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Backwoods Medic: Fighting Infection Without Drugs

This post was originally posted by the Grunt at the Blog for God, Family and Country, One of the big worries for common sense preppers who hope to get through difficult times ahead is medical care.  Or, specifically, the … Continue reading

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New Venus Transit Photos

Hype aside, the real reason for paying attention to this event from a few days ago is that it provides an excuse for some really good sunset photos.  And who doesn’t like those?  With or without the mojitos?  Right.  So … Continue reading

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There Is A God: Cristero War Movie in Top Ten?

Well, I didn’t see this coming.  Truly wonderful film.  Ann Barnhardt has a great review that I can’t add anything to, so I won’t try.  The movie that Hollywood wouldn’t make, about the war that everyone denies happened, that nevertheless … Continue reading

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Google Honors Most Important Freedom Event in History

Just kidding!  Of COURSE, Google didn’t honor it.  Today, June 6, is the anniversary of the Allied Invasion of Normandy, and it could legitimately be argued that the event, D-Day, is the most significant event in all world history from … Continue reading

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Rare Astronomical Event Today

Scientists and astronomy enthusiasts gathered today in California and Hawaii to observe a once in a lifetime “transit” of the planet Venus across the face of the Sun.  One photographer captured this image of the event at the height of … Continue reading

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