Another Grunt Innovation: Fishnet Sudoku

Here at that Grunt Ranch, we never stop innovating. Or shamelessly ripping off our other blogger friends. That’s why we’ve stolen Diogenes’ Fishnet Friday and made it even better! By making it into a challenging puzzle in very attractive packaging. Here is her original:
And here’s the puzzle:
Go ahead, give it a try. It’s just a little warped, and none of the lines are straight, but that’s one of the wonders of fishnet stockings. They help illustrate the glorious curves that God made women out of. I’ll probably publish the solution tomorrow, unless somebody actually completes it and sends me the solution. It could be worth it. The prize is beer, and all you have to do to collect it is be somewhere in the vicinity of Denver. Limited time offer. Additional random rules apply.

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Obama Mocked Ruthlessly on Twitter for Claiming Gun laws Work, After Chicago Racks Up 98 Shootings in Last Two Weekends

During the night, Twitchy came up with some great Twitter responses to President Obama’s ridiculous claim about the efficacy of gun laws in the wake of the Oregon shooting.

Stephen Hayes, of the National Review and Fox News, led the charge.

But it’s not over. POTUS has nothing to do tomorrow but make stuff up about the Oregon shooting before his briefing scheduled for 1pm Eastern. So, be prepared for more hilarity.

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Mocking Hillary’s Epic Uselessness Becoming a National Sport

For the Record: FUBAR is a widely used acronym among American Troops during WW2 that stood for “F&#ked Up Beyond All Recognition.” It has never lost relevance and shows up frequently to this day in military humor, history books, technical jargon, and across all popular culture. You know, the kinds of things you’d expect a candidate for President of the United States to be aware of.

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GOP Leadership Squanders Perfect Moment; Will NEVER Defund Planned Parenthood

Brent Bozell, in his Fox News piece today put it fairly well. “There’s no pretty way of putting this.” When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that conservatives need to be patient and that the time is still not right, there can be no other conclusion except that he has no intention of ever voluntarily voting to stop giving taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood.
How do we know this? Easy. Just imagine what could possibly make the situation more ripe for doing so – right now. A mere few months ago, no one could have imagined the complete and total havoc wrought on the reputation of Planned Parenthood by seemingly endless undercover tapes showing PP officials swigging wine and gloating about making a fortune selling intact baby parts that could only be obtained by harvesting in illegal (and horrific) ways. PP CEO Cecile Richards has been publicly forced to admit embarrassing things in front of Congress that strip virtually any remaining legitimacy from the organization.

What else could we possibly be waiting for? What science fiction writer-on-amphetamines could come up with anything more compelling? The answer, of course, is ‘nothing.’

They’ve had one job that was a no-brainer for 40 years. One job that could surely be done with good conscience even if nothing else on the conservative agenda got done. Instead, zip, zilch, nada.

They’ve made themselves immoral and useless. It’s time for us to make them extinct. Please vote for a Tea Party extremist next year, instead of a RINO.

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Resignation of Deputy Asst. SecDef Evelyn Farkas In Midst of Syria Crisis is the Most Frightening News of the Year

“Farkas had no comment Tuesday.” This is the way Politico described the lack of public statements by Dr. Evelyn Farkas yesterday when it was announced by the Pentagon that she would be resigning from her post as top Russian expert serving Barack Obama’s current Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, after Obama “pushed out” Chuck Hagel following his urging of “a stronger American response to Russia’s aggression.”

Farkas is a veteran defense policy expert on Russia and Europe, and she has been one of the most knowledgeable and essential US officials in the continuing standoff with Russia over Ukraine. There is a lot of additional background on Farkas in this Breitbart article.
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Pentagon Downplays Significance of Taliban Taking Over All of Afghanistan Last Night

WASHINGTON, D.C.[DuffelBlog] — Following the Taliban’s complete takeover of Afghanistan late last night, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook noted in an early morning press briefing that the Pentagon remains “generally positive” about the war effort and that “there is minimal cause for concern.”

“That’s how things go in a protracted counterinsurgency,” Cook told reporters. “You face some minor setbacks regardless of how many troops lose their lives or how many billions of taxpayer dollars are spent equipping local defense forces incapable of defending their own country.”

After the Taliban overran Afghan forces in Helmand earlier this year and took over the city of Kunduz this week, sources say the Obama Administration and many senior defense officials seemed surprised that major media outlets expressed even the slightest bit of interest in a war over a decade old.

At Central Command in Tampa, Fla., Gen. Lloyd Austin — who oversees forces in the region — assured reporters there was little cause for concern.

“We’ve seen this time and time again,” Austin said. “This modest spike in Taliban attacks shows that our strategy is working. These massive coordinated attacks are merely the death throes of an insurgent movement.”

Read the whole satire article at the Duffel Blog.

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Putin Asserts Middle East Dominance at UN; Snubs Weaker Obama

Telegraph/UK – Vladimir Putin snubbed Barack Obama and revived Russia’s historic role in the Middle East on Monday by calling for a new “broad coalition” to fight Isil based on co-operation with the Assad regime, report Richard Spencer, Harriet Alexander in New York and Roland Oliphant in Moscow.
In his long-awaited speech at the United Nations, the Russian president fiercely attacked American policy in Syria and around the world and criticised the West for “exporting social experiments” in the form of democratic revolutions, which he blamed for the Middle East crisis. Read the rest at the Telegraph.

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