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From the Heart of Gang War-Torn Chicago, a Halloween Miracle

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This Halloween, Orange Is Really her Color

Although, she’s quite comfortable in black…

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Megyn Kelly’s Audition for CNN Falls Flat

About the only thing worse than Megyn Kelly’s bizarre fight club interview Monday night with Newt Gingrich was Fox News’ shameless defense of her in stories like this.  Some, like Diann Russell (source of the image below), pointed out that … Continue reading

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Anon: “The Media Is Jerking Our Chain”

People are waking up, and they aren’t just the people we expected.

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Smedley Butler Ruined My Marriage

Image Warning: This post contains images of simulated stuffed animal violence. I’m not talking about Major General Smedley Butler.  He died in 1940.  I mean the US Marine bulldog mascot named after the good general.  He’s a real, live bulldog with … Continue reading

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Maybe Smedley Butler Was On to Something; Just Like Trump

I’ve never been an anti-war activist.  Just the opposite, in fact, since my earliest memories were of deep disgust at the venomous anti-war movement during the Vietnam years of the 1960s and early 1970s.  Even a child can understand, after … Continue reading

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Land of the Sheep and the Home of the Knave: Where Our Fearsome Military Aren’t Allowed to Post on Social Media Because Our Genius Leadership Is Afraid of the “JV Team”

Gruntessa and I just got back from a super secret graduation ceremony on the left coast where we got to watch newly minted killing machines being cranked out at places like MCRD and Coronado, where the control tower at Halsey … Continue reading

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Transparency Is Hard

References: Click here to read more about that, or here to read about the controversy about Podesta’s “Wet works” email.

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Pray, Dammit!

Today’s Gospel Message, from Luke 18: 1-8, last 4 verses reproduced here: For a long time the judge was unwilling, but eventually he thought, ‘While it is true that I neither fear God nor respect any human being, because this widow … Continue reading

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Mike Bishop’s Big EFFFF-YOOOO to the Daybed-Flouncing, Fence-Humping, Cucumber-Sammich-Eating, Benedict-Arnold-Felating, Hillary-Aiding Hold-Outs of the Apocalypse

With only three weeks until Last-Chance-Day, Mike’s thermonuclear rant exactly mirrors my own feelings.  Cover the kids’ ears.  Hide Gramma.  This ain’t for the squeemish.  Just the sheer number of hyphens in the headline might scare people. Mike Bishop of OutlanderSystems … Continue reading

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