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Almost There…

As we approach the most critical US Presidential election of our lifetimes, which is now only about a month out, I’d like to reflect on the new crop of military men and women who are also just a few weeks … Continue reading

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Madonna One-Ups Katy Perry for Hillary by Going Nude DURING Live Human Sacrifice

Gruntington Post [Los Angeles] – Last week, singer Katy Perry failed to think of a novel or interesting way to throw her support behind Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, so she decided to just go nude somewhere.  Sensing a turf violation, … Continue reading

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Advanced Blamestorming

You have to give her credit.  She’s creative and resourceful. She even blamed her own coughing fits on Trump.  Apparently, just thinking about him gives her hairballs.  But she’s not the only one.  Credit: Pretty soon, it will even … Continue reading

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Cultural Appropriation Alert: How Come Alicia Keys Gets to Wear a Turban?

Having been made newly aware of the horrible crimes being committed by people stealing cultural treasures from other ethnic groups by reading shitty valuable authors like Yasmin Abdel-Magied, I was duly shocked to watch The Voice tonight and see Alicia … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Lost Nuclear Launch Codes Many Times; Think of How Well Hillary Would Protect Them When Faced With These Advanced Tortures

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Some Crowd Comparisons

Here we are at Hillary’s “Come Back Tour” in Greensboro, NC, yesterday.  She brought in a couple hundred, including a few hecklers who urged her to do something anatomically impossible to herself. Here’s a Trump rally in about the same … Continue reading

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New Music: ‘Take the Back Way Home,’ by SuperTrump

In honor of Adrienne’s theory about Hillary slipping out the back way at Chelsea’s place, and also inspired by Zilla’s “Super Trump” post today, I present a new Hillary song by the awesome group SuperTrump: “Take the Back Way Home” … Continue reading

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