Reminder: Not Everybody Launders Extortion Cash Via Speaking Fees

Duh.  Does Goldman-Sachs really think Hillary speeches are worth $675,000?  Because that’s what we’re supposed to believe.  Her fresh-faced daughter, as an executive of the Clinton Foundation, is just doing her job as part of the crime family.


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Five Toxic, Devisive and Thoroughly Un-Presidential Aspects of Obama’s Proclamation for this Black History Month


Barack Obama’s failures as POTUS are becoming legendary.  But none is so unfortunate and full of irony as his failure to racially unite this nation, despite that being the principal promise he was qualified – and elected – to fulfill.

Yet, when Barack Obama leaves office early next year, he will leave this country more racially divided than it’s been since the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s.  By all accounts in all camps across racial lines, this is undeniable, and the reasons are all laid out in his long-winded Presidential Proclamation reaffirming February, 2016, again, as African American History Month.  The full text is printed below the fold, but here are the five ways that this statement proves Barack Obama could never do anything but divide America racially.

There’s NO EXIT STRATEGY:  Like all good Progressives, he claims much “progress.”  But the entire tone of his statement is one of endless struggle.  He even refers to slavery as “our Nation’s original sin.”  Like in Orwell’s 1984, “challenges persist,” forever.  This war is never going to end, and it is never meant to end.  Why?  Because then we won’t need Progressives any more.  While they are in charge, there will never be honest talk of a post-racial America, which was Dr. Martin Luther King’s real dream.  Yet this implication of endlessness is a horrific deceit.  Americans just elected a black President TWICE.  With only 13% of the population, it was not only black Americans who did this.  Leaving us with no end in sight makes this lie the most toxic aspect of this disgusting statement.

Outrageous Blame-Storming:  The single example given for how our nation remains rigged unfairly against blacks is the fact that they are disproportionately represented in the nation’s prisons.  This much is true.  And Barack takes credit for reducing, by extra-legal methods, this number every year of his tenure.  But the truth he neglects is that blacks overwhelmingly commit the most crime in this country, and that percentage has grown while he’s been in office, partly due to increased urban anarchy that he has encouraged.  That tragedy is not make-believe.  That problem exists, and Barack completely neglects (see next item) to address any aspect of it in this statement.  But worst of all, he completely blames this problem on the pervasive racism and unfairness of our criminal justice system that is STILL in desperate need of “reform!”  Did you get that?  Almost all those black men are in prison because of our persistent racism!  Americans really suck, don’t we?

Outrageous Denial:  The elephant in the room does not get mentioned.  Though he takes credit for springing more blacks from prison, and healthcare gains among blacks, he neglects to mention the shameful degradation of moral leadership in black communities that can only be traced to the influence of Progressives.  The fact remains that during the era of Civil Rights, fatherlessness among blacks was around 7%.  It is now in excess of 50%, and that number has increased while Barack Obama has been President.  Has he addressed this tragedy in which he is uniquely positioned to provide leadership?  He has not.  And there is zero mention of it, even in the form of moral encouragement, in this statement, even though studies consistently link fatherlessness to crime among all young men, regardless of race.

Temptation to Bash All Southerners Is Not Resisted:  A little restraint here would have been appreciated, in light of the horrendous cultural upheaval going on across the American South, where activists are demanding that any historical trace of the Old South be swept away immediately.  Statues are coming down, flags are dropping and names are changing.  It’s like the plantations are being burned all over again.  But in his statement, Obama could not resist talking about post-war blacks, “bound by the chains of slavery” that “broke free and headed North.”  Wonderful.  That’s not exactly what happened, since the majority of freed slaves stayed in the south.  But Barack makes it clear in his statement that, even today, the American South is an accursed place that is only fit to flee from.  Got it.  Thanks for the sensitivity, Boss.

Shameful Bragging and Pandering:  It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that a politician like Barack Obama might use a cultural proclamation like this to shamefully brag about his accomplishments, tell all African Americans to not forget to “vote” (wink, wink), and to lie about his horrifying legacy that has increased the poverty of all Americans, but especially those of color.  That’s because he can’t help himself.  What a dick.

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Sorry to See You Drop, Rand

But maybe some of the others who should be gone will take the hint now.


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Ahem. So Much for EthanolGate and VoterNoticeGate



Original Geller tweet here.  Geraghty tweet here.

Meanwhile, this is a very gracious 2nd place acceptance speech from Trump.

But the really happy news?


Oh, my…


Bet THIS really hurts…


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Crowder’s Gun Show Loophole Video Is Obama-Lie-Exposing Gold

Sure, it was fun watching Barack squirm at the town hall event this month when he struggled to keep a straight face as he lied profusely about how Chicagoans were loading up trucks with guns easily bought at Indiana gun shows. Even he knows how absurd that is. He clearly still needs to take some lying lessons from Hillary Clinton. But watching Steven Crowder take Barack’s words at face value at actual gun shows and dealers is a whole lot more fun.  Of course, all the background characters chiming in with opinions about “that shithead in the White House” and so forth is pretty entertaining as well.

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NASA Remembers Challenger, Columbia in New Exhibit at KSC


Thirty years ago, today, the loss of STS-51L (Challenger) shocked the nation.  But it was not the last such loss.  Years later, STS-107 (Columbia) broke up on reentry over Texas, with all hands lost.  Since last summer, NASA has honored their memories with a new, permanent exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida called “Forever Remembered.”  It contains many of the physical artifacts of the lost space vehicles and crews.

Dianny Russell has a wonderful tribute over at Patriot Retort, and she reminisces about where she was when she heard the news 30 years ago.  I remember that I was with my wife, listening to the TV news while she was helping me type up a report on wind tunnel tests at Purdue University where I was studying to be an astronaut.  Well, that didn’t happen, but that doesn’t diminish the gratitude we feel for the men and women who were lost blazing the trail into space.  Godspeed, Gentlemen and Ladies.  We won’t forget.

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Never Go Full Krugman

The financial geniuses at the New York Times are puzzled over what they call the “Economic Mystery” of 2016. As Adam Davidson just put it in the New York Times Magazine, “financial experts” cannot figure out why American corporations are sitting on $1.9 trillion in cash, “just sitting around.”  From Davidson:

The notion that a corporation would hold on to so much of its profit seems economically absurd, especially now, when it is probably earning only about 2 percent interest by parking that money in United States Treasury bonds. These companies would be better off investing in anything — a product, a service, a corporate acquisition — that would make them more than 2 cents of profit on the dollar, a razor-thin margin by corporate standards. And yet they choose to keep the cash.

According to Davidson, this “strange vogue” for corporate hoarding seems to have begun after the turn of the Millennium and has only accelerated in recent years. Heh. It really seems to have not occurred to these economic prodigies that confidence in the current economic conditions are at nearly all-time lows. It seems equally impossible for them to believe that this could be linked to nearly eight years of a lawless and politically vindictive regime administration. And, with the very real possibility of an even more extreme leftist administration replacing it within the year, one can not escape the harsh truth that no one expects to make an honest profit any time soon.

But it gets better. Davidson expresses intense frustration with this trend, because: “These numbers are maddening on their face. If the companies spent their savings, rather than hoarding them, the economy would instantly grow, and we would most likely see more jobs with better pay.” What??? I just watched the President’s State of the Union address just days ago, and I distinctly heard him say that the economy has never been stronger. Is somebody not being truthful with us?

After all, the two American companies holding the most cash, GM (half their value in cash) and Apple (more than a third in cash), are politically strong backers of the current administration in Washington, so one would expect them to believe what the administration tells us. Yet they act in exactly the opposite direction. Why should the public, with their own money, act any differently?

This corporate behavior should send us a strong signal, then. We should hang on to what savings we have, and prepare for very bad times, indeed. And above all, believe nothing that this administration tells us about the economic future, and certainly believe nothing the New York Times tells us, because the very smartest of corporate America is believing none of it.

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