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Hillary Spotted in Trump Tower

She’s not moving as fast as she used to.  Whoa!  Good thing she didn’t trip over the kitty scratching post they thoughtfully put in the lobby by the elevators.  Apparently, Trump Towers is animal friendly.  Who knew?!  Say, that scratching … Continue reading

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Forget Fidel

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This Lying Clown Was Almost Our Veep

This is the kind of relentless, obtuse, diversionary untruth that we will continue to deal with until the Democrat Party is replaced with an honorable alternative. Meanwhile, plenty of fake news to go around…

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Castro Goes to Hell Just in Time to Showcase American Liberals’ Criminal Hypocrisy

I can’t really do much better with this “shadenfreudepalooza” than Dianny has done, over at Patriot Retort, or other talents, like Paul Joseph Watson, or LL over at Virtual Mirage or Chrissythehyphenated and many others. Note the crowds of Cuban … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

This year, we have so many reasons to thank the Almighty for His Providence.  Thanksgiving Blessings from the Grunt and Gruntessa of MonteCristo.

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Hunter Shoots Rainbow Unicorn; Social Media Goes Insane

Idea for graphic: Lone Star Parson.  Also, cross-posted at his blog.

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Plenty Valenti, Feminist Culinarian

This one was for Adrienne, and her adventures in totally legal pressure cooking. Ok, mostly legal…

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As the European Establishment is Panicked by Trump, a Renewed Populism Blossoms

On this first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the increasingly angry people of European nations have had enough of their mostly-unelected, globalist, fascist overlords.  And contrary to what we mostly hear in the American press, the election of Donald … Continue reading

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Idiot Protestors March Into Marine Pub Crawl in Tampa; Fun Ensues

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Stars and Stripes Forever

This Veterans Day, the Red, White and Blue are proudly flying over the Grunt Ranch, once again.  And they won’t come down tomorrow, or the next day.  They’ll stay up unless or until a subversive coup puts another traitor in … Continue reading

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