Progtards Will Probably Interpret This as a Gun Control Message

Stolen from Angel.

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Meanwhile, at the Museum of Political Comedy in Brussels


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Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission: It’s Time to Start Disobeying Laws

PJ Media’s Trifecta team discusses Charles Murray’s proposal for massive civil disobedience in order to fix what’s wrong with America.

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I’m Hillary, and I Approve this (*poof*)… What Message? There’s No Message Here. See How Well This Shit Works?

From the Wise But Tainted Wizard of Ah-Hahz.

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If Men Should Be Feminists, Then Women Should Be Dudists, But This Expert Dudist Explains Why We Should Be Neither

I’ve never heard a better male advocate than Lauren Southern in this video, but her goal is not to advocate for men. By preaching real equality and advocating for both sexes, she effectively shows that third-wave feminism is a grotesque sham based on bad assumptions about past times and present day. Hat tip: Wirecutter.

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Garry Trudeau Explains Why He Is Dooshbury of the Century


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Nuance THIS, Marie

Hat tip: Chrissythehyphenated.

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