Dreams From My Godfather


Mooch3jTwisted inspiration for this came, unsurprisingly, from LL and Lone Star Parson.  Don’t blame me.

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Blazing Cat Fur: “In Advance of Tonight’s Main Event, the Last 24 Hours Could Hardly Have Gone Better.”

Excerpts from Blazing Cat Fur, entitled, “Political Seppuku: Our American Friend on Ted Cruz De-Platforming Himself:”


Last night Ted Cruz was given an opportunity to address the Republican National Convention, which the night before had nominated Donald Trump for President. Given a golden opportunity to enhance a fairly damaged and toxic reputation, Cruz proceeded to refuse to endorse Trump outright and was roundly booed off the stage in a political backlash rarely captured on live television.

Cruz had previously signed the pledge to support the eventual republican nominee. Not doing so, and in the most public way possible, only underscored the label with which Trump had tagged him during the primary season: Lyin’ Ted. Cruz seemed unable to perform against type and, in doing so, severely damaged, if not ended outright, his political career.

We all have bad judgment from time to time but it’s uncommon to see a monumental case of it being shown in public and with no self-awareness.

Cruz was widely condemned last night although a few dead enders of the dead end “Never Trump” bleated their approval. The neocons were happy because Trump has become their mortal enemy. They resent his getting traction with the American voter about not getting into useless wars hither and yon.

This morning Cruz attended the breakfast meeting of the Texas delegation in Cleveland and, as the saying goes, things went from bad to worse. He doubled down on his performance although he said he would never vote for Hillary. The delegation revolted and cheered and applauded one delegate who called him out for his dishonesty.

Media are besides themselves, once more, thinking this was a grievous wound to Trump. It was, of course, anything but. Trump allowed his bitter, pouting opponent a clear chance to make the best case for his own continued political relevance and he blew it.

Trump will speak tonight and the entire nation will be watching. Some speculate that he’ll mention Cruz, or refer to him without naming, but I think that unlikely. Tonight is the traditional start of the general campaign. Unlike the hapless Cruz, Donald Trump isn’t prone to throwing away opportunities.

Read the whole thing at Blazing Cat Fur.

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Contingency Shopping

Don’t get me wrong.  I think Trump will kick Hillary’s unholy butt in the general election.  But just in case she steals the election, I’m doing some clothes shopping now while the dollar can still purchase something.  Lord knows, those BigFurHat Molon Labe shirts of mine will be illegal after January 20th.  I figure this shirt won’t cause any trouble:


And the only tactical trousers I’ll be able to wear will be something like this, because it might be perceived as being gender neutral by the Federal Fashion Police.


And I figure I can sneak one of these by the censors as long as they don’t read it too carefully.


And this muffler shop shirt should be cool with the Gen3 Feminists.  They like it when everybody’s focus is just below the muff.  And when they’re exhausted, it’s harder to talk! Win-Win!


Eventually, of course, this one might be necessary.



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No Chance, Huh?

Just got done watching the GOP Convention Roll Call on C-SPAN and the final nomination.  At this time, I think it pays to remember the siren song of our friends over the last year and a half, so aptly recounted by Mr. Finnegan:


I confess that I fell for the first two or so of these.  But many have enthusiastically swallowed the sword all the way up to #5 and counting.  Makes one wonder why, you know?  Because this could go on forever.  Number 6 is “No chance he respects the Constitution once he’s elected.”  Number 7 is “No chance we survive the nuclear holocaust that’s coming now that this dictator is elected.”  We’ve already heard these.

It’s not too late, Folks.  The real, verifiable evidence never supported any of these predictions.

When a child keeps losing a game, he blames the game.  When an adult finds that he seems to be wrong about everything, he goes back over his methods and determines where he made a bad assumption.  Like a game of Sudoku gone bad, there may have been MANY bad assumptions.  Finding them all can be tough, but it is essential to reconciling yourself to reality.  And only Leftists are happy being at odds with reality.

Lecture over.  Time for some cheap Champagne!

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Thinking Bad: Bryan Cranston on Obama’s “Qualities”


Breitbart News – Actor Bryan Cranston will vote for Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential race because he agrees with the presumptive Democrat nominee’s “platform” — and thinks her chief rival, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, lacks the presidential qualities that have made President Obama so successful.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, the 60-year-old Breaking Bad star said it still doesn’t feel “real” to him that a “supreme narcissist” like Trump could become President of the United States.

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Need Relief from Americus Destructus Baracki? Try Spending Some Time in Small Town America, in a Red County

But you better do it before Barack’s new HUD rules turn every small community into little Chicagos.


A Beautiful Great Lakes Musky with a Message

Gruntington Post [Pentwater, Michigan] – Due to the overwhelming gloom that seemed to be gripping Americans around the normally happy time of the 4th of July week, the staff here at the Gruntington Post took it upon themselves to travel to the north woods in the Great Lakes region to find remnants of a cheerful America.  Of course, we had to purposely avoid vast areas of the lake country that are infested with Democrats, like the entire State of Minnesota.  Luckily, there are still lake beach communities around Lake Michigan that are majority Republican (and hence, happy, prosperous places) because they are populated by conservative refugees from the cities of Detroit and Chicago and Green Bay.

We ended up in the small coastal town of Pentwater, Michigan, mainly because that’s where we blew out a clutch on the Gruntmobile.  Unfortunately, getting your 15 year old Toyota Corolla repaired in the lower peninsula of Michigan is not always a friendly experience, this still being Ford, Dodge and Chevy country, after all.


A Michigan Garage Beauty – NOT the GruntMobile

Still, it only goes to show you the lengths of sacrifice that we are willing to accept in order to bring the real story to our readers.  As you can see in the photo below of the deck at Gull Landing on Pentwater Harbor, we spent our downtime vigorously researching the local culture.  We left no local blues band unheard, no fried walleye platter uneaten and no extra-tall mojito undrunk in the service of our readers.


Also, we faced considerable danger on a daily basis from the freshwater sharks that infest the waters of Lake Michigan.  This was necessary to experience the local flora and fauna and the unique character of the local brews that the natives there carry onto the beaches in rectangular boxes called “coolers.”  We found it all very intoxicating.


West Shore Lake Michigan South of Ludington

After a while, all we could do is lay on the beach and stare up at the sky at the clouds.  I obsessed on this cloud for a while(below) because it looked, to me, like a T-bone steak.  But that might have been the beer toxicity kicking in.


T-Bone Steak Cloud or Just Imagination?

We noticed that the locals along this part of the freshwater coast do a lot of boating in a variety of watercraft.  Many keep fit paddling long indian boats that the locals call “canoes” or “kayaks,” like the guy in the center of the photo below, and we did a fair amount of that, ourselves, until it became obvious that it was a lot of work.  A few mojitos later, and that pain was all a distant memory.


Mears Beach

And what of the local politics?  We spent some time talking to locals, especially the mechanic who fixes all the local vehicles in town, it being too isolated here to have any large garages or dealerships.  Bruce and Nancy Maynard run their 3-bay auto shop at the edge of Pentwater, and they were good enough to take on our clutch job, even though it meant working the Saturday after the 4th to get us back on the road.  Bruce is an amazing master mechanic, a Vietnam veteran and a brilliant raconteur who spent 20 years running a shop near Aspen Colorado and worked on all the vehicles of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band while he was there.  He had the Colorado license plate and other paraphernalia on the wall of his shop to prove it.  He also took very good care of us.

I expected the area to be Mitt Romney country, and for it to be possibly hostile to Trump for that reason.  According to Bruce, that probably isn’t true at all.  He seemed to think there was a lot of openness to Trump as a candidate, and there was especially an enormous amount of hostility toward Hillary Clinton.  That was music to my ears, as you can imagine.


Our Landlord for the Week Likes Trump Resorts. Interesting…

The conclusion?  Small town America still rocks in the month of July.  It’s good for the soul.  You should give it a try, if only for a week.  The rental rates in this part of the Great Lakes were surprisingly low, I thought, and were certainly much lower than comparable places in Florida, Gulf Coast or Mexico.


Flags and Happy Families and Bars with Antlers


West Shore Lake Michigan Harbor Sundown

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It’s over.  Thank God.  Now, as we watch the best and most conservative Presidential Cabinet of our lifetimes being assembled, can we finally get about the business of defeating The Witch???


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