Florida man who took offense from her multiple Alabama Crimson Tide stickers and made an obscene gesture. This resulted in gunfire from Curmudgeon’s vehicle that shattered all the glass in the Ford, destroying several Proud Florida Democrat and Florida Gators stickers, but otherwise caused no injuries.

After vouching for Curmudgeon and collecting a $96 littering fine, police released her Wednesday. Her actions were deemed justified under the Florida “Show Your SEC Pride” law, and both teams, Alabama and the Gators, are currently at the top of their respective divisions, which is required for that law to take effect.

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The Wages of Stupidity

2014122707putin-pThat would be: Humiliation and Death, in that order.  Let’s not be naive, America.  We will get both those things, in our turn, as the direct result of our stupidity in bringing our current leadership to power.  Right now, Europe and Syria are experiencing most of the death, but our fate has already been sealed.

Today marked a huge step forward in that direction.  We already have enough ISIS sympathizers who hate America within the borders of our country to guarantee that more of our buildings will fall and more blood will be spilt on our soil by “Allahu Akbar”-shouting retards.  We are already in a de facto war with China – one made worse every day as our President sends B-52s (of all things, the planes that deliver nuclear ordnance) over China’s man-made islands for some inscrutable reason or no reason at all.  We will soon find ourselves in a not-so-cold war with Russia because of our insane actions in the Middle East.  Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge points out why today’s events are much more than a conflict between Moscow and Ankara:

So just to be clear on what’s happened here in case the gravity of the situation is somehow lost on anyone, a NATO member from whose airbase the US is flying combat missions, just shot down a Russian fighter jet and the US-backed, al-Qaeda aligned FSA has released not one, but two videos depicting their fighters dancing over the body of a dead Russian pilot while shouting “Allahu Akbar” and holding up the “we’re number one” hand signal.

But that’s not all.  Mere hours from when these disgusting videos were released by our “allies” and probably viewed repeatedly by Putin until he could shoot blood out of his eyes, Syrian rebels shot down a Russian helicopter using a US-made missile that we gave them.

Meanwhile the man who has got us into this mess is crowing about going forward with a climate change summit in Paris, as if that will save the world.  He should probably pay some attention to those who are calling today a Sarajevo Moment of the Next World War.  We have more to fear now than just pegging the absurdity meter in our national dialogue.  We have wages to collect, Brothers and Sisters.  Not because we’re evil.  We’re not.  It’s because we’re stupid.

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Russian PM Medvedev: ISIS Is Strong, and It’s Your Fault, Barack

If actions speak louder than words, maybe the American public should get a hearing test, because Barack Obama’s actions have begun to draw some serious accusations from around the world, and the public has been slow to acknowledge the gravity of it. The President has recently been blamed from several sides for no less than the very existence of ISIS, for its robustness, for actively protecting them and for importing them to the US.  This is unprecedented territory.

But it’s not a conspiracy theory, and it’s not much of a secret.  Just today, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev openly accused Obama’s administration of being directly – and uniquely – responsible for the rise of ISIS:  “The Islamic State has grown strong due to the irresponsible policy of the United States.” This is hardly a new thought as evidenced here, here and here:

Also today, Politico reported on Obama in Malaysia blaming Republicans, and it expended a great deal of effort to reach out to the President and tell him he needs to change his strategy against ISIL/ISIS.

The Earl of Taint had an interesting one-paragraph summary of the President’s Malaysia statement, entitled Obama Says Ignore ISIL and It Will Go Away:

[He] Vows to employ “every aspect of American power” to destroy the non-islamic “killers with good social media” that you needn’t worry about because they’re a fantastic nothingburger of importance standing on the wrong side of history and we have better ideas. Also being afraid that they might murder our children only encourages them to murder our children so let’s take a breath and remain true to the values we all hold dear, kiss the rattlesnakes on the lips and ignore the occasional setbacks.

Meanwhile, the entire country of Belgium is on lockdown, and its citizens are being told to “stay at home” because their safety cannot be guaranteed in the face of “concrete” threats. Obama’s own State Department has warned Americans to stay away from the Vatican entirely because of the imminent threat of bombings. This is ignorable??? This is being blown out of proportion, Barack?

Here at home this weekend, national security expert Fred Fleitz called the administration’s assurances about its Syrian immigration activities “outright false” and “lies.” The Administration claims it is moving forward on its ambitious immigration plan for Syrian refugees out of compassion, but it is simultaneously engaged in action to deport specifically Christian refugees on several other fronts. Your words speak, but actions speak louder, Mr. President. What are you really trying to accomplish here? It doesn’t seem to have much to do with America’s security. Where I come from, there’s a particular word for an official who ignores the safety of those he is sworn to protect and seeks only to benefit their enemies.

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Who Wants to Dri-i-ive Those Priuses?

Tim Hawkin’s climate change version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird.  It never gets old.

And a Tim Hawk Guitar Meltdown bonus: Even as a (lousy) sound engineer, it took me a while to figure out what he was doing with his new toy.

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Islamic Scholar, Hillary Clinton, Demonstrates FGM at CFR to Prove that Muslims Are Really A-OK



Backstory here.

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