Ben Stein: Obama Is a Catastrophe, and the World Knows It

The following are excerpts from The American Spectator article by Ben Stein entitled, This Man Is Dangerous.
Let’s be clear about this: Barack Obama is a great disappointment.

He’s been in office six years now. He has traveled the world nonstop, as has his former Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. He does not have one single foreign policy success to show for it. Neither does Mrs. Clinton. His whole foreign policy effort has been a disaster.
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It’s Official: Marie Harf’s Legacy has been Enshrined in the Lexicon

She told us to get a dictionary:
But she also told us we might be too thick to understand what we found.
I really don’t think this is so hard to grasp.
The only question is, which definition is official?
There are so many that fit…
Curmudgeon’s definition is just one word: ‘Liar.’
Where The Wild Harf Grows
Others, just three: “Not self-aware.”
In any case, I plan to start using this new word A LOT. I think you should, too.
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You May Be Cool…

But you’ll never be the unique kind of cool that this guy was. Until today, when Leonard Nimoy passed away at 83 in southern California. We used to swim and catch crawfish on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe within view of his mountainside home back in the 90s. It ain’t easy being green, we know, but for a Hollywood actor you were pretty ok. RIP, pointy-ears.

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We Might Get That Silent Spring After All

Not content with shredding wild birds by the thousands with the spinning scimitars of death in wind farms, Green Energy proponents have found a new way to decimate bird populations. Solar power plants, like the Crescent Dunes Project, are turning out to be death traps that lure birds in and vaporize them at disturbingly high rates.

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The Solaratov Report

For all of the bloggers who’ve discussed politics and shooting over the years with the Vietnam Special Forces veteran known as Vladimir Solaratov, we have a PoliNation exclusive report on how old Sol is doing. Last month, Grunt and GruntSon#2 ventured into the Midwestern backwoods to visit Sol in his bunker to shoot the sh*t around the fire, do a little minor work on the homestead and help Sol celebrate his 70th birthday and his survival of a rather serious recent bout with spinal cancer. He’s doing really well, considering the challenges he’s faced in his retirement. We had a blast spending a few days with him and his faithful attack beagle, ‘Buddy,’ and the one cat that was brave enough to associate with us while we were there. Here is the one picture we took of Sol and Buddy.
After undergoing chemotherapy until very recently – around Christmastime, Sol has become a little slow on the draw, so I was able to snap the photo quickly and dodge the 7 or 8 .45 rounds that he squeezed off in my direction. One of them ricocheted off the wood stove and grazed the ceiling before hitting my son in the neck, but it had lost enough energy by that time that it only bruised him. I explained to Sol that if he only carried a 9mm instead of his big .45, he could have had a lot more rounds to shoot at me. That’s when he got me across the forehead with the Louisville Slugger he had stashed under his computer desk. I was just glad I regained consciousness before nightfall so I didn’t miss out on the black tequila they had at the local Mexican taco joint in town. That is good stuff!

So, honestly, I can report that Sol is as bad-ass as he ever was while blogging at HillBuzz or the Treehouse or 4GFC, and he seems to be surviving quite nicely. When our other friend and fellow blogger Harvey went to visit Sol in the hospital last summer, she reported that he was still looking pretty good, despite the toll of the cancer surgery. I’m sorry to say that is no longer the case. Sorry Sol, but the temporary hair loss has made you almost as bald and ugly as me. After a few months, I think the mustache should be fully restored, and you’ll be fuzzy on top, and the ladies will be knocking down your door again. But in the meantime, I suggest talking to them on the phone. Know what I mean? Still, if there are any eligible ladies out there who long for the company of a bona fide war hero who is in seriously good shape (from carrying firewood and chasing the attack beagle when he’s gone after random raccoons), who is clearly a genius and who will have his rugged Clark Gable looks back in a few months and has only modest firearm allowance requirements, let me know. I will get you in touch with him pronto.
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That Little Princess Works a Lot Harder Than We Give Him Credit For


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Madonna Snaps at Brit Awards; Kills Four Bull-Costumed Male Dancers with Bare Hands in Drug-Fueled Episode While Performing on Stage

Gruntington Post[London, UK] – A tragic event happened during the closing act of Tuesday’s Brit Awards when Madonna suddenly began acting strangely. She was performing her song “Taurus Love” while dressed as a matador, surrounded by male dancers in bull costumes. When she was almost through the song, she stumbled briefly on the stairs. For a moment she seemed mesmerized by the stylized bull horns dancing rhythmically around her. Then she just snapped.
“It was bloody horrible. And actually really bloody,” said stage worker Rupert Swindle afterward. It’s like she got ahold of some bad ice and really thought she was in the ring with all those bulls. She started piledriving them and throwing them around. Then she started ripping the fake horns off their heads, and then ripping other things. Those poor girly blokes didn’t have a chance.” He wasn’t exaggerating. At one point, the cameras captured her twisting one dancer’s head off using only her enormous, muscular thighs.

Afterwards, Madonna’s personal doctor made a statement that “absolutely no drugs were involved, except for some legal steroids and the heavy use of female hormone replacement therapy drugs,” which he claimed were necessary due to the performer’s advanced age.

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