I Won’t Make Fun of SJW Annaliese Nielsen Because Even Rude Victims of Botched Brain Surgery Deserve Some Slack

EviLBloggerLady does a pretty good job of covering the plight of the poor Lyft driver who was verbally assaulted by this moron recently while giving her a ride home from her maroon saloon.  So I’ll let her tell the story:

There aren’t many things quite as annoying as a drunk social justice warrior out on the weekend. The video from Heat Street is just amazing. The Lyft driver did get fired for a few days, but they hired him back after seeing the abuse inflicted on him by this self appointed SJW Annaliese Nielsen (Ms. Nielsen is also dumber than a box of rocks).

Lauren Southern has the video and commentary:

It does get better, however. According to Daily Wire, after Lauren Southern released the video, Annaliese freaked out and abandoned her Twitter account, only to have it snatched up by someone who knew her and made it into a glorious PRO-TRUMP parody account that mocked her. Karma, indeed, Watson.


Bwahhahhahahahaha! Cough! Snort! Hack!  See the outrageously funny Hacked Twitter Account here before it’s shut down.


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10 Responses to I Won’t Make Fun of SJW Annaliese Nielsen Because Even Rude Victims of Botched Brain Surgery Deserve Some Slack

  1. LL says:

    It makes me want to be a lyft driver and dump people like that in Harlem or Watts.

    • It would be worth it to fit the car with a Bond-style Aston Martin ejection seat. Because, obviously, people like Annaliese aren’t very cooperative once they’re in your car. (Like when you say: “Get out!”)

      • LL says:

        Offer her a drink laced with the “date rape drug” and drop her at a club. I’m sure she can find a friend somewhere. Who knows? Maybe Cosby is in town… There’s a lot that an Uber/Lyft driver can do with an obnoxious lush.

  2. Jules Smith says:

    I really shouldn’t have watched this first thing in the morning because her whining, brat voice has left me nauseated.
    By the way, and this is important, she is not WORTHY of riding in an Aston Martin. Much better dragged behind it.
    From a psychological point of view, this woman clearly has self esteem issues and I feel sorry for her in that respect. So sorry that in fact would like to ram several bobble dolls down her throat.

    • *snork!* Well, she would sound more articulate and intelligent after the bobble doll implants. True about the Aston being too good for her. Drunk as she is, she’d probably spew all over the carpet and the nice walnut burl dashboard.

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