New Hampshire Results Starting to Trickle In


This just in… Due to bizarre DNC rules, reported here by the Daily Caller, Hillary may actually leave New Hampshire with more delegates than Bernie Sanders, even though she lost the popular caucus vote by a landslide.  Read more here.




Keep in mind that these results are extremely preliminary as reported by Fox News with only 1% reporting. The numbers, however, are correct. So far, so good, on the Democrat numbers.

The Republican numbers are being re-analyzed, since they show John Kasich at 24%, and that’s assumed to be a technical error.

UPDATE:  Frank Luntz’s focus group is warming up.


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Supernatural Omens Abound for Impending Broncos Victory in Super Bowl 50


Gruntington Post [Mountain View, CA] – The crew chief assigned to maintain the Navy jet being prepared to fly over Levi’s Stadium during Super Bowl 50 is becoming more and more convinced that God is telling him the Broncos are going to be victorious.

At first, Staff Sgt. Bill Charmen was deeply upset about being assigned to maintain this aircraft at NAS Moffet Field for “a pointless 8-second flight.”  It was his day off, and he had a party to attend.

“But then the signs started happening.  The first thing was, all the teal blue LEDs burnt out on the weapons control display.  It didn’t stop us.  We don’t plan on firing the gun during the game, you  know?  But then there was the DAB unit.  That’s a Digital Airborne Buffering computer for queueing up all the battle tasks while in the air.  Sucker just blew up when we fired up the APUs for the first time!  Smoke in the cockpit and everything.”

The deciding factor, apparently, was the color of the sky Saturday night when their aviator took the plane up for a shakedown flight.  “It was orange.  Totally Broncos orange.  And the Santa Cruz mountains were deep blue.  You just can’t make this stuff up.”


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For Super Bowl 50, the Party’s in Denver

The game may be in the South Bay (San Francisco Bay Area), and there are rumors that the most ‘epic’ game day party will be at Curmudgeon’s house, somewhere in deepest, darkest North Carolina, but Denver Broncos fans know that the epic-est party will be near Denver at the Grunt Ranch out on the patio at the workshop saloon.

This is a real place, actually, where night or day, all year ’round, whether friggin’-cold or hot-as-hell, somebody is out on the concrete, probably with a lot of propane and/or acetylene flames going, working on some cool machinery.  Usually it’s the neighbors from northern Minnesota tearing down a snowmobile or an ATV.  Sometimes it’s Grunt or some Gruntspawn replacing a 4×4 axle or changing the earl on Gruntessa’s Jap roadster.  Often, it’s wood work going on.

But when that’s not happening, or even if it is, there’s often neighbors helping themselves to the outdoor beer fridge or sitting around a propane fire drinking Leopold’s whiskey or some cheap bourbon until very late at night making way too much noise for the old ladies across the street, and struggling to keep the dogs from howling with the coyotes down the road.

So, naturally, when the Broncos are in the Super Bowl, there’s no better place to raise hell than right here at the Grunt Ranch in the shadow of Mount Evans, Long’s Peak and Pike’s Peak.  Even if most of the drinking will be done inside because it won’t be quite as sunny and warm Sunday as it was today.  So everybody’s welcome, except for Ann Barnhardt, who kinda threatened our parish priest with her 9mm after having too much white wine last time she was here.  (That was fun, though. LOL!)  Oh, and Diogenes, who pissed me off for forgetting to wish me Happy New Year again this year, unless she brings some really good scotch.  But Michelle Malkin and Steve Green are always welcome, being close by and awesome.  And, of course, all friends and conservative bloggers of any kind are welcome, especially those we blog with regularly in the PCP, PoliNation, Proof, Adrienne, AWD, RSMcCain, WiredRight, EBL, DMF, Woodsterman, EoT, BoB, Dianny, iOTWr and Grunt blogospheres.  Even those who wear teal blue for the game tomorrow.  Lord knows, we already have a few of those coming over.  May the best team win!  GO BRONCOS!


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Election Commentary of the Year: From Dianny on Biden

Fact Check Analysis: TRUE.

Now, as a woman I can say this. When you put a bunch of ideologically-driven feminists in charge of an election, they are going to bullox it up like you won’t believe. They are so blinded by their desire to elect the “first woman President,” those harpies of the DNC have lost all reason (not that they had the firmest grasp on reason to begin with).

After all, this is the same brain-trust who believed Wendy Davis would be the Great Blue Hope of turning Texas Democrat. You’d think they would have learned their lesson after the radical feminist, pro-abortion Davis got her ass and her little pink sneakers handed to her in a humiliating defeat.

But no. They doubled-down in 2016 and forced on voters the single worst Presidential candidate in the history of the universe for no other reason [than] her vagina.

I mean, just how bad is Hillary Clinton that they would think that Joe Biden — the stupidest man on Planet Earth — is their only hope for victory in 2016?

Have all the buyer’s remorse you want, boys. There is no way in hell these radical feminist hags of the DNC are going to let Joe anywhere near that Convention.

Read the whole analysis in “Here he comes to save the day,” at the Patriot Retort.

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Friday Flyby: Hangar Queen Edition


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Reminder: Not Everybody Launders Extortion Cash Via Speaking Fees

Duh.  Does Goldman-Sachs really think Hillary speeches are worth $675,000?  Because that’s what we’re supposed to believe.  Her fresh-faced daughter, as an executive of the Clinton Foundation, is just doing her job as part of the crime family.


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Five Toxic, Devisive and Thoroughly Un-Presidential Aspects of Obama’s Proclamation for this Black History Month


Barack Obama’s failures as POTUS are becoming legendary.  But none is so unfortunate and full of irony as his failure to racially unite this nation, despite that being the principal promise he was qualified – and elected – to fulfill.

Yet, when Barack Obama leaves office early next year, he will leave this country more racially divided than it’s been since the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s.  By all accounts in all camps across racial lines, this is undeniable, and the reasons are all laid out in his long-winded Presidential Proclamation reaffirming February, 2016, again, as African American History Month.  The full text is printed below the fold, but here are the five ways that this statement proves Barack Obama could never do anything but divide America racially.

There’s NO EXIT STRATEGY:  Like all good Progressives, he claims much “progress.”  But the entire tone of his statement is one of endless struggle.  He even refers to slavery as “our Nation’s original sin.”  Like in Orwell’s 1984, “challenges persist,” forever.  This war is never going to end, and it is never meant to end.  Why?  Because then we won’t need Progressives any more.  While they are in charge, there will never be honest talk of a post-racial America, which was Dr. Martin Luther King’s real dream.  Yet this implication of endlessness is a horrific deceit.  Americans just elected a black President TWICE.  With only 13% of the population, it was not only black Americans who did this.  Leaving us with no end in sight makes this lie the most toxic aspect of this disgusting statement.

Outrageous Blame-Storming:  The single example given for how our nation remains rigged unfairly against blacks is the fact that they are disproportionately represented in the nation’s prisons.  This much is true.  And Barack takes credit for reducing, by extra-legal methods, this number every year of his tenure.  But the truth he neglects is that blacks overwhelmingly commit the most crime in this country, and that percentage has grown while he’s been in office, partly due to increased urban anarchy that he has encouraged.  That tragedy is not make-believe.  That problem exists, and Barack completely neglects (see next item) to address any aspect of it in this statement.  But worst of all, he completely blames this problem on the pervasive racism and unfairness of our criminal justice system that is STILL in desperate need of “reform!”  Did you get that?  Almost all those black men are in prison because of our persistent racism!  Americans really suck, don’t we?

Outrageous Denial:  The elephant in the room does not get mentioned.  Though he takes credit for springing more blacks from prison, and healthcare gains among blacks, he neglects to mention the shameful degradation of moral leadership in black communities that can only be traced to the influence of Progressives.  The fact remains that during the era of Civil Rights, fatherlessness among blacks was around 7%.  It is now in excess of 50%, and that number has increased while Barack Obama has been President.  Has he addressed this tragedy in which he is uniquely positioned to provide leadership?  He has not.  And there is zero mention of it, even in the form of moral encouragement, in this statement, even though studies consistently link fatherlessness to crime among all young men, regardless of race.

Temptation to Bash All Southerners Is Not Resisted:  A little restraint here would have been appreciated, in light of the horrendous cultural upheaval going on across the American South, where activists are demanding that any historical trace of the Old South be swept away immediately.  Statues are coming down, flags are dropping and names are changing.  It’s like the plantations are being burned all over again.  But in his statement, Obama could not resist talking about post-war blacks, “bound by the chains of slavery” that “broke free and headed North.”  Wonderful.  That’s not exactly what happened, since the majority of freed slaves stayed in the south.  But Barack makes it clear in his statement that, even today, the American South is an accursed place that is only fit to flee from.  Got it.  Thanks for the sensitivity, Boss.

Shameful Bragging and Pandering:  It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that a politician like Barack Obama might use a cultural proclamation like this to shamefully brag about his accomplishments, tell all African Americans to not forget to “vote” (wink, wink), and to lie about his horrifying legacy that has increased the poverty of all Americans, but especially those of color.  That’s because he can’t help himself.  What a dick.

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