Netanyahu’s Future, And Israel’s, On Line Today In Israeli Election

Weasel Zippers – Let’s cross our fingers and send the prayers out in his direction. As he goes, so may go Israel, and everyone, including Obama, is trying to do him in.

Read more at WZ.


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9 Responses to Netanyahu’s Future, And Israel’s, On Line Today In Israeli Election

  1. solaratov says:

    It looks as though Bibi pulled through again. At least Israel will have someone at the helm with the ‘nads to defend the country from the evil that it faces.

  2. Yes, and any polls that showed that Likud was doing well were not shown to the Israeli public.
    Rotten leftist rats.

    • I certainly couldn’t find any in either the Israeli or U.S. press. It’s shocking to me how unreliable, and manipulated, the press has become. I’m used to it being a ‘little’ skewed. But this is a whole different level of projecting an alternative reality.


        We were warned not to believe the polls.

        Also, in every Israeli election there is a surprise. So, we all knew that Likud was doing better than it seemed in the polls, but six mandates is not just because of skewed polls, but because of a few things:

        1. On election day a huge number of Arabs voted, and we did not want them over-represented and gaining mandates.

        2. Because the polls were so close, and we knew that even if Likud was doing better, it would still be close, many people who would otherwise have voted something else, changed their vote to Likud “just in case”.

        3. If you recall, there was a large percentage – about 19% – of undecided voters right up until election day. If we assume that many of those previously undecided voted Likud in the end, we have another explanation – that with the previous 2, makes up for the gap – of why the polls were so, so, so, off.

        I do agree that “free press” is no longer free, and is over manipulated.

        Good info and good link! Thanks! – Grunt

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