The New Toyota ISIS Pickup Truck Doesn’t Come Standard With a Gun Rack???

Of course, the 50-CAL is standard, and it comes with a bench seat so your female slave can “ride bitch” in the front seat.

Ok, I’ve owned a large variety of vehicles, both foreign and domestic – mostly domestic. But there’s a reason why I have a 4WD Toyota pickup truck. This video shows the reason. People who need to get shit done and can’t afford to be stranded at the top of some Jeep trail pass in the San Juans or in some Sahara shithole really only have one option.  I’m not proud of it.  I’d rather drive something made in Kansas City or Detroit.  The towel-heads in the video would rather be driving something made in Karachi.  But here we are.   Courtesy of Dana Loesch and the Blaze.


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7 Responses to The New Toyota ISIS Pickup Truck Doesn’t Come Standard With a Gun Rack???

  1. solaratov says:

    Heh. Heh……first comment….and it’s OT!!……. [-)

    Thought you’d find this interesting. I hadn’t ever heard this story before…………

    Reagan Was Hero To Iowa Woman
    Nursing Student Rescued From Mugger By Reagan
    UPDATED 6:44 AM CDT Jun 07, 2004

    DES MOINES, Iowa —Former President Ronald Reagan is known as the “Great Communicator,” but one Iowa woman will always know him as her hero.

    Melba King (pictured, pictured below right) was a 22-year-old nursing student in Des Moines in 1933. She was walking home one autumn night when a mugger came up behind her with a gun and demanded her money.

    At that moment, Ronald Reagan — who was a Des Moines radio sportscaster at the time — came to her rescue. Reagan pointed a .45-caliber revolver at the robber from the window of his second-floor rented room.

    “And he said, ‘Leave her alone or I’ll shoot you right between the shoulders,'” King told KCCI.

    Reagan scared the man off and calmed King’s nerves. Then, the future president said he would walk King home.

    King didn’t see Reagan again until 1984, when Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad heard her story and invited her to an Iowa caucus campaign event (pictured, above left).

    After King and Reagan hugged on stage, Reagan laughed, and said to the crowd, “This is the first time I’ve had a chance to tell you the gun was empty. I didn’t have any cartridges. If he hadn’t run when I told him to, I was going to have to throw it at him.”

    King’s rescue became a national news story. “The phone rang constantly,” King said.

    All the media attention caused Reagan and King to stay in touch. The two families exchanged cards on birthdays, holidays, and during times of sickness and grief.

    The Reagans helped King when she lost her husband Harold in 1987, and now she will send Nancy Reagan a sympathy note.

    Discussion: Reagan’s Legacy

  2. Oracle says:

    I’ll never get over watching our blue (water cooled) toyota tercel catch fire on the highway. Later dad used a buick century (93 I think). It was a good car (as was a later 97 skylark).

    • Good times. Good times. Of course, the Tercel is their lowest-end disposable car. I’ve still seen ’em get a couple hundred thousand miles, though.

      • Oracle says:

        As far as I can recall it was at least close to that. We also had a Datsun stationwagon. We retired it with one cylinder still functioning, 250 k miles, all on a single engine. They toyota had a one hundred k mile rebuild.

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